Friday, March 28, 2008

80th Birthday on Monday

Congratulations to Bill Matthews on your 80th on monday

A few of the free wheelers

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A & B Groups March 26th

A and B groups had a joint ride from 11s at Dorking to Roothill for the belated 2007 freewheel contest. Thanks to Frank pushing me off I (Terry) set off first and in the dry, windfree conditions had a good run. Assisted by Ed and Norman, Frank pushed the rest off, who, with few exceptions, had an uneventful run. At one point Mike Morley was runner up but claimed a re-run due to 'being baulked by a tractor'. (Did anyone else see a tractor?). Generous to a fault, we allowed him a re-run, when he slightly improved his r-u position. Meanwhile Liz had established her place as 'Best Lady'. By now it was lunch time so we adjourned to the two pubs at Brockham where Ed presented his traditional beautifully turned wooden awards to Liz and Terry and Mike Morley received a Fahrrad-Schlauch Race 28 S 52mm Sclaverand Presta Französisch as runner-up. The group from the Dukes Head were ready sooner than us in the Royal Oak so set off for Denbies via Newdigate and the golf course. Having decided 3s at Newdigate Ya-Ya's was a no-no we also headed for Denbies, having to don waterproofs en route. After tea the rain had stopped - I reached home dry but I doubt if everyone else did !
Terry Lowe

C Group March 26

Roger led a group of ten from Hersham in sunshine and somewhat milder weather than of late. There was Mark, Bill, Ron, Phil, John C., Beryl, Fuzz, Dennis and me. We stayed on Queens Road which was closed to through traffic at the Hersham end and arriving at Weybridge we turned left along St.Georges Avenue to Brooklands Road. Our intended venue was to be The Half Moon at Ripley so at the second roundabout we turned right through the Brooklands estate until joining Parvis Road to West Byfleet over the M25 with a short detour left on Highfield Road to bypass the traffic lights. All plain sailing after this. Along Pyrford Road then Warren Lane at the end of which theres a dodgy left turn which happily proved traffic-free, with just a couple of miles to go. The beer and food are always good at The Half Moon and today was no exception.. Tea was to be at Claygate but I made for home via Wisley, The Sanway (offroad and rather muddy) and Old Byfleet. There was a pretty heavy shower while we were at lunch which eased off later. I clocked just over 23 miles which is close to my limit, I guess. I enjoyed the ride, thanks Roger------------Albert

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Tour Colchester 08

Look out for all the news and photo's on the C&M Blog (or maybe more on the DA Blog). As a taster for those that did no go, you missed a very good Thai meal on Sunday night and the most unforgetable weather.

Who said she is all mine, Terry stole my starter and I ended up in the soup, lovely curry chicken soup. Wait untill Sally finds out!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

C group - March19th

We were blessed with sunshine, light breeze if rather chilly at Shepperton. A good turnout was led by John C., plus Lynda, Beryl, Mark, Roger, Ron, Dennis, Fuzz and newcomer Charles plus me and a few I cant remember. We took the footpath behind the day centre and arrived at Walton bridge, then up New Zealand Avenue, the Halfway to Hersham. Up the dual carriageway to West End en route for The Old Plough at Stoke d'Abernon. This last bit was rather hilly to Fairmile Lane and the Stoke Road and while searching for my largest cog, the chain came off (lousy adjustment). Harold met us at the pub with some of his good photographs. Both he and Dennis bought me a beer but I managed a fairly sober ride home via Cobham and Byfleet with under 20 miles on the clock. Good ride John. --------- Albert

B Group March 19th

After the (in)formality of several group photos taken by Mike M., B Group made its departure from the Greeno Centre in Shepperton. There were seventeen of us: Judy, Liz, Pam - sporting a tan on her face and hands and probably elsewhere but being well rugged up for the chilly conditions that was all the evidence we could see of her three-month stay in Lanzarote - Les, Norman, Terry, John G., Harold, David, Ray, Nev, Phil, Mick, Cliff, Bernard, Richard (usually rides with Cheam-Morden) and me, Gill, the leader. The Rose and Crown at Woodside was our destination for lunch, the other side of Windsor Great Park. Our route out was through Chertsey, along Stonehill Road to Gracious Pond Road where we saw some lovely daffodils on a bank outside one of the larger houses out that way. At Burrowhill we crossed straight over the Chobham/Windsor Road and did a loop on a quiet back road through Valley End, seeing again a mass of daffodils on both sides of the road in one stretch, before joining the Chobham Road leading into Sunningdale. Crossing the A30 and then the A329 to come into Cheapside, the last lap saw us tackling several steep hills as we followed the edge of the Windsor Great Park. It was with relief that we reached the turn-off to Woodside - or am I speaking only for myself?! With the Duke of Edinburgh pub hosting a walking group and a funeral party, we were booked into the Rose and Crown. There was a table laid for us and the speed with which they took our orders was very impressive as it was already busy with other lunch customers. Food was very good and the Ladies Loos have to rate 5 stars! Ray, Phil, Nev and Mick left us on arriving at the pub, so we were a smaller group of 13 for the return trip. This was the easier part of the ride. We headed into Windsor Great Park coming out at Bishopsgate, down Tite Hill to Egham. The decision to take the back road to Staines was not a good one as we got caught not just at one, but two level crossings!! From Staines, with the wind behind us it was an easy ride following the Thames back to Chertsey Bridge. The river was flowing fast and at Laleham had flooded some of the grassy areas. Afternoon tea was at Shepperton Bakery where the special deal was tea/coffee and cake for £2.20. For those who had fruit cake, it looked as if we were getting a quarter of the cake, such was the generosity of the lady behind the counter! Nine of us stopped for tea and shortly afterwards we were joined by John, usually an A Group rider who had unfortunately got his weeks muddled up and gone to Dorking for Elevenses only to find no-one else there! Apart from a few spots of rain while on the towpath, it had stayed fine and been a good day for a ride. Thanks, Terry, for being back marker yet again.
Gill Finlay

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hostel Trip - July

Hostel Trip

Following our traditional meeting with the East Sussex DA at West Hoathly on Wednesday 9 July, I'm heading south to stay at Telscombe Youth Hostel, then on Thursday 10 staying at Truleigh Hill Youth Hostel, returning home on Friday 11.
If anyone is interested in coming, please let me know asap, tel 01372454934 or e-mail: I have to pay a deposit when booking so would appreciate £20 a head please. Telscombe is a self-catering hostel but we'll be passing through Lewes en route so we can shop at Waitrose there, Truleigh Hill does cater.

Terry Lowe

'A' Group 19th March

We set out from Shepperton Day Centre in cold but bright conditions including Ed, Ian, Julian, Will, Rob, Pete M, Pete B, Vic, Stephen, Tony, Grant, Frank C, Mike, John S and me. The conditions were such that off road riding along tow paths should be pleasant so this is what we were soon doing when we arrived at Walton bridge. From there it was tow path nearly all the way to Weybridge however some decided to go on the parallel road and we re joined at Jessamy road. Here Will gave some guidance on bypassing the town to pick up the Wey Navigation. This was a much pleasanter route than going through the town and the Wey navigation was just a short distance down the road from the River Wey Town Lock.
It was approx. 4.5 miles of quiet riding to Pyrford Lock via Coxes lock, New Haw, cross A318, Under M25 where The Basingstoke canal joins, cross the A245, Murrays bridge and Dodd's bridge. From Pyrford lock throgh Pyrford Green, Village and Common B332 left and next right soon brought us to Woking and Weatherspoons near the Station for lunch. It was quite busy there and popular with working people including Steve of C&M who appeared to be enjoying his lunch break.
We left about 1:45 leaving by the One Way System on the Dorking/Guildford Road
for Send and then Ripley via Tannery Lane and thereon the A3 cycle path to the Ockham Bites. After tea Tony decided to do a lap around the Horsley area, I wonder how many went with him, as my total miles was a mere 37.

"A" Group.

RHS MM almost home Headly Court 47mls.

"A" Group Shepperton Start

Photo 3 Sheperton Start

Photo 1 Way Navigation.
Photo 2 New Haw Lock

"B" Group Shepperton & Pam new Merc.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bike bits from Ian Burt
Click this link for more information

From John Scott

We have recently bought a Carl Lewis exercise bike with heart and pulse monitors but have found that it is not right for Pat to ride. It is brand new - only used in total for 30 minutes. We would be very happy to give it away free of charge to anyone who wants it but they must provide the transport as we cannot deliver it to them.
Thanks, John Scott

Monday, March 17, 2008

Printing of Shirts for Dieppe Raid

Following message received from Lynda Barrow:

" I'm collecting tops for printing now, (already have 8). Maybe, it could be put on the blog, that I will be at the Barn Dance collecting tops for printing. This could be my last call, as I need to book them in and I would like them back sometime in May. "

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Edenbridge Churchyard

In 1944, Little Mariners at Froghole (Crockham Hill) was being used by the LCC as a home for evacuated children, but the house was severely damaged by incendiaries and the children and staff moved to Weald House (now Hoplands) on the edge of Crockham Hill Common. In the early hours of Friday 30 June 1944 a flying bomb (doodlebug) came over, apparently struck a tree on Mariners Hill and was deflected onto Weald House. Twentyone children and eight female staff were killed in the tragedy - Kent's largest single civilian loss during World War II.

A Group March 12th

Considering the week’s bad weather, and the start point of Caterham, there was a good turnout of 15 riders for the ‘A’ ride. Present were Pete M, John S, Ray, Don, Ed, Julian, Mike, Will, Ian, Brian, Bob, Toni, Grant, John B and Rob.

Hills are a fact of life at Caterham, and today was no exception. For good measure, our route back along the flat from our lunch stop at Edenbridge was into the teeth of a strong headwind. The route took us
down into Caterham Valley, then up Woldingham Road, before climbing
Lunghurst Road, colloquially known as ‘Lungbuster Hill’. After that we had a wind assisted journey along the Ridge before dropping down to pass under the M25. Somewhere along here we lost Will, who had a rear tyre problem. After crossing the A25, and pausing to take in the view of Squerrey’s, the National Trust property, we had another stiff climb up Goodley Stock Road through Kent Hatch, before dropping down again through Crockham Hill and finally into Edenbridge. Lunch at the King & Queen was very good, reasonably priced and quick.

Brian took the train back after lunch, and Bob also peeled off. We also
lost Ian who reappeared later at tea at Fanny’s. The way back was past Haxted Mill, along Tandridge Lane, before ascending Tilburstow Hill, on top of which we stopped to admire the view . After that, we went through Bletchingley and Merstham to our well deserved tea at Fanny’s.

I covered 46 miles, probably the least of anybody today. Two puncture victims Will & John.

C Group March 12th

After a twelve mile ride to Kingston with that gale behind me, I decided to go on the ride with Stephanie in the lead. At least the sun shone and the previous two days rain had finally ceased and who knows, the wind might have eased off before my return trip (some hopes!). Around fourteen turned out for the ride; Lynda, Beryl, Liz, Roger, Fuzz, Dennis, Ron, Mark, Bill H., David from B Group (probably convalescing), and three or four more apart from Stephanie and myself. We had a good ride through Richmond Park and Syon Park but some parts of the Thames towpath were pretty muddy with a fair bit of debris around from the earlier storm. The last time I was in Isleworth was twenty years ago and The Castle pub provided a good meal. Tea was to be at Kingston so it was back on the towpath arriving near the bridge. We took tea at The Costa cafe near the market. For the record; I encountered several strong gusts while homeward bound, arriving at 5.15 with 39.25 miles on the clock and a thirst out of this world----------------Albert

B Group March 12th

John M and I enjoyed being wind - assisted to Caterham (we barely had to pedal up the zigzag), but from the Douglas Brunton centre we (Cliff, John, Les, Norman and I, Terry) initially headed west ie into the wind - a very different story! We soon turned south into Roffes Lane, climbing White Hill and rushing down, continuing south through Bletchingley, passing t'mill at Outwood and soon arriving at Smallfield. In just over a mile it was decision time - should we go to Copthorne or Crawley Down ? Crawley was agreed upon and we soon arrived at The Royal Oak where we all enjoyed lunch. The sun appeared for the afternoon and soon we started the obligatory off-road stretch, Worth Way, about 1 1/2 miles mostly on the course of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway from Crawley to East Grinstead, then back on metalled roads. Soon we were heading north ie a side wind, to Copthorne and eventually Horley, resisting the temptation to stop at Lidl to purchase this weeks' special offers 'Quality Cycle Accessories'. Along Lonesome Lane, past the freezing teddies to tea at Reigate Garden Centre. From Reigate we headed west ie into the wind, which varied very little all the way to Dorking, but at least we stayed dry !

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Group Mar 5th

Eighteen set off from Cobham along Plough Lane and Chilbrook to cut back through Downside and the track across to the Tilt.
The sunshine was glorious but the chill in the air meant that ice remained on the occasional puddle. Along Water Lane, up Knipp Hill and through the back roads of Fairmile to emerge on Sandy Lane and down to the A3 Esher junction. Here a track across Arbrook Common was new to many, emerging at the Fowley Arms.

After Claygate and Chessington, another track along the Bonesgate Stream took us to Cox Lane and into Ewell and then through Nonsuch Park to emerge at the Prezzo car park. A pleasant lunch (many thanks to Lynda for organizing) was livened by Toni's efforts to find an Italian speaker amongst the (East European) staff of this 'Italian' restaurant.
After lunch most made their own way but a hardy six went back through Nonsuch Park and Ewell to take coffee at Epsom Wetherspoons before making for home.

From Pete Barnard

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Annual Lunch MW- Wayfarers Wed 5 March 08

See series of photos (9 in all)which I have labelled but Picasa2 doesn't seem to want to publish.
A good time was had by all 61 attending.

Wayfarers Lunch Pics 3

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Wayfarers Lunch Pics 2

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Wayfarers Lunch Pics 1

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Barn Dance 2008

B Group Mar 5th

The B group, Stephanie, David, Angie, John, Cliff, Roger, Bernard, Norman, John, Terry, Judy, Mick, Les, Neville and myself set off in the direction of Leatherhead from Cobham. We continued through Ashtead to Freemans School grounds, Langley Vale and finally up to Epsom Downs to spend a few minutes admiring the wonderful view over London. Unfortunately on our decent down to East Ewell we managed to mislay three of our party, John, Bernard, and Roger. After cutting through Nonsuch Park we arrived at Prezzo's for our lunch where the three lost souls were eventually reunited with the group.
A lovely meal was enjoyed by all. Our thanks to Lynda for organising the event.

Liz (novice leader)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

C Group Mar 5th

Good turnout at Cobham with fine weather, if rather colder than of late. Lynda was leading to the annual lunch at Cheam but the C contingent was rather thin sorry to report. Ron intended to lead an alternative ride to Ashstead, but owing to the distance for me, of the return ride, I opted to go with Dennis to The Half Moon at Ripley,up Plough Lane and across the Wisley airfield.
My sincere apologies to Lynda after all her hard work arranging the lunch. Only covered 18miles. It`s me age------------Albert

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Group Photo at Cobham

Harold Fifield plans Group Photo's of A, B & C at Cobham March 5th so be prepared!