Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YHA 2 night stay Eastbourne 15/16 July by last minute. com(edian) Clown Prince Morley

The magnificent new Eco friendly 30 bed YHA @ Eastbiurne just opened in May 09 and already constantly booked. The plan for those that can join in is to combine this hostel trip with the MWW ride on Wednesday 15 July with 11's @ Hookwood Tesco and then on to joint lunch with East Sussex CTC at West Hoathly for the annual lunch. From there it's 35mls to the YHA and so should be quite pheasible. Ed the rides leader of the day has enthusiastically agreed to the idea, so now all we need is the people/bikes. There are only 10 beds still available on Wednesday night and 13 in the Thursday night 16 July. The plan would be to return home on Friday 17 July via the Cookoo trail much as we did when we did the Eastbourne B&B. I have jumped the gun and already made a provisional booking of 10 beds (2 - woman & 8 men) which must be firmed up with the warden Wendy by Wednesday 1 July this week. At present I have 5 definite men (to be absolutely confirmed by 1st July). So far no lady takers who would be accommodated in twin ensuite room!
I plan to canvas for 5 more riders at Cobham 1st July, hopefully two will be ladies but if not we'll have to convert them to men and let them burn us off on the hills as they often do, especialy Liz.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Easy Riders June 24th

Report a bit late as I managed to part company with the bike on the bridge over the Wey on my way home. The ride was perfect led by Lynda on the towpath to The Ram at Kingston. We only changed sides of the river at Hampton Court. Our number consisted of Bill H., Mark, Fuzz (who gave me a tape of our efforts last week at Ripley).Then came Ron. Roger, Beryl, Carole, Les,Dennis, me and a few more.
Tea was at `Five on the Bridge` at Hampton Court.
For the record I arrived home well after eleven having spent over four hours in A&E. Afraid I`ll be out of commission for a few weeks. Ho Hum--------Albert

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Incident at Weybridge Day Centre
Dear Midweek Wayfarer
I have been notified of an incident that occurred on Wednesday at the Weybridge Centre, that has strained our relations with the Centre, and potentially with all the other centres run by the Council.

I have referred before (last October) to the need to leave the ramped access and entrance to the Centres unobstructed, arising from access problems at the Brunton Centre, Caterham. Visitors to the centres may have problems with balance or vision, use walking frames or wheelchairs, or need helpers.

I understand that on Wednesday, the ramp to the main entrance to the Weybridge centre was obstructed and an elderly user had difficulty in gaining access. In the absence of any response, the problem bike therefore had to be moved. I do not know to whom it belonged but according to the Centre, the owner on finding it moved came back into the Centre and was extremely abusive to the Centre Manager and volunteers.

I have spoken with the manager, who declined to repeat to me the language used. In the absence of any name, I have not been able to speak to the person concerned to hear the other side of the story. The consequence, however, is very clear: any repetition will seriously prejudice our continued use of the Centre. I have given our most sincere apologies and assurance that we will respect the needs of users of the centre to have full access, unimpeded by thoughtlessly parked cycles. The Centre also pointed out that somebody had abandoned an unwanted tyre outside the centre, which the staff would have been very happy to dispose of.

We are always made most welcome by the all the Council and Independent Day Centres that we use. I am sure that we do not want to damage what have been harmonious relations, certainly in the months that I have been associated with the Wayfarers, and find in turn that our access is denied.

The illustration above shows access problems that arose at Caterham, in that case resolved most amicably.

I am sure that in future we will all respect the access needs of users of all the centres that receive us and show every courtesy to our hosts.

I would be grateful if this message can be brought to the attention of those who do not have access to a personal computer.

Many thanks

Jeff Tollerman

Rides Secretary

A Group June 24th

Another lovely day with wonderful weather and great company! All of 22 cyclists at The Cricketers, Haley Green, Berks. All enjoying very fine food and excellent service! There was Paul, Mike P, Ian, Will, Bob, Pete B, Mark G, Graham, Jeff, Ed, Brian, Rob, Ray, Pete, Terry, Dave, Don, Mike M, Nev and Mike. Irene was also with us doing a grand job as 'tail end Charlie'! Many thanks Irene. From Weybridge we went to Addlestone, into Green Lane, Bittams Lane and through Homewood Park, exiting on to Stonehill Road. Then to Sunningdale, via Longcross, on to Cheapside, past Ascot race course to Forest Road to lunch! Our return journey took in a couple of bridle paths? (Chavey Down), to a point where we crossed the A332 into Ascot race course where the turf is rolled back so one can use the path which took us through to New Mile Road, then Watersplash Lane where we entered Windsor Great Park . Past the Long Walk with it's wonderful view of Windsor Castle and out through Bishopsgate to Englefield Green. Then the decent down Prune Hill, through Thorpe Village, around Penton Park and so to Shepperton Lock for a long relaxing tea stop!! Cheers Pam

Thursday, June 25, 2009

B Group June 24th

24th June 2009 - B Ride

After the initial ordeal of actually locating the correct direction out of Weybridge centre, we eventually set off in the direction of Ottershaw. Passing through Foxhills, Burrowhill,Windlesham and Lightwater we turned south through Deepdene then on to Pirbright. 14 of us, Adam, Stephanie, John Gould, Roger, Robin, Frank, Franscoise, Phillip, Bernard, John Arkless, Eddie, Charles, Lawrence and myself enjoyed a delightful lunch at The Cricketers (highly recommended).
Immediately after John Arkless discovered his first puncture of the day.
Continuing along the Basingstoke Canal, Frank also had a puncture plus further tyre complications and decided along with Franscoise to call it a day at Woking.
The remaining group arrived at Cobham, our tea destination, after yet another puncture for John before continuing homeward and clocking up 61 miles. A special thanks to Stephanie for her support and Charles as back marker.

Liz Scrivens

Julian's Day

On the way back from Weybridge elevenses (having stopped for a pint at the Weir and seen the Easy Riders steam past) I noticed the beginnings of a slow puncture as I started over Hampton Court bridge. I just managed the remaining four miles home.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Group Ride 24th June

Here are the route and telemetry of today's 'A' Group Ride. 36.52 miles, moving average 11.35 mph, 953 feet of climbing and 1736 calories. A fine day out in the warm sunshine.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dieppe Raid 50km challenge

Most of our guys did the 100km, which was more like 120km. Although I had entered the 100km long B4 my fall in Bristol, I decided that I would not tempt providence (in fact I never saw her). I was however spured on in the 5okm by 4 sweet Roses, they waited for me on the hills and made sure I had plenty to drink at our afternoon tea stop. Ten white wines and rasberry liqure? (never had it B4) but it went down a treat! In the end we did 38 hilly miles and were back at the award ceremony before 5pm.
My thanks also to my supporters from the cottage, each day I gradually increased my mileage during the week, starting with 15mls on the Monday to 46mls on the Thursday
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Dieppe Raid 2009

Sou'Westers triumph again. Angela and Carol plus Maureen collect the trophy for the largest team
We also got prizes for least young male (Eric Ashford). Least young Lady (Jean Watson?). Looking on are Jack the grandson on his trip abroad. Grandad Charles treated Jack to the Dieppe Raid as a Christmas present and he really enjoyed it. More when Charles finalises a write-up that he has volunteered to do. Pete Mitchell will add more pictures.
Congratulations to Maureen for winning the prize draw, a full suspension MTB, she was so pleased and Angie/Les transported it back in their car.
Finally a picture of our Gang, diminished from 6 to 4 + Ian. Ruth & Rob dropped out at last moment due to Ruth being not well. Get well soon Ruth and hopefully you will both make 2010. This photo has been taken by Pam who composed it very professionally with her new camera, Ian's tripod and a remote control activated by Pam, giving her 10seconds to get into place! Well done Pam full marks.
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Update on people

I had the pleasure of taking out Ken Preece, Brian Starey and Henk Scutten, the former President of Surrey Roads CC. Henk fell off his bike 4 years ago on the SRCC Tuesday offroad ride (now commandeered by Bob S & others, since the death of Tom Fiddimore). Brian Starey came to his aid and Henk ended up having an extended stay in Kingston hospital with a right broken Femur. Since then he broke his leg 2 years ago and on the Wednesday after Easter Sunday ( 4days after my fall) he fell of his bike again and broke the left Femur. Since then he has stopped cycling and Phillis has got rid of his bike. I took Henk swimming on 18th June and now he wants to go again!! What have I let myself in for. I also had a call on Friday 19 June from Ann, Kens wife to say I could now pop in and see him after his very serious operation for ear cancer. So I said to Ann how about going down the Pub, to which Ken could not get out the house quick enough. So I picked all three up and we had a slap up Pensioners breakfast at the Woodman at Woodmanstern, £4.99 for two making £10 for 4 meals, even better than Weatherspoon's and the plates were massive! Actually Henk had Scampi but said next time he will also have breakfast. If anyone wants to join us let me know! Brian and Ken chatted away all thru lunch, probably the happiest lunch we have had for a long time.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Easy Riders June 17th

Plenty of sunshine and a bit of a breeze when we met for elevenses at Kingston. A pretty fair turnout with Harold leading then Dave, Beryl, Dennis, Roger, Ron, Fuzz, Mark, me and a few more en route (or so Harold said) for The Flowerpot at Lower Sunbury. This would have suited myself but as they say you cant win `em all, In the event we had lunch at The Roebuck on Richmond Hill with a fine view of the countryside, rather a long way from our intended venue. Then a long slog down the cyclepath by Chertsey Road and tea was to be at Shepperton, but thirst decided us to have this refreshment at a Macdonalds en route. Rain threatened after this and a bit farther on I missed my footing at an emergency stop and clobbered myself rather. Upon reaching Addlestone with Dennis and Harold in company, my rear mech seized up. I dont know why someone sent for the ambulance since my accident was about five miles back and by this time the bike was rideable. I spent a couple of hours in the A&E when my daughter came to collect both me and the bike. ------------------------Albert

B Group June 17th

Pictures from Francoise
Was it to test the mettle of a new leader that todays ride was so popular? A crowd of 24 of us left Kingston up river to Hampton Court though Phil and Mick left us there leaving 22 ( on 21 bikes) to proceed to lunch. Adam and John A on a tandem plus Gill, Irene, Pat, Christine, Judy, Stephanie, Sue, Liz, Francoise, Frank, Neil, Eddie, Bernard, John G, Dave, Godfrey, Harold, Alan Dixon, myself, and Terry who let me talk him into being back marker. We continued up river to Weybridge and via Portmore Park Road to the Wey Navigation which we followed to New Haw and rejoined the tarmac. Unfortunately, in Woodham Lane the tandem had some problems with the rear wheel rubbing. Terry, Liz and Harold stayed behind while this was resolved while the rest of us continued to the Saddlers Arms at Sendmarsh via West Byfleet, Pyrford Road and Polesden Lane. Barely had we finished ordering when the tandem party rejoined us much to my relief! A pleasant lunch was taken in the garden and then Gill, Irene and Dave headed home while the tandem pair made for Clandon station. The remaining 17 took a short loop via Send Hill, Potters Lane and the A3 path back to the Send roundabout to cross the A3 into Tithebarns Lane. We carried straight on via Holride Farm on a concrete farm track leading to Ripley Lane then through West Horsley to Ockham Road. In East Horsley we veered left along Pennymead Drive then took the path to Orestan Lane. The calm of our relatively traffic free day was shattered by arriving outside Howard of Effingham School at 3.35 but after a short delay we made Leatherhead for tea before 4pm. 44 miles for me from door to door, probably nearer 50 from N Cheam.

Brian Greenwood

A Group June 17th

Picture from Doreen
A Team Wednesday 17th June Frank Cubis
Meeting at the Bradbury Active Aid Centre in Kingston. I advertised the destination to be Little Venice just off the Edgware Road, Maida Vale thinking it might attract about 8 to 10. (Wrong) 19 left Kingston heading along the Richmond Road to turn right into Latchmere Road towards the Park, the group were Pam, Telemetry Mark, Ray, Ed, Toni, Paul, Pete, Graham, Grant, Vic, Jeff, Bob, Mike M, & Mike A, Nev,
David A, John’s B & S. The exact route can be viewed on the Mid Week Wayfarers Blog but basically, in the park at Ham gate, out at Sheen gate, along to Kew bridge, the back roads to Ealing, then once we negotiated the 270 yards of the North Circular Road it was all off road cycle paths passing by but avoiding the infamous Hanger Lane Gyratory, to pick up the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal and tow paths to Little Venice. We dined at the Café Laville. This is directly over the tunnel were narrow boats were passing under us. Ron and Doreen were there on our arrival and I think an excellent lunch was served, some even enjoying a tipple of wine. From there it was a shorter trip back to tea in Richmond Park by the golf course via, Hyde Park, the Albert Memorial, South Kensington, Barons Court, Hammersmith and Barnes. Despite all my efforts nobody was left behind on route apart from loosing Mike M who chose to go ahead after lunch at Lancaster Gate, but reappeared at tea going via Wandsworth and the A3. My total mileage was a modest 43 miles.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Group 17 June '09

Little Venice

A Group 17 June

Here is Franks's intricate route to Little Venice. '1' is elevenses at Kingston, '2' is tea at Richmond Park. 28.58 miles elevenses to tea, moving average 9.39mph, 1358 calories and not much altitude gain - it was pretty flat!

As usual, click to see the full size picture.

Monday, June 15, 2009

B Group June 10th

There were rather fewer than usual at North Cheam, partly because of the Dieppe Raid and perhaps because of the weather forecast. Several decided not to go to Dorking including Cliff and Judy. They went on an infants' ride instead. When we left North Cheam it was raining hard and it was cold and pretty miserable. It got better by the time we got to Dorking, but as we finished our coffee it started to rain hard again. The B group huddled in the porch for some minutes watching the rain. Then a number of whimps, led by Liz, decided to chicken out and went home. That left only two! Robin, our leader, and my good self. (Is this a record - the B group reduced to two?) Anyway, we two set out towards Brockham, across Dorking golf course and then more-or-less due south through Norwood Hill and Charlwood to Rusper. About three milli-seconds after we left Dorking the sun came out so we cycled along quiet lanes through lovely countryside in warm sunshine. We felt rather sad for the whimps who were at home doing chores. Opposite the church in Rusper is a nice pub which is a free house called The Plough where we met an old college friend of mine and the three of us had pints of Harvey's bitter, a Sussex beer which seemed particularly good. Robin and I had a wild mushroom and asparagus risotto, the rice just al dente, which was very tasty. We sat outside in the sunshine - what could be nicer! Then we went our different ways, Robin to Dorking station, my pal to his home in Dorking and I went to Gatwick and trained home.



Easy Riders from Steph June 10th

Lots of C riders at Claygate, good to see Albert and Bill, welcome to Alan on his first time out with us. We set off down Foley road for the footpath over the railway bridge and headed west on firm paths across a portion of Arbrook Common, coming out to cross the road and ride down Blackhills, down the Portsmouth Road but once over the A3 we turned back to cycle the edge of Fairmile Common and down through the alleyways to Cobham. A breather here to mend a puncture (Eddy). Then Downside Bridge Road, Cobham Park, under the M25, across Bookham Common. A few stops and starts to answer phones and take waterproofs on and off. Linda and Sonia headed for the Blue Anchor at Bookham, the remainder pressed on through a few backstreets and onto the Cobham Road, through the Nature Reserve and up Bridge Street to Wetherspoons where Fuzz and Harold were waiting, along with Liz and a couple more deserters from the Dorking ride. Lynda and Sonia rejoined us and tea was taken in Epsom. Thanks to Cliff, Les, Fuzz, Beryl, Sonia, Lynda, Alan, Pat, and all others, especially Ron for the historical touches and help with the twiddly bits. Steph

Easy Riders June 10th

This week was a very different business. It was cold and very wet but nevertheless there was a good turnout at Claygate with Beryl, Lynda and several other ladies plus Ron, Mark, Roger T., Fuzz, Bill H., Dennis, Harold and several more including Stephanie who was leading the ride to Wetherspoons at Leatherhead. Having ridden almost ten miles in abysmal weather, I opted out to make my way back. It`s OK to trust providence, but at my time of life discretion seemed the best option.----------------Albert

News From Ken Preece

You may like to note on the Wayfarer's blog that I expect to be off the bike for some time, having recently had major surgery for cancer of the ear.
Regards, Ken Preece

From The North

Probably you weren’t, but if you were waiting for news from the north…

A start of 140 bed nights in 8 days coupled with fairly dismal weather meant hard work especially as I had man flu. Some days it did improve but usually just before 5(!); the high(?) was a 5.6 mile fishing trip (down to the pier for haddock from the van). But since the bank holiday, fewer and fewer guests mixed with better and better weather have left plenty of time to rediscover most parts (pigs!) of the island. It’s been blue skies and strong winds though due to a direction change it’s now “all clothes on” days after days of sunstroke weather. Saturday we’re off – trains to Rogart, a quick Far North West tour and home on Thursday.

Graham Hill

Easy Riders June 3rd

Somewhat cooler at elevenses when we met at Cobham and perfect weather for cycling. It was good to see Mark again and we had a good turnout. Roger led the ride to the New Inn at Send with Fuzz, Bill H.,Ron, Lisa, Johno, John C., Mike, Harold, and at least two more plus me, who I fear caused the first holdup when at the top of Plough Lane my chain made a hash of several spokes and with a lot of help got me going with just 30 left in the back wheel. Incidentally I`ve replaced four today. We carried on down Ockham Lane turning left to pass the Send prison with no more ado. At the pub a good lunch was up to the usual scratch and the beer was welcome. After following the others down Tannery Lane, I left for home when we arrived at The Seven Stars. Thanks for a good ride Roger----------------Albert

Dieppe 100km Randonnée 14 June

Here are the route and telemetry for yesterday's 100 km ride at Dieppe - click on the images to see them full size.

Early rain soon cleared giving good conditions for the day. Telemetry is from the tandem - many will have been quicker, but not all ...

The eagle eyed will spot that we covered almost 130 km. This was due to route-finding errors. For us, at least, the popular belief that the route was well signposted was not well founded - on a future occasion we would work it out carefully ourselves.

All in all a very enjoyable event well organised by our hosts the Club des Cyclotouristes Dieppois.

Mark and Margaret Gladwyn

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Group 10 June '09

A dispiriting weather forecast was confirmed by a peep through the curtains. However, a break in the clouds encouraged a rainless sprint to St Martin’s, Dorking. The congregation swelled till near departure time, then once again the clouds closed in and the rain came down with what seemed like implacable malevolence. To go, or not to go? That was the question. Undaunted, a web-footed gaggle of cycling waterfowl waddled out to paddle forth. Behind them, peering out of the aquarium fronted porch of St Martin’s, the aquaphobic followers of the Church of Meteorology looked on in horror as they contemplated a hasty return to homesteads dry.

Thus, the amphibious flotilla set off for Holy Trinity, Westcott, comprising Brian, Ed, Jeff, John, Julian, Mark, Ray and Vic. No sooner had we commenced the climb of Logmore Lane than the sun was shining on the righteous. Perhaps we were rising above the clouds, the rain now history for the rest of the excursion. Emerging onto Coldharbour Lane, there were still a few more metres yet to climb to Coldharbour. The reward was an ergonomic freebie all the way from Christ Church down to Stane Street, no need to pedal even once! The same again to Ockley (this really is too easy), before we leave the Roman Way at Cathill Lane. As we pass the lane to the Church of St John the Baptist, some riders to the rear are distracted by a flash of lycra and find they are playing tag with the tailend of the B Group. Is somebody playing one big joke on us?

Reunited with the waiting vanguard, the fleet continues on its steady way through the familiar lanes of Walliswood and Ellen’s Green, to bypass Rudgwick and find its lunchtime mooring at the Mucky Duck at Tisman’s Common. This pleasant pub was very quiet; we had the dining room to ourselves, the food enjoyable. Having identified the problems and solutions for many of the ills of the world, we make an unhurried shuffle to prepare for the homeward stretch.
Mark’s map identifies the northward route we took, heading for Ewhurst, where the armada split into three, with Ray and Julian branching off along Plough Lane, while Brian with Ed was delayed by a slow puncture. Our apologies to both for not waiting long enough at the Bull, before we set off into the hills up Shere Road, Ewhurst Road to Peaslake. Here, we doubled back on ourselves to climb up Radnor Road, share a word at the top with a young ‘grimpeur’ in training for L’Alpe d’Huez (as so is Mark), before the descent to Holmbury St Mary. Up Pasturewood and round Leith Hill took us back to Coldharbour, the descent to Dorking and the newly leafing vines of Denbies. Here we found Ed and Brian, patiently waiting beside the bike stands, for the arrival of the lunatic fringe. Just time for a pot of tea and reproachful word for all those ups and downs, before we slip away into the watery, late afternoon sunshine.

The distance Dorking to Dorking no more than 41 miles, with a door to door supplement to take it up to 58 in total.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Group 10 June

Here are today's route and telemetry - 40.8 miles, 2766 feet of ascent, moving average 11.8 mph and 1941 calories, elevenses to tea.

Click on either image to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

B Group June 3rd

Here is my report on today's B Ride

On an ideal cycling day (neither too cold nor too hot) 20 of us left Cobham for today's B ride. Twenty being an uncomfortably large number, I set off at a fast pace in an attempt to drop a few off the end. In this I was unsuccessful, although Godfrey left us after a few minutes to return home because he had a slow puncture. From Martyrs Green, we crossed Wisley airfield to Elm Corner and the footbridge over the A3 and proceeded through Wisley and Pyrford to Woking. Taking the canal path through Woking Centre we passed thru' Castle Green and Chobham and on to lunch in the garden of The Brickmakers near Windlesham. After lunch,we returned by a different route to Chobham and via Gracious Pond Road to Stonehill. Here, our dozy ride leader missed the right turn into Foxhills Road which would have taken us into Ottershaw. So we took the next (off-road) right turn through Homewood Park, emerging on the Guildford Road about 1 km North of Ottershaw. Here our leader made a very stupid mistake and, instead of continuing South on the Guildford Road, we turned East onto St Peters Way, a very fast 6 lane dual carriageway feeder road for the M25. Unable to turn back we had to negotiate the dangerous roundabout above junction 11 of the M25 and eventually emerged on the Chertsey Road at Woburn Hill. From here, and with the help of Pam, we safely crossed Addlestone to tea at the new ice-cream parlour at Crockford Bridge Farm. After tea we continued through the farm to Cox's Mill and took the Wey Navigation towpath to Weybridge where we dispersed to our various homes.

John Gould

A Group June 3rd

Grantley Arms - Wonersh

A Group Ride 3 June

A Group June 3rd

A good collection of ‘A’ group riders assembled at Cobham, no doubt attracted by the balmy May sunshine. Present were Toni, Pete B, Pete M, Vic, a quartet of Johns, A, B, M & S, Mark, Will, Ray, Julian, Ian, Frank, Don, Grant, (back in harness after his accident), Jeff, Bob and Rob.
Today’s route took us due South along Plough Lane and through Ockham before starting the inevitable climbing up Hungry Hill Lane to East Clandon. Crossing the A246 meant a further climb up Staple Lane, where Pete B and Ray had to leave us, before the rapid descent down Coombe Bottom and across the A25 into Shere.
Then it was uphill again passing Little London and the attractive villages of Farley Green and Shamley Green. Shortly after, we had our first and only puncture of the day, John A drawing the short straw. Fortunately this occurred close to our lunch stop at the Grantley Arms at Wonersh, so John got his lunch without undue delay. Ron and Doreen also joined us for lunch here. which on the whole received general approval, though John S discovered some grit in his salad, and informed the management accordingly.
After lunch the cloud promised by the weather men arrived but it remained dry as we passed through Shalford and Guildford High Street before joining the A3 cycle path which took us through Ripley to our tea stop at Ockham Bites. I covered 55 miles today.

A&B Groups May 27th

Vic's Farnham Map
Train-assisted Ride 27th May 2009 Fifteen members defied the rain for a venture into new ground South of Farnham . We cleared the built-up area in 15 minutes to enter a land of trees,sand and hills.Through Rowledge to Binsted for the obligatory visit to Monty’s grave, then a descent to Oakhanger for lunch at the Red Lion, Here we got quick service,thanks in part to telephoning ahead with our orders. Unheard of before the advent of the mobile, this simple action can be recommended when the party is more than a certain size. Starting off again in wet clothes was a cold experience, but the ascent of Wick Hill got us steaming again. After Hartley Mauditt the route was mostly downhill and flat, through East Worldham and Wyck to Mill Court, to take an unnamed road to Isington Mill,where Monty had lived. Under the A31 ,through Bentley,where another soldier, Lord Baden-Powell once lived. After tea at The Bull, back into lanes to East Green,Dippenhall and Farnham town,just as the weather brightened up for the ride home,by train of course! From Vic White