Thursday, August 31, 2006

Aug 30th

Our former Wayfarers secretary, Geoff Avis, now resident in West Bridgeford, Notts, writes: So sad that Bill Stead our last founder member has finally had to leave us. The ultimate clubman in his heyday, club-runs he often led explored so many little known ways that he once fooled us into doing a circular tour near Chobham, until we realised we had crossed the same ford previously! His bike technology was pretty high, as a visit to his basement would show; wheel building and rebuilding of bikes recovered from skips aplenty. I'll remember him as a quiet gentleman. Geoff Avis Many Wayfarers paid their last respects to revered Bill at Putney Vale Crematorium 21Aug06.

A flying start from Fairoaks saw Vic lead 'A' group of Pam, her friend John [welcome again, John], John B, Ray, Graham, Frank H, Pete B, Pete M, Pete Matthews (good to see you out all day with us, Pete), Mike M, Grant, Ed (I love tarmac), Bob and Brian to the Normandy Inn via Chobham, Bisley and much delightful woodland pathway. Refreshed, more off-road saw us emerge at Wood Street, on through Jacobs Well and A3 path to Burpham, over A3 and into the woods again, ignoring a no-entry sign where concrete was chopped up (Ed prefers tarmac) back to tea at Cobham, where we met Dennis for news of 'C' group. A really good day out.

Meanwhile, Frank C rode to Kensington to meet Suzanne [our very welcome visitor from OZ for three weeks], took her to North Cheam to meet Ron, Doreen, Judy and Nigel. Steady ride to Teddington then circular route to Sunbury and lunch at the Swan Thames Ditton, then to Richmond Park for three's, after which we rode back to Kensington. She will have no trouble riding with 'A' group. Frank

Hello Brian; I led Stephanie (see you at half-term?), David (ditto), Ed N, Jon, Nev, Norman and Robin from the fascination of Fairoaks to Bisley via Chobham. Hearing sporadic gunfire from the ranges we ducked our heads, crossed our fingers, bated our breath and sped past the camp to emerge unharmed near Pirbright Bridge. Heading west we turned off the main road at Curzon Bridge and took to the canal towpath, but before long we had to use a diversion which led to Deepcut bridge. Continuing westwards, after crossing the canal we doubled back on ourselves to rejoin the towpath just before Frimley Green and continued on it to lunch at The Swan at Ash Vale - a pleasant place to stop alongside the canal. Continuing along the towpath we soon arrived at Ash aqueduct. (Apparently when building the aqueduct in the early 90s to cross the A331 then under construction, River Blackwater had to be slightly re-routed. The bats present had to be relocated and living quarters for them were constructed on a nearby island. Would this be a battery?). We then followed the cycle track alongside the River Blackwater to Tongham, where we rejoined the road, straight past the Hog's Back Brewery (sorry no guided tour), under the A31 then a nice peaceful ride through Seale to Puttenham, A31 traffic noise just a distant whoosh/hum vaguely somewhere to the left. The road from Puttenham to Compton was rather busy, but soon we were on the cycle track almost to Shalford, then a fairly peaceful ride through Chilworth and Albury to rather late 3s at Shere. Nev left us here, we stoked up before beginning the assault on Coombe Bottom, then straight on past Surrey Hills Brewery (sorry no guided tour), a brief stop to admire the view at the top of Staple Lane and a glorious freewheel to the A246. Straight over then via the lanes to Cobham and beyond, I left the remainder of the group at The Black Swan (originally re-opening in August, now due for completion 'in September' - will it become the Wembley of Surrey?). Terry [Thanks for leading at short notice, Terry - sounds a great and tough ride].

I still have trouble finding Elleray Hall but after a 12 mile ride, I met Harold who still found it rather difficult to make the last quarter mile of the Teddington maze of roads. The weather was perfect and we had a good 'C' group turnout led by Lynda followed by Tom on his Cartwright having had his best bike stolen, then Beryl, Helga, Ron, Dave, Roger, Mark, Dennis and me. I counted ten after we got into Church Road but Dennis must have dropped off before we got to the Thames towpath where we had a pleasant ride until we reached the stone steps of the bridge where Ron and Dave declared, I think on behalf of those of us who are either aged, infirm or otherwise unwilling to shoulder our bikes, they knew of a better alternative to reach our lunch venue, The New Inn at Ham. We arrived first but after about ten minutes the rest of the group turned up and we had a most pleasant lunch in the sunshine. Lynda's intention was for tea at Hampton Court, which put me back on the towpath for home. I would like to have stayed for tea but I had an appointment for dinner and being (unusual for me) out of stock, had to pick up a bottle of wine --------- Albert

Friday evening 29Sep06 gives Wayfarer film buffs the chance to see the great Carol Reid epic "Lawrence of Arabia", starring Peter O'Toole as El Orrance. Nigel has kindly offered his gracious home as venue and Ed offers interval cakes and Brian has some tasty wine. We start 7pm sharp, as the running length is 3¾ hours (unexpurgated edition). Accommodation is limited, so let us know if you are coming.

Otherwise, see you at SWLDA club at Worcester Park 8:30pm tonight, at Westminster on Sunday for the Tour of Britain final laps or at Cobham 10:30 Wednesday.

Pam's Pics A Group

Pictures by Pam on Vic's Ride

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rowhook- leaving after lunch

Pete's keeping us on the ball so here goes with my picture. Kept busy with seeing the interesting blogs of the 12 hour team.

August 23rd C Group

Albert comes up trumps again - thanks for your report, Albert.

Our new man was Bill Parkhouse, who had previously rung me. Thanks for taking care of him. Shall we try Molesey again, post-refurbishment?


Having arrived at Molesey via the towpath from Weybridge at 10.30 I was informed by some chaps who were enjoying a snack on the front steps, that the place was closed for refurbishment and that another cyclist had already been and gone. The latter returned and introduced himself as Bill although he said his real name was Albert. I said we had one of each. He had arrived by van from London and I was about to lead him to a spot of lunch when we came across the rest of C group on the pavement some 100 yards away. There was John who was to lead us to The Old Plough at Stoke d'Abernon, Beryl with her new bike, Lynda, Helga, Carol, Bill H, Roger, Tom, Fuzz, Harold, Dave, Ron, Mark, me and the new Bill who left the ride when he remembered leaving his waterproofs in his van. We all had elevenses at a cafe near the main road, then pressed off to Summer Lane and the level crossing which came down suddenly leaving Harold, Fuzz and myself stranded. The others figured we had taken another route so did not wait. Fuzz peeled off and Harold led me on a route, which brought us out to the Hampton Court Road not too far from the Scilly Isles. We made our way over Arbrook Common arriving in Stoke Road via Fairmile Lane and had just started a pint when the rest of the group turned up. We had lunch under cover outside before departing for tea at Claygate. Sorry being unable to provide more gen on the ride. Hope Roger got home ok with his broken spoke. Pity the day centre did not inform their intentions when advised of our intending arrival -------------------------- Albert

Ron called on Derek after last week's ride - Derek is suffering from back strain after a domestic over-lift and using a stick at present. He hopes to try his bike again and be with us soon. Hub

August 23 Reports

Aug 23 and pictures from Pam and Ray already below. Pete is endeavouring to make bloggers of us all.

For next week, Vic suggests your widest tyres, as some off roads riding is likely from Fairoaks Airfield.

'B' group of Gill, Norman, Les, Jeff, Phillip, Liz, Beattie, Stephanie, Brian N, Mike and Robin left Dorking Halls along the High Street, turned right into alleyway and back streets, when Mike had a puncture. Onto A25 for 1.5 miles. Right into Westcott Lane at the green were the rain started and we donned waterproofs. On into Balchin's Lane 0.5 m then right onto Bridle Lane and pathways going west and dropping down to Abinger Hammer, where Mike rejoined the group. Right and left across A25 onto bridle paths and lanes through Gomshall turning left into Sandy Lane, the rain began to ease off.
Following this pleasantly undulating and little used road through Farley Green to Shamley Green, spot on 1pm for lunch at The Bricklayers Arms round a table booked for ten. For some time one member was missing apparently drying his shirt and shorts under the gents hand dryer ! Going west past Lodshill on a narrow flat bridleway, unfortunately Jeff caught his front wheel on the vertical grass path edge which instantly threw him into the wire fence. Take note this innocent looking path is dangerous. After straightening himself and the bike, Jeff continued on to tea and home. We hope his twinges, cuts and bruises will be better by next week.
Straight up onto the Downs Line cycle track for 1.5m. Right onto Chinthurst Lane to A281 and north one mile after Shalford turned right into Pilgrims Way rising to a steep foot path for 150 yards of walking onto Pewley Down. A short rest to admire the view, then straight east going on bridleways and lanes. Right and left at Newlands Corner, along Drove Road right onto Dean Lane and right at A246. Left and right through Effingham onto Lower Road, through Great Bookham then Fetcham. At the bottom end, right and left into Leatherhead Nature Reserve, straight on under the railway over the river up the High Street in time with 6 for tea at Annie's. The rain started again soon after tea. Our thanks to Gill for being the back marker. Robin. Les is away for five Wednesdays, so a slower pace can be appreciated.

Mark Roy, you may recall, wishes to present a trophy to be competed for by Wayfarers on an annual basis. At our AGM, Mark advocated that it be awarded for punctures, but on reflection (not deflation) he thinks it should be for a positive contribution. Pete Mitchell collates annual mileages for the DA and began recently awarding a certificate to the rider whose annual mileage shows the greatest increase on the previous year, thus encouraging newer riders to put in (and record) the miles. If Mark concurs, the trophy to bear his name could be awarded to the Wayfarer whose annual mileage (01Jan-31Dec) shows the greatest increase on the previous year - in lieu of (or in addition to) the aforesaid certificate, which certificate covers all DA Sections. Assuming Mark's agreement, we have a potential inaugural recipient of The Mark Roy Trophy, to be announced at our AGM on 11Oct06 at Hersham Village Hall.

If I get anything from John C or 'C' group, so will you.

The Trading Standards Office brings the following scam to our attention.
This is a genuine scam and is under investigation by ICSTIS. A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 0906 6611911 (a premium rate number). DO NOT call this number, as this is a mail scam originating from Belize. If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed £15 for the phone call. If you do receive a card with these details, then please contact Royal Mail Fraud on 020 7239 6655 or ICSTIS (the premium rate service regulator) at your local trading standards office. If the message should be from me, do please call back. Olleh listening Hub.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chequers for lunch

Photo by Pam (Gert)

A Group August 23rd

The doom and gloom weather forcast failed to deter 12 A group riders from following south from Dorking, Newdigate, Capel, Oakwood Hill to Lunch at ‘The Chequers’ RowHook. Tony's intepretation of the Italian way to say ‘Sausage & Mash’ proved interesting over lunch! Nigel had a toothless chainring problem en route. Pam & Irene were refered to as ‘Gert & Daisy’ to much amusement from members of a certain age. Grant has recovered very well after riding 195miles on Sunday in a 12hour time trial. John at tea at Dorking Leasure Centre was working out the best route to get to the Albert Hall to perform at 6pm. Graham vanished temporarily after lunch but reappeared at tea. A notable feature of the day was to hear Frank Cubis complaining about the steep hill just before Dorking! (he still left us all behind). The day ended without any serious rain with 56 miles covered.
From Pete Mitchell

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ickenham today

This follows on from Pete's picture of 100 years ago.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 16th

From Brian Nixon: You will know that Bill Stead passed away last Thursday, in Charing Cross hospital. The funeral service takes place lunchtime 13.20 next Monday 21Aug06 Putney Vale Crematorium. It was 5th April that we last enjoyed Bill's company. A card of condolence was signed by all present at Shepperton and sent to sons John and Brian and family, via Bill's home.

From Bob Lees: Thanks for newsletter. Sorry to read of the passing of dear Bill. Please pass on my condolences to his family. I have wonderful memories of years past cycling in his company and his intimate knowledge of short cuts to the tea- room!

From Ed Fox: Please pass this on. Cabot Football Club here in Vermont USA extend their deepest condolences to the family of Bill Stead. His son John is a life member of our club, good friend, and a true midfielder.

From Pete Barnard: I was very sorry to hear about Bill Stead. He and my parents were great friends and I can remember him back to my days in the Family Section. If his funeral hasn't happened by the time I get back (last weekend of August) please let me know the details and I'd hope to attend. Otherwise I'd appreciate you signing any card for me. On a lighter note, I'm rather abashed that 'B' group appear to be exceeding our humble efforts, after they followed us all the way along the tow path (Curzon Bridge was where we turned off). Perhaps our wanderings in the afternoon may have put us a nose in front. I'll have to try harder next time!

I have not received newsletters for the past month or two, and wonder if I have somehow become eliminated from your list. I do enjoy reading them.
Keep well. Deanna (nothing personal, Deanna).

'A' Group report from Frank C: With a planned route for lunch at Ickenham, I had a group of 12 enquiring where's Ickenham, the group consisted of Angie, Vic, Pete M, Brian, Tony, Julian, Graham, Grant, David, Ed and Ray D.
Leaving Shepperton fairly sharp riding dead north we negotiated the M3 via the over head circular cycle route via Littleton, Feltham Hill, East Bedfont past the Feltham Young Offenders Institution (none of us qualified) along a very wigerly cycle path to cross the Staines Road. Along Hatton Road to Hatton Cross. Here we used the very new and excellent Eastern Perimeter cycle path to cross the A4 into Harlington, along Sipson Lane following the recommended cycle route over the Grand Union at Yiewsley along Royal Lane and Vine Lane, Hillingdon. Negotiating a cross bar gate we went off tarmac for 10 minutes to cross the A40 via the cycle bridge near Swakeleys Roundabout. From here it was just a short ride to The Tichenham Inn, a Wetherspoon in the village of Ickenham where we lunched outside, and there were still 12 of us, so who did well then?
We returned via Long Lane to pick up the cycle path along the A40 past RAF Northolt. It was along this path that we helped a cyclist who rode into a deep unseen depression and head butted a concrete post, he was dazed, but assured us he was OK. From here it was Yeading, Lady Margaret Road, Dormers Wells, Windmill Lane, Gillette Corner, Old Isleworth and along the Thames towpath, it was here that a few drops of rain fell and Angie was whingeing so much we stopped under the Twickenham road bridge, a good job she did whinge, because it fell down for a few minutes, but we were soon on our way again in sunshine to Richmond Town. Turning into the Park at Richmond gate, where Graham and Vic went their own way, the rest had tea at the Roehampton Gate café.
Frank C.

Hi Brian - here's my report: It was an unusually large 'B' Group today. There were fifteen of us - Christine, Stephanie, Judy (it was good to have you back after a long absence due to injuries to BOTH ankles!), Norman, Terry, Les, John, John, Nev, Cliff, Ed N, Robin, David V and Philip (venturing out from C Group), led by me, Gill. Our destination was The Cricketers at Hayley Green.
We set off from the Greeno, making for Chertsey Bridge, thence to Egham via Ferry Lane (Laleham Golf Course) and Thorpe. A short stint on the A30 brought us to Middle Hill for the climb up to Englefield Green and into Windsor Great Park at Bishopsgate. The Park was looking as gorgeous as ever with its huge trees and beautiful green grass even in areas open to the full sun! We cut across to Duke's Lane and left the Park at Cheapside. Heading towards Ascot the new stand was admired as we skirted the racecourse on the Winkfield Road (A330). Leaving the A330 at North Ascot, we turned on to the B3034, which took us all the way to Hayley Green and a welcome sign directing us to The Cricketers.
Dark clouds loomed while we ate lunch outside in the garden but apart from a few spots of rain it remained fine as we did a loop up through Maiden's Green on a nice country road with several big farms on either side, to come out at Windsor Forest. After a short stretch on the busy B383, we turned off at the major roundabout on to the A332 and re-entered Windsor Great Park at Cranbourne Gate. Dark skies threatened again and this time it started to rain in earnest. We donned waterproofs and cycled on to Bishopsgate, accompanied by the sound of thunder or was it a low plane bound for Heathrow?
By the time we were back in Englefield Green skies had cleared and the sun was blazing down on us. Off with the waterproofs and it was a different day from here on! Speeding down a wet Tite Hill had brakes squealing. We went through Egham to the busy A308 and big puddles along the cycle path. At Staines Bridge we turned on to the towpath and followed the river back to Chertsey Bridge. Here Nev had a puncture unbeknown to the leader. While Cliff and Norman waited for him, the rest of us went on to the appointed tea stop at Shepperton Lock - a lovely spot in the sunshine, with hardly anyone there after the recent rain. From here the group split up and hastened on their various ways home as dark clouds were gathering again.

With Dave leading, Roger, Mark, Harold, Fuzz, Dennis. John, Tom, Lynda, Liz, Helga, Beattie, Ron and yours truly in fine weather (it was not to last!) departed Shepperton en route for the Red Lion at Chobham. We took the old Shepperton road, over Chertsey bridge, then through the town along the cyclepath then a right turn at White Lodge and up Holloway Hill, passing St Peters Hospital, then a left fork to Stonehill Road going right at Gracious Pond Road which continues as Red Lion Road and a welcome pint. There was a slight hold-up just before we reached the pub when we stopped to ensure the safe passage of an eighteen inch viper who was making a rather leisurely crossing of the carriageway with little concern for its likely fate. After a pleasant lunch and after considering the virtues of the alternative return routes for tea at Shepperton Ron decided the least arduous would be up Staple Hill. This proved to be the case although I can remember it was a bit of a flog the last time I tried it. That Spitfire beer has a lot to recommend it! There was only one more tough hill near Fan Court and by this time we were caped up and the rain was really belting down with little let-up before we reached Shepperton for tea. At this point there were still nine of us remaining. On my way home I saw either A or B group returning to Shepperton for their tea. I hope we left them some!!!
regards -------- Albert

Dorking Halls is venue next week for 'A' and 'B' groups whilst 'C' group goes from Molesey Day Centre. Olleh Hub.

Ickenham Lunch Spot

Ickenham 100 years before the A group arrived to lunch at Wetherspoons

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Birthday Rides

Alex who did a great job organising Dunfries BDR's and Ian who did his best to teach MM some offroad skills.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bill Stead in 1982

Rides Aug 9th & News

Just as I was about to despatch this, Fuzz rang to say that Bill Stead died this morning in hospital. Bill had looked after himself for years and wasin hospital for only two weeks or so. Thankfully his son Brian from Australia was with him this morning. Another son is in USA. Our sincere condolences go out to Bill's family. Bill was the last surviving of the founder members of our club and although we haven't seen so much of him lately, he always made it to our AGM and always addressed the meeting, promoting fresh thinking. Our doyen for only a short time, Bill will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Don't forget to visit our blog (web-log): where you can see a picture of Mike, Carole, Lynda, Sonja and Suzie at their birthday rides digs and another of Doreen and Ron Powney in congratulations of their wonderful fifty-year marriage. This picture led to a greetings call out of the blue from NZ - you never know who is reading about we Wayfarers.

We welcome to our ranks Ed Naylor from Kingston, whose company we hope to have on a regular basis. Today at New Haw it was good to see David Vines again, available only during school holidays these days. As for the wimp that cried off "don't do rain", I say "rain? wot rain? And best wishes to Grant, who celebrates his 70th birthday with a flight from Redhill Airport and a family meal once he and his tummy settle down.

A' Group, a select band of eight (Brian, Toni, Ed, John S, John M, John B and Steve led by Pete B), on leaving New Haw immediately set off along the Basingstoke Canal, waving goodbye to 'B' Group going the other way on the other side. Passing through Woking, Knaphill and Brookwood, the canal alternated between clear water with abundant wildlife and stretches of ditch with just a muddy trickle at the bottom. Could this be another sign of Global Warming or has the canal system developed as many leaks as Thames Water? After passing Pirbright Camp we cut off over Tunnel Hill and dropped back to the Cricketers in Pirbright for lunch where we were most pleased to find that service was back to its normal efficiency.
Refreshed, it was back through the cemetery and a meandering route through Smarts Heath, Pyle Hill, Jacobs Well, Burntcommon and Ockham before a welcome stop at Wisley tea bar and then back home via Cobham. Creaky hub covered 64 miles.

Hi Brian
From New Haw I led Gill, Cliff, David (making a rare Wednesday appearance), Ed N, Jon, Les, Nev and Norman along Faris Lane to the Basingstoke Canal. Here we saw a motley group of cyclists heading in the same direction as us, but let them get well clear before we carried on along the towpath, enjoying the fine weather, views, peace and quiet and noting the various waterfowl including two family groups of swans, one with five cygnets, the other with seven. Some stretches of the canal were almost dry.
At Curzon Bridge (just beyond Pirbright) we rejoined the road, continuing to Frimley Green and a nice lunch outside at the Harvester pub. After lunch we rejoined the towpath back to Curzon Bridge where we took to the road to Pirbright, Fox Corner and eventually Saltbox Road. Here we turned off at the newish traffic lights so I could collect my Birthday Rides tee shirt from the new CTC office in Railton Road. We found the road but not the office, I got an answer-phone reply to my call to the office so I rang the CTC shop but they didn't know the full office address. That idea was abandoned and we followed the usual cycle-tracks to Watson's at Ripley for tea. Les and Nev didn't stop for tea; afterwards we rode along the old Wisley runway, noted progress on the Black Swan and continued to Cobham where I turned off for home. Terry.

Cooler yesterday and dry. A good turnout with Ron leading from Walton en route for The Old Plough at Stoke d'Abernon. Through the middle of Walton we turned left up New Zealand Avenue, then right into Ashley Park, then Burwood Park then across the Burwood Road and into Whitely Village after which we had a quick run down the pavement on Seven Hills Road and took a left turn into Convent Lane passing the Notre Dame school. emerging in the Portsmouth Road near Street Cobham. I counted at least twelve of us with Tom, Harold, Mark, Bill, Dennis, John, Fuzz, Dave, Lynda, Liz, Helga and Brian Stead who came all the way from Oz to visit his dad whom we wish well. With Ron and me that's fourteen at least so my estimate must be a bit out. Pressing on we turned up Downside Bridge Road and left up Downside Road carrying on directly into Downside Farm (another good bit of offroad) at the end of which we split up; some opting for sandwiches while the rest covered the few yards further to the pub. Ten enjoyed a good lunch outside in the sunshine and Ron had decided to go to Cheam for tea. It would have made a long ride home for me so with the excuse of a dodgy front mech (which turned to be broken and in need of replacement anyway) I took the short way home.
You were right Lynda about the funny noise my bike was producing in the gear department! If you read this Ron, thanks for a most agreeable ride ------------------- Albert

Clive Oxx, Sou'Wester editor has written to Tom Culver: Your obituary for Ron Beams published 03Aug06 in 'News & Views' is greatly appreciated. It should provide a source for information on Ron's involvement with Moultons and recumbents and the V-CC. As you know, Ron was highly regarded as an active member of the Midweek Wayfarers Section of CTC South West London DA.
All together at Shepperton Greeno Centre next week, where I shall distribute the rest of the Sou'Westers.

Olleh Creaky Hub.

More Mike Morley Photo's BDR Dumfries

Brian & Me enroute in Lakes

Brian in Chapel (weatherspoons)

Brian raiding our B&B table

Brian In deep thought at Burns time capsule. Zoom to poem

Tom Fish cutting cake. He always says he's the oldest member

South Bucks DA's Golden Beeches Weekend

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wayfarers in Dumfries

Photo from Mike Morley taken at the CTC Birthday Rides

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

C Group Aug 2nd

Thank goodness the heatwave seems to have abated somewhat. Roger led around nine of us from Cobham RBL en route for The Bull at West Clandon. Instead of going up Plough Lane we went towards Downham Common and turned right just past the Common for a bit of a diversion through a series of pleasant quiet roads which eventually just gave us the last steep bit of Plough Lane to climb. We crossed the road at Martyrs Green at the spot where The Mucky Duck is undergoing a pretty extensive refurbishment, into the Clandon Road.
Apart from Roger and myself there was Bill, Mark, Harold (fixed wheel again), John G, Beryl, Dennis and Dave. We had lunch outside (cheap and cheerful). Bags of downhill on the direct route to our tea at Cobham day centre. The only slight hold-up was on the return trip when Roger got his chain stuck between the large sprocket and the spokes. After what seemed quite a long struggle with what implements we either had with us or could find in the vicinity, it was finally freed by Dennis with a ring spanner. Ron, who had not joined us on the ride had tea with us at the day centre.---------------Albert

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Group Aug 2nd

I've been waiting for an improvement in the weather and it came in the form of a strong westerly wind. Arriving at Cobham to find neither of the named A/B leaders, I was made leader after a usual show of no hands. Nine (Graham, Don, Frank C, John M, John S, Scottish John, Pete B, Toni, Vic) set off with Frank P in brief attendance. We passed and heckled the larger BGs well before Bookham Common. In Effingham the closed Beech Avenue looked most inviting but joy was shortlived with the early sighting of a tar layer or two. So it was High Barn Road and its 1 in 7 where Frank C stopped (to check his gearing perhaps but I didn't ask). Resurfaced only last week, Whitedown was descended gingerly with the odd foot dangling free of the pedal. Holmbury came next and Ewhurst was reached using Lower Breache Road.
Lunch was at that favourite of mine, the Little Park Thatch, where some it must be said disgraced themselves by failing to clear their plates. I'm thinking on founding a league for cruel sports and 'Tanhurst' and 'Horse Block' did cross my mind. But we agreed on the Walliswood, Weare Street and Henfold route to Denbies. There are several cases of overtaking the leader and, worse, pedalling download. "Bring back the birch" did I hear somebody say.

PS It's official - you wont be welcome at Hindhead next week without CRB clearance. Of course I might make the odd exception but don't tell anyone.
From Graham Hill

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Golden Wedding

Ron & Doreen Powney celebrated their Golden Wedding aniversary last week at the Hand in Hand at Box Hill.