Sunday, January 30, 2011

Membership Renewal and Annual Lunch

A reminder that at Cobham on Wednesday I shall be collecting 2011 membership subs—£3 (£2 for the DA and £1 for the Wayfarers) and also taking bookings (£2 deposit) for our annual lunch at Prezzo's in Cheam Village on Wednesday 2 March (our next Cobham meeting) organised by Lynda.

Please let me know at Cobham if I haven't already approached you.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

B Group Jan 26th

At the Greeno Centre this morning, there was a cast of thousands - well, a total of 27 - wishing to take part in the B Group ride. Concerned at the large number, I checked with the pub and they felt they could manage, Terry kindly offered to be a mid-group leader to ensure there was a reasonable gap to enable traffic to pass and then three people (equally kindly) switched to A Group. We were down to 24 and that felt much better, though on arrival at the pub I found we'd somehow gained an extra two riders and another unknown (Geoffrey ) had fallen off the back somewhere despite Pete M's shepherding skills! After all this palaver, it was good to set off at last - the tail end of the A Group could just be seen disappearing ahead of us as we too headed towards Shepperton Church Square on our way to Chertsey Bridge. From here we followed a series of paths and smaller roads through Chertsey to St Ann's Hill, over the M25 to Lyne and then Thorpe Green. After this, it was a straight run through the village of Virginia Water to the Lake. It was a pity it wasn't a nicer day, but it was still a pleasant ride beside the lake to Blacknest Gate and round via Heartbreak Hill to the Polo Grounds in Windsor Great Park. Turning off at the top of the hill, we cycled past the Guards Polo Club and on towards Savill Gardens where we came out through the car park on to Wick Lane and shortly afterwards arrived at the Sun pub. We were given a warm welcome, with a cheery fire in the fireplace. With only two to take our orders, the ladies did their best but it was a lengthy process and I thank those who had to wait the longest for their meals for their good-natured patience. Particular thanks go to the five who had generously suggested we leave without them - luckily they were relatively 'local'. The return route was as speedy as I could make it - to Englefield Green, down Tite Hill to Egham, across the M25, to Thorpe, across to the A 320 cycle path, over the M3 into Chertsey and back over the bridge to Shepperton by which time it was drizzling quite hard. Somewhere on the return, we had lost John G. (who'd punctured & got a train from Egham), Jed and Terry. Imagine our surprise when four of us turned up to have tea at the bakery in Shepperton to find Terry and Jed already ensconced!! Thanks to everyone and especially to Terry and John G. for their assistance throughout the ride. Gill.

Easy Riders Jan 26th

No traumas this week. I led, John C, Ron, Roger, Beryl, Mick and Mark left from Shepperton day centre to join the Lower Sunbury road heading for Hampton Court. It was a drizzly day, so decided not to use the towpath. Albert, Peter and Fuzz were going to lunch at The Albion, as they only wanted a short ride. From Hampton Court we turned left and cycled through Bushey Park; up to the High Street and through Teddington, to lunch at The Anglers. A nice, popular pub with good food. After lunch we went back through the park in the rain to Five on the Bridge. Only a short ride today; in dismal weather but good company. It rained all the way home. I was surprised that I had clocked 35mls.


A Group, 26 January

Shepperton to Mayford

A Group Jan 26th

The weather forecast wasn’t encouraging so I kept it short and sweet. On a dull day seventeen rode forth from Shepperton towards Chertsey Meads. After an age crossing the St Peter's Way roundabout (note to self: next time the underpass), Addlestone’s backstreets got us to Ongar Hill and onwards to New Haw. After the canal crossing we turned and joined the towpath by West Byfleet station; six miles later we were still beside the canal. Just after Woking town centre a short sharp burst of rain was a portent for the rest of the day. Blackhorse Lane was our release and led to Saunders Lane. Soon we were over 80% of the Mayford Arms clientele but the service was quick: as the last orders were being taken, the first were being consumed. After lunch "we made our goodbye and left" become the norm as one by one or in twos, people peeled off. By the end of Plough Lane, our number was four so the Medicine Garden had ample space. Cobham was being lashed by rain and gridlocked; only three thirty but lights on all the way home. Around 50 miles door to door.
From Graham Hill

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Group 26th January

Half A Loaf

Only half a map today, as I gave up at lunchtime suffering from Man Flu. Or maybe Swine Flu. Suffering, anyway.

15.1 damp miles from the Greeno Centre to Mayford, where a decent lunch did little to cheer me.


Monday, January 24, 2011

B Group Jan 19th

An eventful day starting with Lynda (the cat flattener) being knocked off her bike by a ginger tom. Lynda although somewhat shaken up and a little bruised recovered and bravely rallied around to continue on the ride (poor pus lost one of his 9 lives but scampered off unscathered we think)
On arriving at Teddington we found Fuzz OBE (Over B***** Eighty) with his bandaged foot celebrating his birthday - congratulations Fuzz hope you had a good one.
A rather large group, in excess of 26, left Teddington heading through Strawberry Hill via Twickenham to the tow path and on to Richmond.
We continued to Islewoth through Syon Park, Brentford then crossed over Kew Bridge before joining the tow path once more on our way to Mortlake.
Lunch was taken at the Ship Inn (next to the old brewery) highly recommended, a very friendly and accommodating staff, with excellent food.
After lunch to our dismay we found the tow path had disappeared , engulfed by the river, however we managed to escape, without snorkelling equipment, through Mortlake and on to Richmond Park.
Tea stop was at the YMCA (the old Hawkers site) before setting off on our separate directions homeward.
My thanks to Gill as back-marker (nice red hat)
I clocked up 31 miles

Saturday, January 22, 2011

News from Steph

Dear Wayfarers, Just to say I won't be cycling for the next month as I tripped when out walking on Box Hill and it turns out I have fractured my ankle. As a warning to you all I actually walked and cycled on it for a week without any pain or ill effects and only went to the doctors because the swelling didn't seem to be going down. Apparently that is quite common with ankle injuries, so if you have any bad knocks tumbling over cats or whatever (hope you're ok Lynda) do go and get it checked out. Steph

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lynda's Cat - Astrophy

Lynda so sorry to hear that you had a near disaster with a cat on Wednesday and that you were not too hurt and shaken-up! This is Daisey one of Barbara's pussy's on the breakfast table this morning looking rather smug and sweet. Actually she's waiting to finish my milky left-overs from my cereal bowl. Oh how unhygienic!
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News from John Scott

Here is John's latest news—

Happy New year to one and all.

House in Acton still has a way to go. Hope to be in before the spring and resume cycling with you all.

Still working on and living in daughter's house in Wokingham.
Had heart monitor fitted for 48 hour run because of periodic increase in rate. Awaiting consultation in March.

After two attempts at root canalling lower RHS molar by previous dentist (the one that did a runner without even saying goodbye and taking enormous amounts of money from patients including yours truly) it has to come out, due to perforation of roots into jaw. Procedure will take about a year to finally fit me up with an implant. More cost. Hope the new guy is an improvement on the old one.

Daughter Olivia's baby "Alex" is absolutely enormous. I think she's stopping at one and I am not surprised.
Cycling non-existent due to disruption and bad weather. Hope to make a sortie in near future but will have to be train assisted. Hopelessly out of condition - not a lot of confidence in my current ability.

Touched base with Harold Fifield in Scotland. Found out his new contact details after receiving a Christmas card from him and his wife Veena. Good to establish contact again.

Keep in touch and good cycling to you all.
Kind regards,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy Riders Jan 19th

Well, I had a catastrophe before even getting to Teddington 11's. I was coming down a straight run in Long Ditton, when a cat dashed out from a hedge the other side of the road and went under my bike. I felt something solid, then swerved onto the pavement and came off my bike. The others told me that the cat carried on running. I was lucky that I didn't damage anything too much. A few scratches and holes in my trousers.

A nice treat from Fuzz awaited us at the day centre, of tea/coffee and cake. Happy 80th. Or as Liz says, Fuzz , OBE. 'Only B*.... 80!'

From Teddington, our small 'C' group of 6, went to visit Tom in his care home, which is only a few minutes from Elleray Hall. David S., took some photos of us and we gave Tom a Thorntons chocolate plaque which was iced with, 'To Tom from Wayfarers'. He looked well, and was very comfortable sitting in his chair. Then, Roger, Chris, Norman, Mark R., David S and myself cycled through Teddington High Street, over the blue bridge to the other side of the towpath and continued to Kingston. Half way along Norman got his 2nd puncture of the day; so we changed plans of our lunch stop, and went to The Harts Boatyard, where we took advantage of their special pizza deal. I had an email during the week advertising 2 pizzas for £10. It was a very nice lunch. Then we made our way to Balaclava Road in Surbiton and continued to Chessington, to take tea at the Kings Centre, which is half price for over 60's on Wednesdays. From there we made our separate ways home.


A Group 19 January

Teddington - Harmondsworth - Richmond Park

Frank whipping everybody into line

A Group Jan 19th

After enjoying free tea and cakes at Teddington supplied with many thanks to Fuzz on his 80th birthday, 20 keen souls left for the lunch destination at Harmondsworth, the group included Pam, Jake, Pete, Ray, Neil, Grant, Vic, Mike, Will, Rob, Simon, Jeff, John, Toni, Tony, Dave and 3 Brian’s.
Despite my efforts all made it to lunch, although it was a dead flat 13 miles. The route was south of Fulwell golf course with a short part of the A312 to Feltham with a long wait at the railway level crossing at Feltham station, into Bedfont Lane across the Staines Road and A30 to Stanwell with a slight slow down to allow a fire engine to cross our path into a trading estate. Then Stanwell Moor and over the M25 roundabout, not bothering to use the alternative cycle route into Poyle Village, right back over the M25, across the A4 junction into Harmondsworth from the West.
We enjoyed the meal, all very cosy in our own room upstairs. After lunch it was East through Sipson, the whole village reprieved from the failed 3rd runway project, Harlington, Cranford, Heston, Osterley, Spring Grove, Isleworth then the Tow Path along to Richmond with a slight detour as we would have lost many if we had continued along the cross bar depth of water at Twickenham. Then on to Richmond Park for tea at the Roehampton Gate cafĂ©. Just 25 miles from 11’s to tea. Many made it back home without the need for lights.

Easy Riders Jan 19th

The Easyriders went to visit Tom today in his care home in Teddington and presented him with a small cake. We cycled down Teddington High street to the lock crossed over the river and proceeded along the tow path towards Kingston with a short stop whilst Norman replaced his inner tube due to his second puncture of the day!! we cycled through Kingston following the river towards Surbiton and stopped at Harts Boat Yard for a pizza lunch after which the group cycled over to the King's day Centre in chessington for tea to round off the day. from Dave Salmon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Fuzz

Congratulations Fuzz on reaching 80years
Thankyou for the Tea & Cakes at Elleray Hall

Friday, January 14, 2011

From Harold Fifield

From Harold who wants to know who spread the white line all over the road?

Easy Riders at the Albion

In spite of a dire forecast which may have accounted for the low turnout at Hersham, Peter and I had a good ride out on the tandem trike. Led by Steph and Lynda a total of just six headed for the Thames towpath near Walton and turned off at The E.Molesey Rowing club to enjoy a pleasant lunch at The Albion. What with one thing and another I`m a bit late with this brief effort. Hope the photo is ok------Albert

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Group 12 January

The Volunteer

A ride 12th January

Eleven of us departed from Hersham in what looked to be a miserable day weatherwise. The intention was to go as direct a route as possible having booked lunch at the Volunteer, Sutton/Abinger which entailed crossing the North Downs. Fortunately it was not necessary to cape so climbing via Coombe Bottom, a longer route than White Down, was no apparant problem. It was an exhilarating ride from Shere to the Volunteer on the fast A25 and little traffic.

Pete B had peeled off as intended for home I believe. So 10 of us Bob S, Vic, Brian, Jeff, John B, Simon, Mike, Tony, Terry and self sat down to swiftly served meals in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. However although the prices were a bit on the high side the photos of volunteers on the walls did not encourage us to volunteer to do the washing up. We set off for Annies Leatherhead in good time at about 2pm. Here at Annies seven of us enjoyed a pleasant chat and left about 3:30 thinking that John, Vic and Simon would need to light up.

I am glad to report that Edd sounded much better on the 'phone and had been for a short walk. He has kindly offered to take my ride on the 23rd Feb which I hope I do not have to accept, it is nice that the Wayfarers have this flexibility.

Easy Riders Jan 12th

I arrived late at Hersham having detoured to look at conditions on the towpath but half a dozen were ready and waiting to depart for The Albion at Hampton Court. We cut though quiet roads to join the towpath a little east of Walton Bridge and wheeled merrily through all the puddles with the wind at our back. An entertaining lunch - I learnt that Albert had been awarded a medal by George VI - followed by a tour of Bushy Park and tea at Valeries Pattiserie in Kingston. A very pleasant day. Steph

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

B Group 12th January

The Water Babies

Eighteen of us set off from Hersham against a forecast of continuous heavy rain, which, in the event, didn't come to much. Not that there was any shortage of water, or indeed mud for that matter, but at least the snow has gone.

Looping through Esher we set off towards Claygate down Esher Park Avenue before picking up the bridleway at the end of Arbrook Lane. It was pretty muddy, so at Copsem Lane we returned to the tarmac and nipped under the A3 to Sandy Lane. Briskly down to Cobham, then along to River Lane for the next piece of bridleway. However, since my recce on Monday the River Mole had got very much larger, and now encompassed several fields as well as the path. I had a quick look at it, but it was hub deep in seconds, so back we all went through Cobham and up Plough Lane. Plenty of water there too, with flooded fields and one passage of water across the road - but not deep enough to stop us, this time.

Rising ground past Ockham was welcome, and we picked up some time along Rose Lane - still very wet - and were in Ripley in good time for lunch.

The Anchor was our destination - it was a very famous cycling pub in the 1890s, when it is said that Mrs Dibble and her daughters would serve lunch to four hundred cyclists on a Sunday, in two sittings of two hundred. Presumably you didn't get a lot of choice. The church next door has memorials to them, paid for by cyclists.

We were made welcome and had a small, pleasant room hung with old cycling prints. We could just about cram in and were served quickly enough - while we waited we looked at the prints and marvelled at the 1899 board game 'Wheeling', which is a race from London to the 'Anchor' - there are some pictures above. It looks a bit like 'Monopoly' with bikes.

We were back on the road by two, which we needed to be to be sure to finish in daylight, and there was some worry at first as we approached the Wey weir - it might be flooded, too. But no, a couple of sluice gates were still closed so it was fine. Steadily along through Pyrford past Brooklands towards Weybridge, then down Thames Street to the Thames path, after which it was plain sailing (well, it was pretty wet ...) to East Molesey where we took our tea at Five on The Bridge.

We told them to put it on Lynda's bill, and they seemed fine with that.

29.6 miles at a steady 10 mph. 1327 calories, which probably just about balances out for the day.

A good ride with a good group.


News from Harold Fifield

Had a phone call from Harold Fifield on 10/1/11. He has had problems since moving to Scotland. Had a change of medication for his Parkinsons as a heart condition had developed. Change of drugs brought withdrawal symptoms with severe hallucinations. he went for nine days without even a sip of any drink {3 days can be fatal?} He had kept one bike & kit, but sold up having crashed again locally sustaining another shoulder injury. However he says he still has his sense of humour and photography to sustain him (plus his family of course). During his additional medical problems Harold lost 2st. only starting from a "fighting weight" of 9.5 stones, but has been putting a bit back on recently. From me, thanks to all for messages, calls and cards. Much appreciated! Harold sent his regards to All.
Message via Dennis Broughton

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dieppe Raid 2011

Advance notice. Caroline Street confirms that weekend 11 to 13 June is booked for 2011 so now is the time to make bookings for accommodation well in advance. Seems like a new pattern is being set moving from the first weekend in June to the second as last year. I seem to recall that the date was usually around "D" day anniversary! Well at least it leaves "Derby Day" free. As for me I plan a week away with family 10 to 17 June so quite likely will miss this year. Anyone wishing to book a cottage for a week may like to try the one in Ardouval previously used for 3 years on the trot, sleeps 6 but again get in early it gets booked up.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

News of Dennis

Paid Dennis a visit to his home on 5th January. He is, of course, still incapacitated with his broken shoulder and unable to lie down and has to keep his upper body upright. Yet he is in good spirits and hoping that Kingston hospital discovers that the break has set in the right place when he visits them on Monday 10th January. My wife Pat has visited him twice recently and he's enjoying the loving ministrations from his dear wife Lynn. We all hope it is not too long before he is back on his bike. He sends his kindest regards to you all. Bill Matthews

B Group Jan 5th

" For my first ride as leader 16 of us set out from Cobham in bright sunshine and a blustery SW wind. From Downside we went across Bookham Common where there was a puncture and then via Fetcham and Leatherhead leisure centre. Going up the A24 cycle path towards Dorking the wind increased and it clouded up making it hard work despite the encouraging moos from the cows at Norbury Park Farm.
After a death-defying crossing of the A 24 by Mickleham we turned into Headley Lane for the climb up to the lunch-stop at the Cock Inn. Luckily the wind was assisting by now and this lovely part of the ride also passes residual piles of snow by the laneside.
12 of us made it to lunch and after what I thought was a good meal with excellent service we charged down to Woodcote, Epsom Common and Horton Lane where more peeled off and crossing to Hook and over the A3 4 of us ended at Squires Cafe in Long Ditton.
Drizzly rain then began and it also got very dark, but I remember this time last year there was snow and freezing temperatures. Today it reached the dizzy height of 7degrees C.
Thanks to Terry for acting as back marker and to the encouragement of all the others."

Harry Cole

All Roads Lead to......

A - B + C

The Wayfarers' homing instinct brought everyone together, to join in the lunchtime service at the Temple of St Wetherspoon in Leatherhead.
From the outside, looking in

A Group Jan 5th

An A group of 10 (Jake, Mike M, John B, Toni, Tony, Vic, Bob, Mark G, Jeff led by Pete B (substituting for Ed who has flu - hope you are well soon)) left Cobham in bright January sunlight. Along Plough Lane and past Send prison, the climb through East Clandon and up Staple Lane to Netley Heath was a grind into a strong Southerly wind. All was forgiven when turning left and the long drop down towards Horsley and on through Bookham and Fetcham to the Wetherspoons at Leatherhead. Here we found a mixed group of B's and C'c already merrily ensconced, having taken a more direct route than ourselves. After an enjoyable and good value lunch, half the group, taking note of the forecast heavy rain, elected for Plan B (go straight home) whilst an intrepid 5 struck south through Mickleham and up Box Hill and into the clouds. The heavy rain stayed away but a fine mist and gloom necessitated an early lighting up before speeding back through Walton and down Hurst Road to Epsom. Here the idea of tea was abandoned in favour of getting home before conditions worsened.
From Pete B

Easy Riders Jan 5th

Phil M. led Fuzz, Bill, Norman, John C. Mike W. and Lynda from Cobham to Bookham Common. We did the stretch going passed the ponds and over the railway bridge. We continued into Fetcham via Kennel Lane Recreation Park and through a quiet housing estate then turning right into Cannon Grove which led us to a footpath that brought us out to Mill Lane. Then we went under the bridge to Leatherhead. Quite a few bikes outside Wetherspoons; where about half the Wayfarers had chosen to stop for lunch. We met Cliff who also joined us. A good length of ride for a cold, winter's day, led by Phil.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Christmas boxes

The BL (Cobham) caterers Hazel, Irene, Thelma and Michael were very appreciative of the boxes of chocolates we gave them for Christmas.


A Group 5th January

At short notice Pete B stepped in as leader today, replacing Ed who is unwell. He gave us a fine impromptu ride - up Staple Lane to the top of Clandon Downs, then down Green Dene and back to Leatherhead for lunch, with a smaller party going on to Box Hill and Walton on the Hill before tea at Epsom.

26.4 miles to Hurst Lane Walton where I turned for home, 17.7 miles to Leatherhead. Rolling average 10 mph at a steady 69 watts, 1798 ft of ascent and a top speed of 31 mph on Green Dene.

A good start to the year.


Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Wayfarers at Ewell this morning.


B Group Ride, 12 January

Dear All,

Mark G. has kindly agreed to consult his trusty Garmin (is it the new 700?) and cook up a suitable New Year jaunt to blow away those festive hangovers on 12 January from Hersham Day Centre.

Many thanks, Mark.