Saturday, November 30, 2013


Some of you will have received an email. But you didn't, I've summarized its content removing Steve and Ann's contact details so email me if you need them!

Same arrangement as last year

The Angel Pub, Angel Rd, Thames Ditton KT7 0AU

Cost £10 for two courses:
MAIN          : Beef, Chicken or Veg Risotto
DESSERT : Fruit Crumble or Treacle Sponge
Start            : 12.30 in pub. Food served from 1pm in function room.

This year preferred payment method is by bank transfer. After doing the transfer, email your choices to us and we will confirm within a few days that we have received it.

Alternatively post choices with payment before 17th January.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Roger Mitchell

Terry reports:
"John Scott tells me that Roger Mitchell has been admitted to Kingston Hospital for further treatment of his bowel cancer". After elevenses at Elleray Hall on Wednesday, Fuzz took a card signed by Wayfarers to Roger at Kingston Hospital. We send our best wishes to Roger and his wife, Janet.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wayfarers Contact List

I'll shortly be producing an updated contact list of all paid-up Wayfarers members, to be distributed to all Wayfarers by email in December.  If your details (address, phone numbers, email) have changed this year, or if you don't want your info to be included, please could you email me?

Pubs Register

Back in June Simon sent me a pile of data documenting the pubs which had been visited by the A group since the beginning of July in 2012. After months of inactivity on the project I have now added the geolocation data to Simon's list and brought it all right up to date to include Paul's extremely popular ride yesterday. So there are now about 70 entries for A Group.

Over the months Google have fixed many of the original bugs in the system and it is now good enough to go live. It may even work on your tablet if you have one. Please check this link to see the result. If anyone wishes to correct or add more data about any of the pubs please send it to me.

For the A Group I have added the Elevenses location to give anyone using the map a quick idea of the range for a ride to a pub. The map will also be an aid to anyone wanting the challenge of leading to a pub which hasn't been visited lately.

- Tim

per birotam ad tabernam

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Group - 27th November 2013

The Fox at Hanwell
Everybody made it!

A Group Ride Report: 27 November 2013

A Group Ride Report: 27 November 2013

Teddington to Fox@Hanwell & Richmond Park

Wow! Come 11 o'clock I did not know whether to be flattered or terrified. Having warned the not overlarge pub to expect maybe a dozen for lunch, I found myself with a veritable Peleton of 27. Is that an A-group record? It is certainly more than I have ridden with. An en route phone call to the pub seemed to cause a tad of consternation.... what would we find?

As promised, a flat and even paced ride it was. Split into 2 groups: Frank back marking for me on the front group and Jeff leading the second group. The arrangement worked very well, I stopped after every significant turn and Frank signalled forward as the following group were close enough to see the turn. A good model for future reference.

Out from Teddington through Bushy Park to Hampton, past the water treatment plant, left and along past Sunbury Walled garden (strange for a ride to be heading out past the regular 3's stop....) then right and up through Feltham and on to Osterly Park (another 3's stop!), through and on to the Grand Union Canal. The just a short length of towpath to the Fox - a veritable hidden gem if ever there was one. A country pub in town - almost a literal stones throw from the Uxbridge Road, but with the feel of a country village. Cracking beer and cracking food. I had had no need to be fearful, all the stops were well and truly pulled and a large area reserved for us, and (given the short notice for 27 folk arriving on a wet Wednesday) prompt and efficient service.

The promised lunchtime fun quiz was well received and hopefully scattered a few gems of local knowledge.

After lunch, a short ride down the towpath to Brentford, thence Syon Park, Isleworth and Richmond. Up the Hill to the Park and down to the cycling cafe at Roehampton gate for Tea.

Good to see some B regulars with us today and welcome to the new riders - with profuse apologies, your names have been confined to that mess of irrecoverable information that passes for my memory - but I hope you enjoyed the ride and that we will see you again.

I like the idea of sometimes designing rides that allow a cross over of the A & B groups and will plan for something similar on future rides.

Happy Riding

Paul Kelly

Easyriders - Wednesday 27th November

Damp and misty but not cold and some super autumn colours in the parks around Teddington.  I must first of all wish Roger a speedy recovery,  Fuzz cycled direct to Kingston Hospital to cheer him up after elevenses today, with a signed card from so many of his Wayfarer friends.  We cycled from Elleray Hall past the stables and directly into Bushy Park by the NPL.  A small circuit past the water gardens and out of the Laurel Gate.  Thence northwards, crossing the railway at the end of Somerset Road and by the usual route to Teddington Lock, up to the Ham Gate, across the park and out of the Roehampton Gate.  We cycled past the Kings Head which has undergone extensive refurbishment in the last couple of years and is now a "gastro-pub" with gastronomical prices, then The Angel which looked a little forlorn and neglected and on to the Telegraph with it's historical links to the Admiralty and Portsmouth via Chatley Heath and other high points en route.  Norman enjoyed a very tasty home made pizza - which is their speciality and the butternut squash, orange and pumpkin soup was very good at £4.95.  But be warned they do not do sandwiches or jacket potatoes.  We then crossed Putney Heath and under the underpass to cross Wimbledon Common via the Windmill, past Cannizaro - and down into Cottenham Park, crossed the Beverley Brook and under the A3 , over the golf course into New Malden and criss crossing happily back towards Cheam.  A lovely day and a very nice BIRTHDAY for NORMAN.  Many happy returns.    Steph.  Oh and a welcome to Helen, who joined us from the Saturday afternoon beginners, Norman, Les, Brian and Ron made up the rest of the "team".

Easy Riders - 27th November

B Group - 27th November

Liz S. started out with about 25 of us, first heading North up Waldegrave Road and Cross Deep to Twickenham where we turned down Wharf Lane to enjoy the quiet route along the embankment past Orleans House and Marble Hill Park. After the Warren Footpath we crossed the road which leads up to Richmond Bridge and followed the river around through Isleworth and into Syon Park.

The main road through Brentford brought us out at Kew Bridge which we crossed before looping around and taking the river path for the rest of the ride to The Ship in Mortlake. The service was friendly and brisk despite the time it took to take all our orders and serve drinks to so many of us. Nice pub food, freshly prepared and a hearty vegetable soup-of-the-day set us up nicely for the ever so arduous 5.7 mile ride to Tea at the YMCA Hawker Centre. To get there we made our way up Sheen Lane and into Richmond Park. We took the Ham Gate exit and carried on into Lock Road to Teddington Lock where we turned left onto the river path for the last short stretch to the YMCA.

This was an unusually short ride but with the weather being so mild it was a thoroughly enjoyable and sociable day out.

This was the second time out with us for a new rider, Geoff Gregory so we are pleased to welcome him into the group. Last week Mick Furnival-Adams came out with us for the first time and today, learning that the A group were not going to be riding up any big hills, he went out with them, as did at least two other regular B Group riders. Perhaps there is a load balancing mechanism starting to kick in, with people who have been appalled at the large numbers turning out to ride with B Group promoting themselves into the A Group. The Elleray Hall was certainly jam-packed this morning.

Thank you Liz for a lovely day out and please consider leading us from time to time in the future.

A Group 27th November

Paul had promised flat, and flat it was, with the bridge over the Grand Union Canal and Richmond Hill being the day's summits.

25.2 miles from elevenses at Teddington to tea at Richmond Park; lunch at the excellent Fox, Hanwell. A steady pace and no-one lost - a sociable and enjoyable ride for a Winter's day.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Group Wednesday 27 November

This weeks ride will be one of the flattest on record. Note, Mr Tollerman, starting and finishing at the same elevation does not qualify as "pancake flat". This one is a flat 19 miles to lunch with a very minor tester on the 10 miles to tea.

One of the easier A rides of the year with a guaranteed hone run in the light. (With a very modest element of good condition canal tow path)

Teddington start, Fox @ Hanwell for lunch via a route of major Scientific, Military, Historical, Social, Engineering and Medical significance. There might even be a lunchtime quiz with a free pint on offer to anyone recognising those items... Now there is a tempter....

Paul K

Thursday, November 21, 2013

'A' lternative Group Ride

A blood-sub ride of mud, rain, thunder and missing persons ended in a rueful huddle near the fire at the Dolphin, Betchworth.The sun came out for a somewhat soggy eightsome to discard any thought of tea and head as fast as possible for home.

C Group - 20th November

This route map has been reconstructed from what is believed to have been Lynda's route.

Weybridge DC to Ye Olde Swan in Thames Ditton for lunch then to Ewell Court for Tea

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

B Group - 20th November

On leaving Weybridge D.C. at 11.30am what should have been a bakers dozen turned out to be only 12!! having lost one before I started didn’t seem too good.
Ray of the “B” group had somehow tucked himself away in the foyer talking to one of the volunteers and didn’t hear the rowdy lot leaving. I had fortunately told him where we were going so he made his own way & caught us up in Chobham.  We lunched at Castle Green,  The Grove  public house and except for one gentleman sipping a pint at the bar the rowdies were the FLAVOUR OF THE DAY.
The publican was very good and provided everything we asked for very efficiently except Tim had to settle for an omlette instead of a soup but seemed very happy about it.
We returned to Shepperton where 8 stayed for tea, coffee and cakes  It was very early when we arrived 2.30pm so hopefully everyone got home in the light.
I would like to thank Terry & Tim for doing a very good job as T.E.C.   And a very big welcome to a new member today  MICK  FURNIVAL-ADAMS hope to see you again.
Many thanks folks for turning out on such a miserable day but which ended nice and sunny,

Pam was to have led today's B Group ride but, on hearing about her wrist injury, Irene volunteered to lead in her place. Consequently Pam is feeling very bad that Irene copped the torrential rain that was originally scheduled for Pam. So Pam has asked me to record her profound thanks to Irene for leading today. In the event, Irene's spirit of endurance was rewarded with a lovely blue sky after lunch.

The other good news is, as Pam writes:
"By now you would have heard that according to the consultant whom I saw yesterday, my wrist is not broken, just badly sprained so now have a brace instead of plaster on it!  Have to give it a couple of weeks to heal before getting back on the bike."

In the maps the turquoise line shows the morning ride to Castle Green, near Chobham (8.9 miles) and the dotted pink line shows the afternoon route back to Shepperton (9.3 miles).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Feast or Famine

Before I saw Paul's midnight posting and  generous offer to follow Tony's planned route by Garmin, Dave Vine  had sent me a route to follow, which would take us south to Betchworth, which I had in mind to adopt. We are therefore in the unexpected position of  a choice: south to Betchworth or west to Ascot. I'm sure that a cup of tea and a sausage roll will resolve the choice tomorrow.


A Group 20 november

A Group 20 November: Ride Leader

Following Mr Tollerman's plea for a leader, I did a bit of ferreting on RidewithGPS, and lo and behold found the ride that Tony had planned:

Here it is:

Takes us Ascot way to the Duke of Edinburgh and back to the walled garden

I'm happy to load into my Garmin and "Lead As I Follow", as it were - wrong turnings and confusion guaranteed - if the group will bear with me...

Would be good if other Garmined folk also load the route and we can have a Leaders' Committee Meeting at any points of confusion.

On the other hand, if someone has a better idea....

Paul Kelly

PS It will mean you have to tolerate my leading two weeks on the trot! Can you cope?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Post Script to AGM

Winner of the Arthur Jessop Shield
Congratulations to Ed Sharp on the award of the Arthur Jessop Shield for his many contributions and loyal service to the Midweek Wayfarers and Cheam and Morden Sections of the CTC SWLondon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Phantom 'A' Group Leader, Wed 20 November, from Weybridge

Democrat or Republican (or Tea Party)

I promised Brian on Wednesday that I would thump the table at lunch time at the Watchman, New Malden , but fell asleep on my watch. Like that paradigm of failed democracy, the USA, we are approaching a cliff edge and everybody is playing chicken. Our riders are falling off their bikes and breaking bones, first Tony and now Pam.  The question is:

Who will replace the injured Tony and lead the A Group ride from Weybridge this coming Wednesday, 20 November?

 Who is going to show that the values of the Western world live on? Or are we going to wait for a shameful shambles after 11s at Weybridge, fall to our knees and pray for a miracle, a cycling messiah to emerge from our midst and lead us to the promised land of beer and beef baguette?

The world is watching and waiting ......Who is it to be?

Brian, as in 'The Life of Brian', is waiting for your call.


Wayfarers Finances for 2013

Apologies that these weren't available for distribution at our AGM yesterday.  Here is our financial summary for the year to September 2013.   Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Wayfarers Treasurer's Report – Year to 30 September 2013

We had an increase of 13 members bringing our total paid membership to 110 in 2013. I should like to thank Colin Quemby for producing the membership cards once again. Our financial position is healthy with total funds standing at £567.80, after a small surplus for the year of £41.76.

Income and Expenditure



Subscriptions (110 x £3)

Subs due to SWLDA (110 x £2)
Unrefunded Prezzo deposits 4x £2

Bank Interest

Hire of AGM hall for 2012

Prizes (Freewheel Competition – 2012 & 2013)


Christmas presents (Cobham staff)

Postage, cards etc

TOTAL income

TOTAL expenditure

Surplus income over expenditure

Balance Sheet

Opening Balance – 1 October 2012
Surplus of income over expenditure

Closing balance – 30 September 2013

Made up of:

Bank Balance (22 Sept)
Less Liabilities:

Membership fees owing to SWLDA


Simon Lambourn
Wayfarers Treasurer. 12 October 2013

B Ride – follow up from Pam

Nice ride yesterday but, unfortunately for me, the last for a while!!!! YEP ...I did break a bone in my wrist so am well plastered - (nil by mouth) !!
My wrist was not too painful whilst at lunch but it did not like the bumps on the way home. It was really weird for it was noticeably swelling whilst having my pre-shower cuppa and definitely becoming more and more painful. Thought I may go to hospital to-day but decided to go last night. Took the bus there and had a lift home.

Have spoken to Irene and she will lead next Wednesday, bless her :) Didn't even have to ask :)

Peter is correct in saying that the adjusters are broken on my helmet........what a clever opening to Peter's report...what happened to me yesterday gave a distinct message... wear a helmet.
I hit that rail soooo hard that I doubt I would have survived without it!! All because I misjudged my route through the posts :(

Happy cycling,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


AGM at Hersham
Chairman Colin Quemby congratulates John Bassett on winning 
the Mark Roy Trophy for the greatest increase in mileage 2012
 Secretary Pete Barnard (retiring) and Chairman Colin Quemby (anticipating retirement)

Easy Riders

On a sunny but chilly day, after the meeting we made our way to West End and had lunch at the Prince of Wales. After a good lunch we made our way to Black hills then Claygate, Chessington and tea at Ewell Court.


B Group - 13th November (map)

Peter's clockwise route from the Hersham DC to The Cap in Hand (7.9 miles) thence to Tea at the new cyclists' café, "Giro" in Esher (5.4 miles). Thanks to David Cox for collecting this data.

B Ride: Hersham - Hook - Esher

As soon as I got home today I looked up the origin of the phrase “If you want to get ahead, get a hat”. Apparently it's in the Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame and was a slogan in 1934. Wind forward to 2013 and perhaps it should run something like “If you want to keep your head, wear a helmet”.
Today’s run with B’s was a modest affair starting after the AGM well after 1200. There were 24 of us, split into 2 groups, with Brian leading the second group (many thanks to him for offering). The route to lunch was some 9 not too difficult miles via the backs of Walton on Thames and West Molesey to East Molesey, Thames Ditton, Long Ditton and Hook.

However we did have cross the River Mole on the Summer Road footbridge. In the second group, and in the narrow confines of the bridge, Pam’s pannier caught the railings and she fell off sufficiently hard to hurt her wrist and hit her head against the railings, and in the process breaking her helmet (the fixings, I think). Very lucky and a bit shaken, she and the group made it to lunch arriving more or less at the same as the first group. Our excuse was the excessively long delay at the Summer Road level crossing.
Tim joined us at the Cap In Hand, making 25 in all. JDW were their usual efficient selves. It was about 2.30pm when we left.

Was the afternoon going to be long or short? The destination was the same – the new cyclist’s café in Esher – G!RO – which opened a few weeks ago. I opted for the short route through Claygate. 8 made the journey with 7 actually going in for tea and cakes. It’s not large but it is relaxed and comfortable and the prices are OK. G!RO are also the UK Partners for Argonaut Cycles and have 2 bikes on display. It’s the first time (and probably the last) that I have had the opportunity to touch a £10,000 bike!
For me the journey home was just round the corner. I covered about 26 miles, enjoying a lucky sunny day out with the B's.
Peter T

A ride 13/11/13

As usual the AGM left little time for the ride. Tentatively I'd three pubs in mind and finally settled on one I hadn't tried before. From Hersham day centre we headed north towards the station and followed that renowned roughstuffer, Frank C, over the track between Esher Rugby Club and the sewage works. To avoid the gas repairs beside Thames Ditton railway station we sneaked along the path to Giggs Hill (what hill?) Green and The Angel. Several zigzags took us through "Queen Of The Suburbs" bits of Surbiton then down Kingsdowne Road into Berrylands. After the Hogsmill river crossing, right and left (just before Woodies) turns meant New Malden town centre was close. After more gas repairs and at around one fifteen, eighteen bikes were chained to railings whilst their owners disappeared into The Watchman aka Wetherspoons.

Given the time of year and our location, it was no surprise when only eight needed further refreshment. From the High Street, we cut through the Norbiton estate, round the back of the station to join the Olympic road race course just before Kingston Gate. Soon we were descending out of Ham Gate and heading across Teddington Lock. Tea was at The Pheasantry in Bushy Park. This has trebled in size since my last visit; no doubt fully financed by eye-watering profits from its drinks and cakes. Plenty of autumnal colour in the parks; bright and warm at least until the sun began to set.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Puncture Fairy - 6th November

The Puncture Fairy had her wicked wand out today, but the Equalities Commission cannot complain: one apiece for the As, Bs and Easy Riders. I refuse to call our stalwart Veterans Cs. They have well and truly earned their spurs!


A Group 6th November

A fairly dire weather forecast had me expecting a low turnout of hardened venturers, determined to ignore whatever the rain gods had in store for us. In the event, we mustered a creditable 13 riders, and after an initial period of light rain, the day cleared up, culminating after lunch in a brief view of the sun, together with unmistakeable patches of blue sky, as a warm front made its presence felt.
We went South from Cobham to Effingham before navigating through Bookham High Street, and then Chapel Lane to pass by Polesden Lacey, before somewhat gingerly descending Bagden Hill, wet leaves and all. Past Westhumble Station (& Pilgrim Cycles), it was a brisk ascent of Box Hill, where we stopped to inspect a better than expected view.
Having descended Pebble Hill, and crossed the A25, Toni had our first and only puncture –rear wheel naturally. An advance party continued through Betchworth and Leigh to our lunch stop at the Three Horseshoes, Irons Bottom, a well known Wayfarers watering hole, and the rear detachment arrived soon after.
With the nights drawing in, and cafes having an increasing tendency to shut up shop early, we took a direct route up Reigate Hill to our tea stop at Banstead, the leader taking full advantage of choice of tea stop, having a full 3 minute ride to get back home.
Mileage from elevenses to tea was 34, about all we could manage in the gathering gloom.

Friday, November 08, 2013

C group ride - 6th Nov.

From North Cheam we had drizzly rain all the way;  closer to Cobham the heavier it got.  So, glad for a hot drink before our ride to lunch.  I led the scenic route to Ashtead - going through Claygate, Hook, Chessington, W. Ewell, back of Epsom Hospital to Ashtead Park.  A right turn after the park towards Lower Ashtead over the High St.  I was quite surprised our ride was 14 mls.  One rider having a puncture 5 mins before getting to The Woodman.  By this time the group had worked up an apetite for a good lunch.   We had a short ride back to The Olive Tree for afternoon tea; then made our way home via Ewell and Nonsuch Park before it got dark.

B Group, 6th November

Cobham - Woking - Cobham

Despite the heavy rain and dire forecast, 19 B's set off from Cobham. However the leader had a cunning plan and, within half an hour, the rain had stopped and we were left with overcast, but milder for the time of year, conditions for the rest of the day. Plough Lane, Old Lane and The Drift took us to West Horsley before dropping down Ripley Lane to pick up the concrete track between Jury and Sussex Farms. On to Burntcommon and the cycle path alongside the A3 towards Burpham. Unfortunately Alan punctured but was nobly assisted by Tim C whilst the rest continued through Jacobs Well and Woking Park to reach the Herbert Wells for lunch, where Tim and Alan rejoined. After the usual Wetherspoons prompt service we followed the canal to West Byfleet and then on road to Pyrford Lock and Wisley to rejoin the A3 path past Ockham Bites and so back to Cobham Sainsburys, where a few took tea before the return home as darkness fell. Many thanks to Terry for an excellent job as back marker.


Thursday, November 07, 2013

B Ride Wednesday 6th November 2013

Our leader

Two things about the lunchtime pub in Woking, the ceiling clock:

And the connection with H G Wells. In 1895, Wells was an established writer and he married his second wife, Catherine Robbins, moving with her to the town of Woking in Surrey. This is the Thin Man.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

B Group - 6th November (maps)

Pete's clockwise route from Cobham to Woking (16.9 miles) for lunch, then back to Cobham for Tea at Sainsburys (12.1 miles)

Detail of the route Pete and the peloton probably took into Woking. Alan had a puncture on the A3 which detained the two of us for 20 minutes, after which we followed the local cycle network (and the GPS) into town to join everyone at the pub.

A Group 6th November

A damp but mild November day for Rob's ride from Cobham to Banstead, lunch at Iron's Bottom.  33.7 miles from elevenses to tea, rolling average 12.8mph, and a sensible early finish now that the nights are drawing in.

Five weeks to the solstice …


ps - NB steps in the altitude graph as the GPS reset with pressure changes.  Front coming from the South.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Group leader needed Nov 20

With Tony out of action we need an A Group leader for Weybridge on November 20th. Any volunteers?  I'm en route to sunnier climes so cant step in.

Tony Hopkins

Unfortunately a car came out of a side turning on Friday and collided with Tony. Cuts, broken nose, loose teeth and a fractured patella kept him in Kingston Hospital for two (?) nights. He wont be riding for at least six weeks. Best wishes, Tony, for a speedy recovery.

Friday, November 01, 2013

A Group, Wednesday 30th October

Royal Oak Sunningdale
Host of motley MWW acorns falling out of the Royal Oak after lunch