Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back Across The Pyrenees

Like all my high mountain rides, this one came from winter dreaming.  In the grey days of February I was casting around for something suitable when I chanced upon a tour called the 'Pro Strength' Coast to Coast, offered by a company called Pyractif.  The route is from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean taking in many classic cols linked by decent road mileages.  Not as hard as last summer's Raid Dolomites, but a good ride nonetheless.  Internet reviews were good, and for me it had the advantage of being an entirely commercial offering.  So if I were to get a bit lazy and hitch a lift in the van on a hot day then I wouldn't be disqualified, as you would be on a proper Raid.  An exchange of emails, a deposit paid and the deed was done.

A week ago I flew to Toulouse where I met Henk, Sam and Craig, three of my fellow riders. We were picked up by Helen in one of the support minibuses and taken to Pyractif's base at Bertren.  We assembled our bikes, picked up Peter, another member of the support team, and drove to Biarritz.  Here we met Chris, the ride leader, and the rest of the party.  Substantially British, but with Australian, Canadian, Dutch and New Zealand riders, there were seventeen of us.  The rest of them looked unreasonably fit, and unreasonably young too.  All were experienced mountain riders and all had ridden in the Pyrenees before.  Hard ride coming.

Next morning we set off to the seaside for a departure snap, then the ride began; 103 miles and about 9000 feet of climbing on the first day; more to come as we hit our stride.  In all I clocked about 450 miles and 48,000 feet of climbing before we arrived at the Mediterranean on Friday morning.  We did most of the classic cols - Marie Blanque, Aubisque, the Tourmalet-Aspin-Peyresourde 'Circle of Death', Portet d'Aspet, Port de Pailheres and plenty of others.  A very good ride, and good weather too.  We had a bit of drizzle for a couple of hours on Wednesday morning, but otherwise it was a blue sky ride, which is a blessing in the Pyrenees.

Support arrangements were good, as I have come to expect on these trips.  Two vans, mechanical support, a lead rider on many of the passes and convenient and enjoyable alfresco lunches.  Decent enough hotels - truth to tell, there's not that much choice if you're crossing the Pyrenees.  If you run a hotel that's good for cyclists you'll have plenty of custom in the summer season, and I've stayed in several of them before.  They know their business.

My riding companions were a great bunch and touchingly considerate of an old man; I had a great time. There were some very fancy bikes, but few problems.  One set of carbon rims repeatedly caused punctures - mainly heat blow-outs on the descents - but another pair (Zipp 404) were trouble free.  There were a number of sets of electronic gears, Campag and Shimano, no problems with them, and most people were running 11 speed.  All frames carbon, all light builds.  I took my Condor and all I had to do was wash it.  Great bike.

So, if you're looking for a hard ride in the mountains that's a little out of the ordinary, give this one a shot.  You won't be disappointed.


Friday, August 29, 2014

B Ride Wednesday 27 August 2014

Our leader ...

... took us ...

... to ...

B Group - 27th August (map)

This map shows the clockwise route from Weybridge to Castle Green (12.6 miles) then to Shepperton Lock after lunch (10.7 miles.

Thanks to David and Ray for collecting the GPS data.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Golden Beeches 2014, Weekend 18th to 19th October

CTC South Bucks invite you to our Golden Beeches 2014

A weekend event based at Great Kingshill, Bucks (SU 876979)

All cyclists welcome . . .

.    Good venue, new routes, old favourites - cross your fingers for the weather
.    Choice of rides each day, meals at hall 
·    Saturday evening – Music & dance with Lou’s Sextet
·    Indoor and outdoor camping at Speen (3½ miles away)

·    (enquiries: e-mail )
Contact John Capell (01494 863679)  

B Ride - 3rd September 2014

Please note that my ride from Cobham will be to the newly refurbished "Park Hatch" (formerly The Little Hatch) in Cranley.

As this is a fairly long summer ride, a prompt departure will be necessary, ie 11:15.

See you next Wednesday,
Frank H.

A Group, 27 August

Weybridge - Dorney - Nutty Lane

A full house!

When the day of toil is done,
When the Friends Prov race is run,
Father, grant Thy wearied one
Rest forevermore.

A ride 28/08/14

Overstuffed with birthday cake and propelled by a very helpful breeze, fourteen As set out from Weybridge. After Trumps Green and Wentworth we approached Callow Hill (the only hill of the day) from the south-west. This is a lot easier thanks to recent resurfacing. In Englefield Green we detoured to the Sun before descending Crimp Hill into Old Windsor where the call was made. A late change of mind saw us heading into Datchet just as the level crossing was reopening. As Eton College's Chapel hoved into view, coming up the road, head down, was a familiar figure - John B. We never heard the full story but it starts : late to 11s... So fourteen became fifteen. All that remained was a ride over the seemingly windless Eton Wick to The Pineapple, Dorney.

Somehow we were not recognised as cyclists and dined alfresco rather than at a table reserved for us!  Recent rains had washed most but not all offroad thoughts from my mind but the Jubilee River is irresistible, but sticky in parts so apologies to those now cleaning their bikes. At the far end we turned left (rather than the usual right or straight on) and the B376 led us back to Datchet. As we past some of Horton's residents was exercising their livestock. The rest was the obvious - Poyle, Stanwell Moor, Ashford. More resurfacing saw us on the pavement before the A308 with tea at Nutty Lane. A modest 55 miles for me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Easy Riders 27 August

11 left Weybridge D.C. to cycle to Hampton  “The Bell”.   We turned left from D.C. to roundabout then immediately left down Church Road leading to Hanger Hill, Princes Road, Oatlands Avenue to Rydens Road, Sidney Road to A3050 and on to the towpath where we made our way to Hampton Court Bridge. There 5 jumped ship assuring me it wasn’t anything personal!! to make their way home while the rest continued to Hampton.   After lunch the rest of us wound our ways to our respective homes.  Thanks everyone for a nice day.

B Group Report - 27th August

After enjoying Irene's birthday cake at elevenses, a select group of twelve set off for lunch at The Castle Grove pub at Castle Green.  It was good to have John Gould back on his bike and later at lunchtime we were joined by John Bellamy and Peter Carpenter, still on the sick list but hoping to be back cycling very soon.  Our route was through Brooklands to Byfleet village, then off-road along Murray's Lane to the Wey Navigation and then Dodd's Lane which brought us out into West Byfleet.  Continuing westwards through Pyrford to Maybury, we headed north to join the Basingstoke Canal at Monument Bridge.  Coming off at Parley Drive, we were able to follow signs which took us to Goldsworth Park where we cycled round the lake to the main car park.  Then came a series of twists and turns ending in a housing area at Littlewick, opposite Barrs Lane.  From here it was a straightforward ride across to and up Chobham Road to the pub.

Our orders were handled quickly and there was plenty of time for chatting before we left for the homeward trip at 2.00 p.m.  Continuing northwards through Chobham, we turned off at Red Lion Road and followed the familiar route of Gracious Pond Road, Stonehill, through Homewood Park to St Peter's, Addlestone, Chertsey Meads and so to Shepperton Lock where all 12 of us stopped for tea or ice creams before heading off to our respective homes.  Thanks to Pam for being back-marker.

Gill Finlay

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Easyriders - Wednesday 20th August

A lovely day out.  Arrived at Ashtead to see half a dozen loiterers on the benches facing the green.  Fuzz, Ron, Don, John David A. and Mark. The church cafe was closed for redecoration.  Unperturbed we cycled onto the day centre at Leatherhead where despite out unannounced arrival there were cakes and scones sufficient for all.  A lovely route past the leisure centre, following the Mole along the cycle path, Pixham Lane and golf course path to Brockham for lunch in the garden.   A few helped themselves from a basket of huge Bramley apples on offer to anyone who wanted them.  Return by similar route to Longmeads Centre for tea - again in their garden.   Welcome back to John Gould, made very warmly welcome in the hope he will take advantage of Lynda's convalescence and lead a few easyriders.  Best wishes to Lynda,  Happy Birthday to Irene.  Love to one and all.  Steph.
On Thursday (28/8) one of us has a significant birthday and there'll be a cake at Weybridge Day Centre tomorrow.

The day centre has kindly agreed to store it overnight and I'll there bright and early (makes a change). It's larger than I anticipated! so fit your best set of teeth and join in the celebration.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Roger Mitchell's funeral

Mark Roy tells me Roger's funeral will be at Kingston Crematorium at 10.30 on Thursday 4 September.


A Group 20 August

Neil, don't forget your cycling specs!

A group 20 August

Once again the rain gods were on our side and 12 departed the Yvonne Arnaud Guildford in sunny but chilly conditions - an early autumnal feel in the air.

Out along the A281 through Shalford and left along Fox Burrow Hill Road, and Munstead Heath, past Busbridge Lakes and along to Hambledon, thence a welcome rural ride on quite roads in excellent conditions, twiddling our way to the A272, then a couple of miles to Petworth and Lunch at the Stonemasons Arms. A scant few drops of rain as we arrived had us inside rather than in the garden.

Well watered (!) and fed, homeward via Balls Cross, Kirdford and  Plaistow, then west of Dunsfold to rejoin the morning's route in reverse at Hambledon. A pause at Munstead Wood while Hans and Jeff backtracked with chain tool to a stranded Brian. Chain repaired a final few miles saw us back at the Yvonne Arnaud for coffee and cake.

48 miles
3000 feet climbed
12.6mph rolling average
Great weather
Great company
Great day out on the bike

Paul Kelly

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

B group 20 August

                               After lunch at The Barley Mow (photo by Neil)
                                      Enjoying tea at Farncombe Boathouse
                                                      Shy(?) lady

After a train trip (for some) followed by very pleasant 11s at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre at Guildford we nineteen Bs used mostly cycle tracks to Farncombe. Then onto roads, which, out in the country, proved much less busy than we're used to consequently the surfaces generally were much better. We also noted several stretches of recent resurfacing - no, 'the races' didn't come this way.

Soon we passed Charterhouse school en route to Hurtmore and Shackleford. Lombard Street and Seale Road were even quieter before we briefly joined the B3001. Whitmead Lane next, narrow and with an interesting steep downhill stretch incorporating a tightish hairpin. It was then just a short, easy run to The Barley Mow at Tilford. Only thirteen miles but including a few undulations meant appetites were healthy and were well satisfied.

After lunch we headed south on the Tilford Road, eventually turning east on to Thursley Road and this afternoon's off-road stretch (Woolfords Lane) which, having 'overshot' we didn't get shot as promised on the MOD sign. Rejoining Thursley Road we were soon passing through Elstead then via Norney, Hurtmore (again), a quickish descent of Frith Hill to Godalming outskirts leading to waterside 3s at Farncombe Boathouse.

Having backmarked all day (thanks) Pam then led some to Guildford - unfortunately I had to return home sharpish so left to catch my return train from Shalford.

A very pleasant day's cycling on unfamiliar, well surfaced, tree-lined roads with good company - thanks all.

Map for Terry's ride from Guildford

A Group 20th August

Fine roads, fine views and little traffic for Paul's 'train assist' today. 47.9 miles from elevenses to tea, both at Guildford.  Lunch was at the Stonemason's Inn Petworth, where we were welcomed and well fed.  Rolling average 13.1mph, 3,037 feet of ascent.

One of the great rides of the Summer.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Getting to Guildford Weds 20th

For those who are new or didn't come to Guildford last year a few notes about getting there.

Firstly, don't go to North Cheam!! We are not meeting there so you need to take a train or ride to Guildford.

For those less familiar with trains outside London there are two things worth noting. Firstly that tickets are cheaper and railcards can be used after 9.30 which should still allow most to reach Guildford by 1030. Also returns are often less than 50p more expensive than singles. Last year some bought single tickets because they were unsure where they would return from but this was a false economy.  My understanding is that both A and B rides will allow a return fom Guildford.

The Yvonne Arnaud theatre is on Millbrook ( the A281 to Shalford). When arriving at Guildford station  those who dont want to dice with the one way system should take the pedestrian/cycle subway towards the town centre under the main road. From the Riverside car park it is possible to either cross the river and cycle along Millbank or continue along Millmead to the footbridge leading to the theatre.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

B ride August 20

'One I took earlier' of B group lunch venue - en route there will be a little off-road and some hills requiring low gears - you have been warned. See you at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford.


Roger Mitchell

Sadly I have to report Roger passed away last Thursday. Funeral details will be published when known.


Friday, August 15, 2014

A Group, 13th August

 A well deserved Winged Wheel at the Fountain, Cowden. This privilege definitely had to be earned from The  CTC, a  respected and discriminating institution, whose imprimatur was recognised and coveted as a badge of excellence by inns, hostelries and hotels throughout the land.  We may have some ground to recover.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

'A' Group Ride - 13 August 2014

10 riders assembled at Redhill for our ride to Cowden, in Kent. Lunch was scheduled to be at the Fountain Inn, a CTC friendly pub. The route out was to take us through Outwood, Lingfield and Dormansland,and was flattish (with the exception of a bit of a drag out of Dormansland), so we were able to take it steadily, whilst enjoying the warm August sun, and some scenic countryside, notably along Smithers Lane, just short of Cowden. There is a large hammer pond in Smithers Lane, (as Mark reminded us), originally constructed to provide power for the adjacent blast furnace. This was apparently owned by a Parliamentarian family during the English Civil War, and believed to have been used to manufacture ordnance during the conflict.

Back to cycling! Lunch had been pre-ordered, and arrived promptly, and minus the usual missing or wrong meal.

Things were slightly more energetic after lunch, as we meandered back past Haxted (where an errant wasp stung the leader as a reminder to maintain a decent pace). Tilburstow Hill we took in our stride, before climbing Flower Lane to reach Marden Park, and a Wayfarers' favourite path down to Woldingham School, and thence to tea at Woldingham Garden Centre. Our tea break coincided with a short sharp shower, mercifully giving way to warm sunshine and blue skies as we departed.



B Ride Wednesday 13 August 2014

12 of us (plus David 1 for a short time) viz Angy, David 2, David 3, Ed, Gill, Helen, John B, John, Robin, Stephanie, Tony H and ...

We went down through Leigh and then, as a special treat, a circuit of the restricted part of Gatwick.
On the way to The Star at Rusper we passed this:

The group was:

Most of us then went, via Newdigate, to The Courtyard in Dorking High Street where we sat in the sunshine. 30 miles from Redhill.

B Group - August 13th (map)

Redhill - Rusper - Dorking

Easy Riders, 13th August

The “C” group met at the new “Mole Hall” Molesey D.C. - very nice and room. 14 left in beautiful sunshine making for The Cap in Hand at Hook, heading along Central Avenue, Molesey Park Road, Esher Road, Ember Lane, Giggs Hill, Angel Road, Rectory Lane to Wetherspoons. After lunch 5 made their way home while the rest of us continued to Kings Centre  Chessington. Sadly the café wasn’t open for Ron, Brian and Mark who then continued to another venue while Liz, Ray John and myself backtracked to Molesey for tea.
I would like to wish Lynda a speedy recovery after her eye operation.
Thank you one and all for a very enjoyable day's ride. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Cautionary Tale

This morning as the North Cheam dozen were making our way to Redhill, I received a very polite telling-off from a lady motorist.  She had evidently been stuck behind us for a while, on the flat road leading to Markedge Lane.  "You should leave gaps for motorists to overtake" she said.   I could only agree.   "You should ride single file when there are cars behind".   Very true.   I apologised and promised to pass on the message to the group, so here it is.

If a gentle soul like her was annoyed enough to wind down the window and have a word with me, just imagine how annoyed some of our less friendly (and more dangerous) motorists must get...   

Sometimes we deserve the bad reputation that cyclists get, which is a shame.

A Group 13th August

Rob took us off to Kent today, the Garden of England, with harvest coming in from the fields as Summer draws to a close.  37.4 miles from elevenses at Redhill to tea at Woldingham; lunch at the Fountain, Cowden.

A sunny ride, but with showers around.  Rob arranged for ours as we had tea.  That's meteorology.


Train Assisted Ride 20 August

A Ride: Guildford to Guildford – by the scenic route.

This will be the annual pilgrimage to the far flung lands beyond Guildford - with historical, religious, literary, horticultural, geological and oenophilic interest along the way. No prizes, but bragging rights in the pub at lunchtime for anyone spotting all the above references!

And, casting all modesty aside, it is the best ride I’ve put together for the Wayfarers. Ultra-rural and, for the most part, wide and traffic free roads with excellent surfaces. Steady climbs, long swooping descents. Woodland. Open country. Picture postcard views and chocolate box cottages galore!

All that, AND a cracking pub with a good selection of ales, superb home cooked food, lovely garden, but best of all, a very big cycling link….

10:30 meet @ Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford for a prompt start at 11:00

25 miles to Petworth for lunch with a modest total of 1500ft of climbing on wiggly white roads over rolling terrain.

23 miles mainly on wider B-roads back to Guildford for tea before wending homeward by bike or rail.

Those with GPS may care to download – it’s always good to have a back up.

Paul Kelly
(I'm posting this early as I am away in France from today till the day before the ride)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pru 86

Fantastic day - perversely all the better because of the weather, it made the sense of achievement all the greater. Very good call to cut out Leith  Hill. The cycle lane on the road up to Newlands was a raging river as I rode up, and half way up there was a lake - Leith hill would have been Leithal!

5hr46 for me, 19mph out to Hampton Court, then a tad slower when the heavans opened
6hrs 51 for Vicky, including a 20 minute hold up in Richmond Park following an accident ahead - her longest ride ever and first sportive.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Prudential London-Surrey 86

Well, that was a rough old ride.  People's experiences will have differed depending on their start times, but basically you got a dry bit, a wet bit, a very wet bit and then a fairly dry bit.  There was a very great deal of water around, both at the sides of the road and across it.  At Oxshott and Esher there were hub-deep floods under the railway bridges, and there were still large puddles across the road on the Embankment, a couple of miles from the finish.

I thought the event was well run.  I was shepherded into my start pen, along with thousands of others, on time and got away promptly.  The peloton effect of last year, which enabled greater speed, worked well for a bit but fell off once the rain started, for obvious reasons.  But there was still a high level of camaraderie and, if you close the roads, 24,000 riders can have a good day out without much mischief occurring.  

Spectators were, unsurprisingly, fewer, but the charities put on noisy and encouraging displays to support their riders.  I thought the cheerleading pom-pom dancers at Kingston were complete heroines - they were dancing in the rain on my way out, and were still there, still in the rain, on my way back a couple of hours later.

I was disappointed - as were many others - that the route was shortened because of the weather and Leith Hill and Box Hill were removed from the course.  I had been looking forward to these.  But the reason for the change was the fear of crashes on the descents due to standing water.  It is hard to argue with this, as there was a lot of standing water.

On the way out I saw John Beer at Hampton - I shouted but I don't think he saw me.  Most rain capes look the same.  On the way back I saw Terry on the cycleway near Denbies.  We did see each other and he shouted kind words of encouragement.  Stephen Roche was in the wave in front of me at the start - closest I'll come to riding with a Tour de France winner - and I saw Laura Trott and her Dad at Weybridge.

My plan had been to improve on last year's time by cunning tactics.  I planned to save time by not going in to the busy food hubs, and by not having a puncture.  This half worked - I didn't go in to the food hubs.  But I did get a puncture four miles from the finish.  Hey ho - there were a lot of punctures about on the wet roads.  While I was fixing it a marshal ran up and asked if I had requested medical assistance.  No, I said, but if one of those Mavic support cars is about it would be very handy.  He looked as if I was a loony and ran off to find his medical emergency.  No sympathy.

So I did get a better time, but by the not entirely satisfactory method of riding a shorter distance.  Accurate apportionment is mathematically improbable, so I'll have to wait until next year to find out.

As far as I know all of our riders finished, and I bet they were pleased with themselves and have tales to tell, too.  I look forward to hearing them.


Saturday, August 09, 2014

Easy Riders - 6th August

From Cobham we went to Claygate and down to Long Ditton and took a right turn to go towards Surbiton.  This was a new route for some of us.  We went more or less straight, passing crossroads at High St., and The Assembly Rooms.  Then we turned right to go on Lower Marsh Lane which took us to Woodies - a very popular pub with good food.  They are nearing the end of their refurbishment and we sat outside at the back in the shade.  They are having a Gala Beer Festival there next w/e 15th, 16th and 17th August - Free entrance.  Suitable for families and, as last year, they had a pets corner.

For our tea stop, we went into Worcester Park and the backroads to Nonsuch Park Mansion café.


[Sorry, no map this week]

Friday, August 08, 2014

'A' Group Ride - 13 August

Next Wednesday's ride from Redhill is to Cowden for lunch, at the Fountain Inn, a CTC friendly pub, I'm pleased to say. 18 miles to lunch, & about 37 between elevenses and tea, which is planned to be at Woldingham Garden Centre. Flattish mostly to lunch, a few hills thereafter, including our old friend Tilburstow.

The pub has asked us to pre-order lunch, so I'll bring along a menu to Redhill, so folks can choose from the mouth watering fare on offer.


B Ride Wednesday 6 August 2014

Our leader ...

... took us to:

"Us" being:

Thursday, August 07, 2014

A Group 6th August

Dave - Our Leader

Almost all of us ...

A Group 6 August

Heavy rain in the night and a somewhat changeable forecast left me wondering how many would elect for a day of climbing and descending in the Surrey Hills. In the event a good sized group of 10 left Cobham, together with Ray Dare who kept us company as far as Shere.

A warm-up lap through Ockham and East Clandon led us to the first climb at Staple Lane, followed by a gravel-dodging descent of Combe Bottom to Shere. The next ascent was Winterfold followed by a pothole-dodging descent towards Cranleigh. Unfortunately on this descent Jeff punctured, and nobly undertook to repair it alone so as not to hold up the group, and rejoin us at lunch. Shortly after we reached our lunch stop at the 3 Compasses, nominally at Alfold, but in reality closer to Dunsfold Aerodrome. The food was excellent and the service most friendly, though rather slow for some of us.

Leaving the pub around 2:30 still minus Jeff who it turned out was still exploring the lanes around Dunsfold, we headed back via Cox Green, Walliswood and Forest Green to a storming ascent of our final climb on Tanhurst Lane and Leith Hill. Getting word that Jeff was in the vicinity we rested at Coldharbour to savour the prospect of the long descent to Dorking.
Tea was at the Courtyard in Dorking, since we were too late to get to Leathehead in time.

Ride statistics by Mark, for which thanks, are below, to which I would only add the max gradient (per Bikehike) a somewhat unbelievable 23%.

Thanks to all who rode, especially to Jeff for his consideration and patience in tracking us around Surrey, and to Simon for his ever diligent back marking.

Finally good luck and speedy pedalling to all riding the London Surrey 100 this Sunday. 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

A Group 6th August

Gradient and power snapshot - Tanhurst Lane

Dave took us over the hills from Cobham to lunch at the Three Compasses, Alfold, then back over the hills to tea at the Courtyard, Dorking.  39.4 miles elevenses to tea, rolling average 13.1 mph and 2,687 feet of climbing.  For those in the last stages of a rigorous training regime, 1,764 calories.

We're getting a lot of good rides this Summer.


B group - 6th August

Cobham - Wood Street Village - Cobham

I guess we were all delighted that we did not have the morning rain that was forecast!  Sixteen riders joined me on the days ride to lunch at Wood Street Village and back to Cobham for tea at the Medicine Garden.   Tea may not be cheap but what a delightful place to be on a sunny afternoon!

We exited Cobham via Plough Lane, Guileshill Lane and Grove Heath Rd to Send.   To Old Woking, Sutton Green and Jacobs Well to the A320, where a quick right led us into Salt Box Road to skirt Worplesdon  for  lunch at the Royal Oak public house. The current landlord is at least the third one since I last visited the pub!  This young couple have been there for approximately nine months and doing a fine job with good service and good food!    There were tables laid up for us inside where some ate but most chose to eat in the garden. It was so relaxing I almost forgot to gather the troops for the tea run!

Admittedly, the  ride  to lunch did go along a couple of  'not so quiet'  roads but the return was quite different!   From the pub we turned into a wooded area, Broadstreet Common, along paths a little overgrown in places!  Through the gate into an estate that led us to the cycle way through Guildford University.   We left Guildford via Stoke Park,  the River Wey, onto the A3 cycle path to turn into Clandon Road, Tithe Barn Lane, Hungry Hill and so  to Cobham.

It was a good days cycle ride - I did 56 miles, I guess others were similar?    Only hiccup of the day were my punctures! As we left the pub I realised that I had a slow puncture but with help from John, I was able to get to tea before changing the tube. Again I received more help, this time from Ed and Terry...I am a very lucky and grateful person - thank you!   Would you believe it, the same thing happened again on my home from tea!!  All this on a brand new tyre!!  I found a tiny strand of wire the first time but nothing the second time!!

Thank you Tim, Bernard, Carolyn and Gill for back marking, photos and maps!  

Pam :) :)
Maps of Pam's route to Wood Street Village and a photo collage:

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Prudential London-Surrey 100

The Wayfarers and Kingston Phoenix have quite a good showing for this year's event.  Riders I know are:

Jake Start 0630
Ged #22142 Start 0757 Black
Geoff #8705 Start 0730 Yellow
Mike M  Start 0747
Tim M Start 0632 
Paul #8443 Start 0700 Green
Vicky #12289 Start 0810  Green
Mark #42107 Start 0652 Black 

As it's pretty certain I've missed someone out, please email me if you want to be added to the list.  I'll also add start times if people are prepared to share them - please let me know. They're spread over period of a couple of hours, but will give spectators some idea of when to expect their clubmates at various points around the course.  As a rough guide, times should be in the six to seven hours band for most people, give or take.  As I know from last year, it's pretty hard to spot a rider amongst the thousands passing, but it's much easier for riders to spot their friends.  Don't know why, but it's encouraging in any case.
The long range forecast is for showers - could be worse, and may improve - so I hope everyone has a great day.


PS:  Mike informs me that St Raphael's Hospice, for which several are riding, has a 'cheering point' at the White Hart, Hampton Wick, just next to Kingston Bridge.  The ride passes going out and back.

Something for nothing

Please note that David's offer has been taken up and the saddlebag is no longer available.

A CTC member, David Lanaway, has written to me with this offer:

"When I owned a Raleigh Randonneur touring bike I bought a new Carradice Nelson Saddle Bag along with a Carradice Quick Release Saddle Bag Clamp with Saddle Bag Uplift.

I sold my bicycle shortly afterwards and the saddlebag and clamp were used very little and have since been in store and are in as new condition.

I would be very happy indeed to give these items free of charge to any of your members who would like them and who can collect them from my home."

David lives in West Molesey and can be contacted by email:

~ Tim

Friday, August 01, 2014

Wednesday 6 August - A Group

Lunch will be at the 3 Compasses, Alfold, just south of Dunsfold Aerodrome. Distance is c22 miles from Cobham with several well-earned opportunities for descending, notably Combe Bottom (hopefully avoiding scary gravel patch on left hand bend towards the bottom) Little London (ditto re gravel) and Winterfold. Return to Leatherhead with another cracking descent from Coldharbour as a reward for the (non-compulsory) ascent of Tanhurst Lane. 44 miles in total and max 3,000 feet of climbing. Hope to see you there.

A prompt start from Cobham would be appreciated; pub kitchen closes @2pm.

B Group - 30th July

As we set off from Dorking the weather was excellent for a ride out into the Surrey Hills. 18 of us rode south out of Dorking and set off on the challenging ride to Leith Hill, although some may have preferred to think in terms of riding to Coldharbour and therefore pushing the idea of the ascent to the back of their minds.

Well done to all the riders, especially those who had hesitated about the route or had never been to the top of Leith Hill before. We then made our way via Forest Green, Walliswood and Capel to lunch at the Six Bells in Newdigate. A shady table had been reserved for us in their splendid garden and we enjoyed our lunch before setting off to meander through various Surrey lanes towards Betchworth, Brockham, and back to Denbies for tea.

Thank you to one and all for their company on a very pleasant ride in wonderful weather

- John Austin

Morning: 19 miles, Afternoon: 12.2 miles

The wild woods on the way up to Coldharbour

Regrouping near the top of Leith Hill

The Six Bells, some of us escaped from this photo

In front of the oak timber-framed tower of St Peters, Newdigate