Thursday, November 27, 2014

Easy Riders - 26th November

Kingston Bradbury Centre  -  London Apprentice  -  Kingston
7 left Bradbury Centre on a drizzly morning to ride to the London Apprentice.  We made our way across Kingston to the towpath and on to Richmond Bridge where we crossed over and continued along Ducks Walk and on to lunch.  We returned to Richmond Bridge and continued along Warren Footpath to Twickenham and proceeded along the A310 to Teddington footbridge and Kingston where we had tea in the “Valerie Patisserie” in the market.
Thank you Linda for back marking and for a good day out.
~ Irene

A Group, 26 November

Kingston - Harrow - Twickenham

Hans's flock of trusting lambs, seduced by an alluring tow path. 
The last half mile left little to be desired

A Group ride to Harrow on the Hill

My thanks to the large, very trusting group who joined me on the ride to Harrow. The traffic caused a few problems as did  multiple trains at the crossing in Barnes. Horsenden and Sudbury Hills successfully negotiated we arrived at Harrow. A swift descent down hill and a ride to lunch where we were joined by Dave, having survived the dentist chair. Congratulations to Ged, Mark, Steve (happy birthday) and Ingrid for their narrow victory in the lunchtime quiz. Good ride down the canal until half a mile from Bulls Bridge when it became muddy. Norwood Green, Osterley Park and back to finish at Richmond. Thanks to Simon and Jeff for excellent back marking, Neil for scurrying around and mopping up and Mark for ride details.
Now for my next ride, I have a friend who owns a micro brewery in Sussex...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

B Group - 26th November

We all assembled at The Bradbury Centre, Kingston upon Thames. The weather was overcast and drizzly; so it was rather surprising that 15 B-riders turned up. We set out for Colnbrook going via Bushy Park, Hampton, Hanworth, Feltham Hill, Ashford, Staines, Wraysbury, and Horton.  Pam, who was backing up the group, sustained a puncture (that is to say Pam’s bike did) in Bushy Park. So, Tim was immediately promoted to backer-up of the group. We duly arrived at Colnbrook at 5 minutes after 1pm. Lunch had been booked at 1pm at the Ostrich Inn. Later, Pam and two riders who stayed with her also arrived at the Ostrich.

The meals at the Ostrich were good. The Wayfarers had not been there before as far as is known, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t go back to the Ostrich in the future.

After lunch we set off towards Poyle, Stanwell Moor, Stanwell, Ashford, Charlton and Sunbury where a few of us stopped for tea at the Squires Garden Centre. The group after lunch was reduced to eleven bike riders which was a very manageable number.  However, I am very grateful to both Pam and Tim who did the backup duties. Having this kind of support from both of them was essential.

~ Peter Carpenter

The happy crew at The Ostrich in Colnbrook
Peter's ride from Kingston to The Ostrich

P.S. We'd like to wish Norman a Happy Birthday and thank him for his very kind gesture of buying tea and coffee for everyone at the Bradbury Centre.

A Group 26th November

A damp November day, but Hans soon cheered us up with an entertaining ride to Harrow.  A quiz at lunch and a bike-handling test after rounded the day out nicely.

33 miles from elevenses at Kingston to tea at Richmond; rolling average 11 mph and 1,220 feet of ascent.  For those planning ahead for Christmas, 1,478 calories.


Monday, November 24, 2014

A Group ride... 26.11.2014

After last week's visit to royalty this week we will be going on an urban ride to visit a Churchillian seat of learning. The ride will take us through Richmond Park, Horsenden Hill and one more climb to our destination. Lunch at approx. 24 miles and a return to Richmond via a short canal side ride ( good surface ), Norwood Green & Osterley Park. Three climbs (not too taxing), urban roads and some surprising areas of greenery, wildlife and parkland in West London.

Assembly at 10.55 to leave promptly at 11am. Sick notes for non attenders and detention for lateness. Oh yes and a test at lunchtime. You can take the Head teacher out of the school but not the school out of the HT.

~ Hans

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Group, 19 November

Weybridge - Englefield Green - Walton-on-T

 Barley Mow, Englefield Green

 Things might have been a bit hazy after lunch

 Paying our respects in Windsor Great Park


Who are they?                                                               What is it?

Home at dusk

A group ride 19 November - map

Neil led us on a scenic tour of the rolling woodland of Foxhills, Chobham Common and Windsor Great Park yesterday.   The graph below shows clearly that, as Neil told us, it was all downhill.   An enjoyable outing on an autumn day.
[Added 26/11 after a conversation with Neil:]  Oops...  The graph above is in fact reversed.  The true elevation graph is below.  It is clear that this also shows it was all downhill.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Easy Riders -

Weybridge D.C. - Cap in Hand - Ewell Centre

11 left Weybridge D.C. to ride to the Cap in Hand at Hook.  The sun was trying to shine and warm up the dull dampness.   We turned left at the roundabout to Church Lane and into the park turning left on meeting the main road then right 200 metres on into Princes road through to Oatlands Avenue and Station Avenue past the railway station to Rydens Road to the highlight of Hersham “The rubbish dump”. Then through to Weston Green Road and on to Giggs Hill, past the Angel to Rectory Lane and lunch.  Again everyone was well satisfied and left clean plates.  Linda then kindly offered to continue the afternoon ride to Ewell Centre for afternoon tea.   Thank you all once again for a trouble free day and Linda for backmarking.


What’s that saying – you’re never more than 6 feet away from a rat!

The day had started with an overnight email from my daughter working upcountry in a 3rd world Asian country complaining about rats running over her mosquito net.

So 21 of us set out from Weybridge and tried a new (to me at any rate) path over Addlestone Moor and that’s where I discovered they have rats in Chertsey! It ran across in front of me from the cemetery on one side to the field on the other. I am still wondering what it was about the cemetery that had caused it to flee!

We continued on, crossing the M25, and shortly after that Robin punctured. Assisted by Terry, Tim and others it was soon fixed. Pam agreed to lead them to the The Garibaldi in Knaphill while I continued on to Foxhills, Flutters Hill, Longcross, Burrowhill, Chobham, Bisley to the pub dragging the main bunch behind me.

The pub is very small, refurbished and prides itself on fresh food and I fear we overwhelmed them as it took a long time for everyone to get served. It was ironic that Vic who was first to arrive was the last to be served.

So we split again with Pam and Vic going direct to the GC at Crockford Bridge while the rest of us meandered along the canal taking in the peaceful Autumn colours.

Clearly time was getting on and everyone except Pam, Vic and myself decided against tea and went their various ways. We three had a pleasant time putting the world of cycling and the leading of rides to right.

A good day out with the B’s – we did 25 miles from coffee to tea.

Peter T

B Group - 19th November

Peter Tiller's ride from Weybridge to Knaphill for lunch and then to the Crockford Bridge Garden Centre in Addlestone for Tea. The dotted crimson line shows the shortened route taken by Robin's puncture party, the small committee which gathered to assist him with extracting a shard of glass and changing the tube in his rear wheel. The turquoise line shows the afternoon ride along the Basingstoke Canal.

A Group - 19 November

On a unexpectedly sunny autumnal day fifteen fine gentleman lined up outside the Day Centre in Weybridge to see what awaited them.

We headed off towards Addlestone but as soon as we were over the level crossing at Addlestone Station we turned left to take Crockford Park Road and Liberty Lane up to the foot/cycle bridge over the M25. Hare Hill brought us back down to Ottershaw.

Fox Hills Road and Stonehill Road led us to the wonderfully named Gracious Pond Road. Through Burrowhill we reached Steep Hill. The road sign worried some but we were soon passing Chobham Place Wood and taking the straight fast road to Sunningdale. A few back roads then took us to Blacknest Gate into Windsor Great Park.

We often cycle straight through the park on the way to somewhere else. But today I thought we would meander around and visit a few of the other areas. Our prompt departure from Weybridge meant that there was time for the full planned route.

Starting along the south bank of Virginia Water we passed the Roman ruins ( brought back from Leptis Magna, Libya in 1816 ), the cascade and the totem pole ( from British Columbia ). Next it was the polo grounds of Smith's Lawn, the Royal School and on to see The Queen, as promised. In this case the Jubilee Statue of her on horseback.

Through The Village we headed for Bishopsgate and shortly afterwards we arrived at our lunch venue -The Barley Mow, Englefield Green.

Here we were welcomed, fed promptly with good food, and on our way in little more than an hour.

Past Royal Holloway College, down Prune Hill, over the M25 and we were making good progress towards our tea stop. However we then had a visit from the fairy and a " how many cyclists does it take to mend a p*******? " moment. Things were promptly sorted and a route via the back and the front of Thorpe Park took us to Chertsey.

We were heading for Walton but a turn down Dockett Eddy Lane led us the quiet route alongside the Thames to Church Road,Shepperton, Walton Lane and Walton Bridge.

Tea, scrummy cake and scones were taken at The Riverhouse Barn by ten before onward journeys home.

Thanks are due to Geoff and Rob for duties at the back, the weather, the autumn colours, and all the riders for a great day out.

(About 24 miles to lunch and 12 miles more to tea.)

Wayfarers Contact List

I will shortly be producing a new version of the contact list for paid-up members.   If your details have changed (address, phone numbers, email), please could you let me have your updated details by email or in person.    If you don't want your details to be published, or want them removed from the list, please let me know.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Group Ride on 19 November

Tomorrow we're off for ride through the glorious autumnal scenery to see The Queen. To complete the full route will take about two hours so I would like to leave Weybridge promptly.

After lunch the route is unfortunately less scenic, but only half as long and downhill all the way!

So get to Weybridge early, eat lots of cake, and be ready for 11.00.


PS - It is tarmac all the way (so we don't lose Jeff) but there are lots of wet leaves around so take care.

Wayfaring with the Expats Ladies in Costa Blanca

As we are spending November and shall be coming back for February/March in Torrevieja (Costa Blanca), I joined a local Ladies cycling group in Quesada. For that, unfortunately, I had to swap my Dolce Specialised road bike for a hybrid bike. Garry & Lynn who left Scotland seven years ago to set up Cyclogical, the Quesada Bike shop, and who are also dynamic rides organisers in the area, made the swap easy with their range of bikes for hire.
Under cloudy skies as it had rained a lot the day before, a group of eight set off at 11 am. Very soon blue skies and a warm sun appeared and remained with us for the rest of the day. Lynn lead the "LADIES ONLY" Section* at a good steady pace (having left Garry manning the cycle shop) and took us via Benijofar, among the orange groves, the artichokes fields, on traffic-free roads lined at times with palm trees (some looking menacing with their pointed black hoods to protect them from being attacked by a small insect which has decimated many palm trees over the last few years in this part of Spain).  We continued through the Hondo, a nature and bird reserve, to get to Santa-Pola for lunch at Lugano Restaurant on the edge of the marina. A very friendly lunch followed where most of us shared pizzas and large bowls of salad, apart from a Norwegian lady with a more adventurous taste bud who partook in an extra large portion of pulpo (which is a Santa-Pola speciality).
Refreshed we set off for our journey back, riding at first in some marshy land (this is when I appreciated the "hybrid" bike which coped rather well - and certainly better than the Dolce would have - in the sand and mud...), then along the salty lakes, behind the scenic Santa-Pola salt mounds. We cycled towards La Marina, then to San Fulgimencio where we stopped for refreshments at the Spanish run "Power Pub". After hosing the muddy bikes down at the local garage, we were back by 5 pm at Quesada, having enjoyed a pleasant, trouble-free and friendly ride, performed in summer clothing on this 12th of November. A 70 km round trip.
* The Men Section had left at 10 am and was destined to perform a much higher mileage. The LADIES ONLY section, today was comprised mostly of British expats apart from two Norwegian Ladies and yours truly.
** Meanwhile Frank is developing his table tennis skills twice a week at a local expats club.

Francoise H.

Wayfaring Spanish Style

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Attendance list 2013/4

For those who want to print a full list of locations from October 2013 to December 2014 please follow this link.

As stated at the AGM from 2015 the attendance records will be based on the calendar year. In order to transition to this the 2013/14 records will be based on 15 months up to December 2014.

I will post a file for 2015 soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

12 November, Hersham AGM

 The AGM - 12th November
The Arthur Jessop Shield won by Lynda
Getting down to serious business

Lynda  and Fuzz, focus of attention 
of Paul Tuohy, new CEO of the CTC

After the ball was over

A ride of sun and showers to the Hersham Day Centre was rewarded with warm bread pudding and sausage rolls. We thank the volunteers who so kindly provide for us. An even greater reward was to be our Annual General Meeting in the adjacent Hall. Demand for places demanded extra chairs, our number swelled perhaps by those eager to meet Paul Tuohy, our new CTC CEO.

Proceedings opened with Paul giving us an outline of his pedigree, his perception of the CTC and his strategic aims. His approach seemed most promising and refreshing. Priorities were to improve communication with members and cooperate with other cycling organisations,  to squeeze the most sensitive organs of government into funding investment of £10 per head for cycling; not from new money but from the reallocation of priorities and funding from existing transport budgets. David Cameron's 'cycling revolution' has so far regurgitated some £30,000! 

I would love to share Paul's optimism and trust in the weasel words of our elected representatives. If we can hurt them enough where it matters, in their rotten boroughs, with an impenetrable election looming in May 2015, who knows what pips might squeak? We had the chance to question Paul and let him hear the views and aspirations of an active cycling membership. We wish him every success.

Our Chairman, Colin Quemby, then conducted most expeditiously the business of his valedictory CTCSWL AGM. Keen to make way for fresh blood, he has handed over the reins to David Vine, who was warmly applauded by all members. We wish David well in his new rĂ´le in keeping us on the strait and narrow. I'm sure that we shall give him every support.

May we finally express our deepest thanks to Colin Quemby, whose long experience of cycling and of the inner workings of the CTC, has been of enormous value to us. He has steered us successfully through many changes. I'm sure that his wise counsel will still be available to inform the future direction of the South West London District Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club.


Easy Riders - 12th November

After the AGM Lynda led the Easy Riders around to the Prince of Wales for lunch where they were joined by Colin, Shirley and Tim. Afterwards the group rode down to Ewell Court for afternoon tea.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Group 12th November

Brian took us on a short post-AGM run to the Plough, at Stoke d'Abernon, then over the edge of the Downs in the sunshine to tea at Bike Beans.

18.9 miles, rolling average 12.3mph.  Pretty dark by the time we had finished, and still a month to go to the solstice.


Friday, November 07, 2014

Midweek Wayfarers CTC: A Group, GF Day

Midweek Wayfarers CTC: A Group, GF Day

....and I thought mobile phones were for making 'phone-calls' - not producing exquisite landscape photographs. Very impressive Jeff!

A Group, GF Day


Thursday, November 06, 2014

'A' Group Ride - 5 November 2014

A good turnout of 19 riders assembled at Cobham, though we didn't finish with quite that number. The first stirrings of Winter were evident in the early morning temperatures though a few of our number were still in shorts, boldly defying whatever the weather could throw at us.

Today we travelled South from Cobham past Effingham Junction, into Effingham and then Bookham, before passing Polesden Lacey. The descent of Bagden Hill preceded our arrival at Denbies where for once we avoided the magnetic pull of the tearoom, instead following the Denbies train's scenic route up to Ranmore, giving a panoramic view of the extensive wine estate. After a short delay while Jeff fixed a rebellious chain, we looped back past Denbies and then climbed Box Hill, before lunching at the Tree, Headley, where we took full advantage of the Senior Citizens' cut price lunch menu. There we were joined by Mark and Pete Betts plus crutches - we hope Pete is soon back on two wheels.

A heavy shower started during lunch, but tactfully moved on before our departure, as we smugly rode on in the dry. The way after lunch was via Walton and Chipstead. Our tea stop in Banstead was at the Boutique Cakery, where not only was a good cake selection on offer, but also a cake making course, involving the use of a variety of exciting cake making aids. After some discussion, we reluctantly decided against a group enrolment, and went our separate ways home.

Thanks are due to Neil for a grand job as back marker.


Easy Riders - 5th November

About 15 left Cobham for our lunch stop at The Swan in Thames Ditton.  We went along the old A3 road, passed Blackhills, and turned right towards West End.  Up to Esher and right again passing Sandown Horse Racing track.  Along Ember Lane to Molesey and turned right into Summer Road and over the bridge to Thames Ditton.  We had a large and small table in The Swan and all enjoyed our meals.  I have booked a table here for 10th December going from Claygate 11's.  It will be from the normal menu and we can celebrate Christmas with a special drink.  We then went on to Ewell Court Park for afternoon tea.
We had our last ride through Blackhills housing estate today as the Site Manager stopped us to say we were not allowed to go that way again due to security issues.


The map shows Lynda's route from Cobham. See Brian's notice about Blackhills being closed to cyclists. What a humbug! In Chessington Ron (with his GPS) went into the Kings Centre, to have a cup of tea and to buy some ginger marmalade so the final stage of the ride isn't shown on the map.

Blackhills, Esher

The route through Blackhills has continued to be used even after the new gates were erected last year. Yesterday Lynda and the group from N Cheam were spoken to and warned that they had no right to use the route. It seems that we should reluctantly accept that Blackhills is now "out of bounds".

AGM Hersham Weds 12th November

In order that the business of the AGM can start promptly at 11, please could everyone arrive at the Day Centre in good time to have finished coffee and be ready to move to the meeting room before 11. Don't forget we need your CTC membership number on the sign in sheets so please have that available. Paul Tuohy, the new CTC Chief Executive will be attending and there will be a short Q&A session. With luck and a bit of help from you we'll be out on the road again soon after 12.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

B Group - 5th November

Twenty one of us emerged from the RBL in Cobham to find that it was still fairly cool but with no immediate prospect of rain. Off to a good start we took a very direct route down to West Horsley by turning right into The Drift after Effingham Junction. The serious climbing began soon after we crossed the A246 into Shere Road and we were up at over 630 feet by the time we joined Green Dene and turned right into Combe Lane. We whizzed down Combe Bottom, though with some caution because Vic had seen a huge puddle at the bottom end of the lane just the other day.

In Shere we turned up Middle Street and Sandy Lane. After crossing the railway we took a left into Hook Lane and after Jesses Lane with its fine patina of green moss on the surface warning us to descend with caution we arrived in Peaslake. The second big hill of the day started as soon as we turned into Radnor Road. This was quite a long haul and we were relieved when it eventually levelled out near the car park at an altitude of over 750 feet. Although there were still a few undulations to be endured once we had turned in to Three Mile Road, the worst was over and although I had feared being dreadfully late for lunch we weren’t. The 15.4 miles had taken us all of 2 hours.
After 1576 feet of climbing, if my software is to be believed, we had all earned a good lunch. Emma and the landlord Geoff served us all very cheerfully and good food was delivered from the kitchen for the 19 of us at tables which had been reserved near the fire. It was all very cosy, in a pub with a nice atmosphere.

The obligatory team photos were taken after lunch before Irene, Pam, Gill and Liz took off for the remote parts of Surrey and Middlesex where they live.  We were sad to see them go but the rest of us had more work to do with some 776 feet of climbing over the next few miles mainly through Pasture Wood Road. Unfortunately I had advertised the afternoon ride as being less than 10 miles to Leatherhead. That was because I had originally intended to have lunch at the Stephan Langton but I changed my mind after the recce with David. We trundled through more of the beautiful and bosky lanes around Abinger Common and Friday Street until we reached the A25. 700 metres of the A25 was enough so we turned into Balchins Lane and took our now popular route on the cycle paths through to Milton Court then via down-town Dorking to Annies, 12.3 miles from lunch. Peter Tiller punctured on the path just South of Leatherhead but came in for his cuppa before attending to it.

The one person running Annies was cleaning up as we arrived but she was kind enough to make tea and hot chocolate for the six or seven of us who turned up.

The success of the day was due to many things. Everyone persevered with what was a pretty challenging ride; climbing like that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Corner marking worked very well thanks especially to Peter T, Andy and Tony H and I was grateful for this because missed turns would have been really bad news  The rain held off until after lunch but when it did come it was serious enough for us all to stop and waterproof ourselves. Thanks to David for being a very efficient back-marker. Sadly his CatEye bounced off his handlebar mount somewhere in Radnor Road and he wasn’t able to find it.

It was good to see our new riders David and Jennie out with us again, full of enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone for hanging in and contributing to the special atmosphere of the day.

~ Tim

Sunday, November 02, 2014

B Group ride this Wednesday - short and sweet ...

... not so much a description of the stature and temperament of the leader but rather the modest number of miles and the pleasantly hilly nature of the terrain; two appetite-building biggies to take us to lunch. The afternoon ride will be less than 10 miles and should pitch us into Annies long before it gets dark.

Please ensure that your tyres are good and especially that your brake-blocks are not worn out; there will be some quite steep descents and there may be slippery leaves and other autumnal debris on the smaller lanes.

I would like the ride to start at 11:00. Please be ready to go.

~ Tim


B's..... 10th December (11's at Claygate) at The Cap in Hand, Hook - booked for 1pm...........Gill will be collecting the menus with your payment!
A's..... 17th December (11's at Leatherhead) at The Cap in Hand, Hook - booked for 1pm...........Pam will be collecting  the menus and payment, also liasing with the pub for both groups.
My suggestion is to pay £5.00 up front (deposit) and the balance by the end of November.  No problem if one pays in full - instead of a deposit - less work for the organisers!!
Don't forget to put your name and group on the returned menus...also.... James, pub manager, said one does not have to say what drink they require but it could be helpful if you do!!
Cheers Pam :) :)

'A' Group Ride - 5 November 2014

Next Wednesday's ride will see the blue touch paper lit at Cobham, as we take in Effingham Junction, Bookham, Polesden Lacey to Denbies. Despite the Wayfarers having a virtual season ticket to Denbies, I can't recall ever having ridden through the estate. So that's the plan this time, as we explode up the hill to Ranmore (carbon Fawkes recommended), possibly drafting behind the Denbies train with a bit of luck. Given a bit of sun, there's a good view of the wine estate and the Mole gap from the top.
We then loop around Dorking, climb Box Hill and lunch at the Tree, Headley.
After lunch, we take in Headley Heath & Epsom Downs, and will probably take tea at Banstead. A reasonable 33 miles approx. from elevenses to tea, now that the clocks have gone back.