Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Photo competition - last call

We have received lots of photos for the competition but if you still have some to contribute please slide them into my DropBox before midnight, as instructed here:

Invitation and instructions for photo competition

~ Tim

Monday, January 30, 2017

Electric Bikes

A Ride - 1st February

This week we will be taking a meandering ride of about 23 miles to Chilworth for lunch. Not (quite) as hilly as last week. Only one hill after lunch on our way to Ripley.

All on-road except for some paved cycle track and a concrete farm track (which is better than a lot of roads). However there are lots of  mucky, leaf strewn roads out there so mudguards would be a good idea.

See you at Cobham, ready for a prompt departure.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Interesting Rides

If you would like to read about some of our members' more interesting rides in 2016, read on ...
signpost photoWhen we were creating the new website, Tim suggested that we should have a page highlighting some of the more unusual rides that our members have been on.    It took a while but you can now see it here, or on the website under the "Rides" menu entry.   I hope you will find it interesting reading on a day when you can't be cycling yourself.

We plan to update this annually, so if you do an interesting or unusual ride, write it up for the Sou'wester or the blog, and you could be featured next year!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

"A" Group ride Wed 25 Jan

As Simon L said I had set out on my MTB with fat tyres having decided that I would like the challenge of stretching my legs in the Surrey Hills. Unfortunately I left home late as usual and arrived at 11.10am just as both the "A" & "B" group were leaving. This left me out of puff and with no tea and cake to help me on my way. Never the less I stuck with the leaders until we got to Cobham. There our erstwhile leader decided to go through the high St. with awful traffic so I decided to take a breather and transgress down a one way street being very correct in observing other traffic and pedestrians. (future highway code amendments will hopefully permit this in future). Perhaps as a judgment for this misdemeanor I waited quite a while for Simon L leader to re-appear and so he did and I joined in. The pase however was very horrific with quite a number of gaps developing however I was no at the back but then I noticed my computer had stopped working and I also needed a comfort stop, so I told Geoff back marker to carry on and I would make my way to Abinger Hatch!
Sorting out my computer took some time and then I set off at a crawl to East Horsley. There I took the long drag to eventually arrive at the Shere junction on the A25. By this time I thought that the "A"s would be well gone and so I headed jhome along the A25 and stopped for soup at the Wotton
Hatch. Excellent value large portion with crusty bread for £4.95. Much better value than Spoon's on    Sunday with C&M where for £2.95 you got a half portion fully cold!
Anyway I was sorry that I missed Ray and wonder what time you actually arrived at Habinger Hatch?

B Group - 25th January

Nine of the B group braved the cold temperature and some mist and fog and headed off in the direction of Windsor Great Park via Chertsey and Virginia Water. Being a small group the ride flowed, which was beneficial as it kept us all moving and therefore somewhat warmer.

We soon arrived at the South car park where we entered into the park, making our way to the Bishopsgate entrance. En route we stopped to have a photo opportunity and a ‘comfort break’ at the large statue of the Prince Consort.

A short ride to the pub, just out side the entrance to the park, the pub was warm and welcoming.  The Fox and Hounds is somewhere that we have passed many a time but not frequented. Food was served swiftly and service was excellent, well recommended.

Leaving the pub we took Wick Lane then Wick Road and made our way back to Virginia Water by way of Englefield Green. Just after the station at VW we turned right then left down Bridge Lane and onto Lyne Crossing Road, which enabled us to cross over the M25 and proceed in the direction of Chertsey Bridge.

The original plan was for afternoon tea to be in Squires in Upper Halliford, however the remaining five that cycled into Shepperton soon decided to change that and follow Ed into a nice café at the end of Shepperton Village.

Thanks as usual to those that marked corners, and also to David for back marking.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A group 25 Jan

I promised hills, and I hope I didn't disappoint.   Despite the warnings, and the freezing weather, there were fifteen in the A group peloton as it rolled out of Hersham, on a grand tour of other elevenses stops: Cobham passed in a trice, and then - well actually we didn't pass The Vineries: that was only me when I made a wrong turn on my recce, and mistakenly ended up at the top of White Down before realising.    Instead we went along The Drift to reach West Horsley, taking it cautiously as Ken reported loads of ice there earlier in the week.   It was all gone off the road, leaving a lot of slush in the hedge, which didn't trouble us much but served as a warning for the rest of the ride.   In fact we didn't really encounter any ice on the road, although there was plenty evident in ditches and ruts just off the road.

View from Holmbury Hill
On Shere Road we encountered a chevron which someone had carelessly left there on the map, right in the middle of the road, but continued to the top and down Combe Lane, through Shere and up Hook Lane to reach Peaslake.  "Welcome to the Surrey Hills" the sign said, but some of us felt we'd been in them for some time and were by now quite warm despite the temperature.   From Peaslake we ascended Radnor Road to admire the extensive view, but somehow we mist it (geddit??).

Continuing down and around Holmbury Hill it was getting towards 1pm and we had some way to go.  Another climb up Pasture Wood Road took us up to Abinger Common and thence to the welcoming Abinger Hatch, where Ray was waiting for us.  We were all served promptly, including Mark who took advantage of the Burns Night menu to have haggis.  

It was still misty outside and nobody was in a particular hurry to leave, so Geoff did a photo of "blokes inside a pub" for a change, and then we set off for one of the shortest rides to tea, which involved White Down and Effingham Vineries.  22.6 miles and 1900 feet of ascent to lunch, 5.8 miles and 500 feet to tea.  We started with fifteen, Mike left to pursue his own route on his mountain bike, gained Ray, and ended with fifteen.  Thank you to Geoff who kept impeccable control to ensure we didn't lose the back end in the ice.

A Group 25th January

The temperature was around freezing today, so, taking advantage of the warmer weather, Simon led us over the Surrey Hills rather than around them.  A good lunch at the Abinger Hatch then over the ever-popular Whitedown to tea at the Vineries, Effingham.

A good day out - our first properly hilly ride this year.


Monday, January 23, 2017

B Group ride this Wednesday

The proposed route for Wednesday’s ride will see us heading towards Walton then Chertsey and into The Great Park at Windsor. A stop to have a look at the Prince Consort’s Statue and onto lunch at the Fox and Hounds pub just outside the Bishopsgate, about 16 miles. 

After lunch we have a leisurely ride to tea at Squires Garden Center, in Upper Halliford. The entire ride is on ‘tarmac’.

Hopefully there will be no fog or mist, the forecast looks dry but cold.

A prompt start at 11.00am please.

Looking forward to it.


A group Jan 25

The days are stretching out as we're getting close(r) to summer, and it seems only fair we should stretch our legs too.   Brian's ride last week was so enjoyable that I plan to return to the hills.   Lunch will be at the Abinger Hatch, at Abinger Common.  Bring your climbing legs.

London Bike Show ticket Discount

Discount code for CTC members, no discount for Seniors! 

The Code is: CYC15UK

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Easy Riders - 18th January

When I got to Cheam, Judy and Godfrey were there.  Then Helen turned up.

Due to cold weather and fear of ice we were only a small number.  Liz texted me saying she would stay in with her cold.

We had a surprisingly quiet ride to Molesey; well until we got to Molesey Road.  It was nice and sunny; but my fingers were tingling by the time we got there.

In the Day Centre at Mole Hall (what a lovely name), we met John B, Bernard and Dave.  While we were still there, Chris turned up.  My original ride was to go to The London Apprentice in Isleworth and my shortened version was to The Barmy Arms in Twickenham.  Anyway, after thawing out seven of us went in the direction of Teddington, then Twickenham.  When we got there, we felt surprisingly warm.  Must have been due to the sunshine and being sheltered.  Anyway, everyone agreed to carry on to The Apprentice.  We had a nice meal there together on a large table.

Going back, Bernard, Dave and Chris did an alternative route; and Judy, John and myself made our way back to Kingston market place, then Berrylands, Malden and Cheam.  Judy and I had a coffee in Costa in Cheam Village before going home.

A lovely sunny day with not much wind.  We could feel the temperature drop as the sun was going down.


Friday, January 20, 2017

A Group in 2016 - Consolidated 'Heat Map'

I was greatly impressed with Tim's summary of the B Group's rides in 2016, and thought that we'd better have an A Group one too.  With help from Dave and Simon, here's a pretty full list, together with some mileage and climbing data.

The straight lines are a feature of the software, so consider them an advantage.  There may even be a mystical symbol hidden in there somewhere ...


Thursday, January 19, 2017

B Group in 2016

This map shows where B Group went last year. It does unfortunately show my own routes to elevenses and from Tea to home but it may be useful for any leader trying to plan a route which goes somewhere new. It includes the London and Guildford rides and omits a small number of rides which I didn't attend.

Competitions - last call for 2016 statistics

Attendance stats

I have had very few responses from Easy Riders about their attendance during 2016. If you want your scores to be taken into account and added to the league table please advise me (email or phone) or anyone on the committee in the next few days.

For Wayfarers A and B groups Simon and I have kept a fairly reliable log of attendance; for individuals who have given me their scores I have updated the records.

For C&M the records are maintained by Jeff so C&M riders can rest easy in the knowledge that we know all about you.

It is the same story for the Beginners for whom records have been scrupulously maintained and analysed by Colin.

Mileage scores

If anyone else would like their mileages taken into account please notify Jeff or myself. We have received a good many scores but to be sure of being registered in the big spreadsheet please let us know. Remember that the mileage scores received so far can be viewed by clicking the 'Mileage' button at the top of the Wayfarers blog.

If you never submitted your score for 2015 that would be interesting too.


Please keep them coming. We know that several photographers are reticent about sharing their works or art. Remember that, subject to censorship, your photos will be printed for the display at Prezzo on 1st March.


I have received several. I will be at elevenses on the next two Wednesdays to collect them or we can make some other arrangement. Please wrap them up in some bubble wrap or put them in a jiffy bag to protect them. Some of the old ones are starting to fall to bits!

Many thanks

~ Tim

A Group 18th Jan

I set off for Dorking with some trepidation after reading of Steve Duffin's icy mishaps on Tuesday and an even harder frost overnight. After a dry and clear run to elevenses I was more relaxed and heartened that there were 12 of us prepared to venture out. It would have been 14 if David and Jennie had not had problems en route.

I had changed my plans to avoid potentially icy lanes early in the ride and we made it to Newdigate via Red Lane and Park Gate untroubled by ice. From here through Capel and Ockley it was a different story and caution was the watchword. Fortunately there was little traffic and at times we needed to take advantage of the full width of the road.

The water main is being replaced in Standen Lane and this didn't seem the morning to test whether access was possible so we went up Mole Street. The shady descent through Holmbury St Mary looked treacherous in places and I for one was glad to reach the Volunteer where we were joined by Ray and Ken who had come over Whitedown.

Steve and Dave headed home over Newlands after lunch. Discretion meant simplifying the route so we just went via Abinger Hatch and Hollow Lane to the A25 which we followed to Dorking.

We reached Bike Beans at 3 to find them locking up early ( should be 4) but Jamie opened up and 8 of us enjoyed tea and cake to round off a cold but enjoyable day.

My thanks to Steve and Geoff for back marking, amd Geoff and Janice for the photos.

                                                     A wintry scene from the Volunteer.

B Group - 18th January

Five B riders braved the arctic conditions and set off from Dorking to reach the welcoming hospitality of the Jack Fairman pub in Horley, enjoying their prompt service, good food and reasonable prices.

Ian Appleton joined us for Lunch after arriving under his own steam. We left Ian there and then we SKATED onto Redhill where Terry turned off. We passed Fanny's Farm which we still sadly miss. Three of us made the tea stop in Banstead Park luckily; although very cold the roads were not as bad as we thought they were going to be, and the Sun managed to shine for a while.

Regards, Tony

Thanks to David Cox for this track for the morning ride

After lunch Tony decided that we all needed some excercise!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hilly 50 km Sat. 4 March 2017

OK guys and gals, I know that this is a DA event but few people look at the DA Blog where entry details and routes for the above can be found. As Mark has indicated on his Garmin it was proper Brass Monkey weather today and as I descended Box Hill this morning to Rykas to confirm the start point for our event all my extremities were well frozen including the proverbial s!

I had intended to join the B group at Spoons for lunch while visiting Head For the Hills cycle shop in Dorking and Nervana Cycles in Westcott. Both have agree to advertise our event so support them or at least visit when you can. Leaving Wescott I ascended what is normally the dirtiest part of the Hilly 50 route (Log Hollow Bottom) and I am pleased to say that it was very passable though a steep climb to then turn left down from from Coldharbour road back almost into Dorking (the reverse of actual route). I then made my way over towards Horley via Liegh and at 1,30pm ended up at Irons Bottom, thought to myself they do good grub there and so had an omelet and a good pint of Ranmoor served by the most charming lovely long legged attractive bar maid from Check republic. We parted company and she said "See you later Ali-gator" and I hope we do! Why do we want to kick this lot out for the sake of Brexit?

Proceded on to Reigate and Finches have also agreed to promote along with the Bike Cafe Lesbourne Rd. The home via Wray Lane so some good climbing today. Sorry I missed your text Tim re rest at Fanies. Also noticed that "A" group did tea at Bike Beans, that's another cafe I must visit to promote.

So with some luck we will get a good entry as I have already emailed over 20 cycling clubs in our area with more to send. Hopefully a few of the MWW and C&M plus KPRC will be able to help with the signing on at Rykas 9.30am

A Group 18th January

A bright and sunny day, but icy, with the temperature only briefly rising above freezing.  Brian led us carefully around the Surrey Hills, lunch at the Volunteer and tea at Bike Beans.

All safe and no mishaps.


Monday, January 16, 2017

B Group - 18th Jan

Tony Hooker has advised that, weather permitting, the intention is to ride to the Jack Fairman in Horley for lunch and to the Café in the Park in Banstead for Tea.

The weather forecast appears to be for a fine sunny day and that for much of it the temperature is expected to almost rise above 0°C.

~ Tim

A group Weds 18th

Some Surrey lanes and a loop that takes in Ockley with lunch at our old favourite - the Volunteer at Sutton Abinger. My favoured route is being dug up by Southern Water this week but there is a Plan B if it's impassable. Home via Friday Street and Westcott. Ideally to Bike Beans for tea if are on time with Pilgrim Cycles as the back up if not.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

An Email from British Cycling

Dear cyclists from cheam and mordem
Welsh Cycling Events are delighted to offer you an exclusive 30% discount on entry into tthe Cambrian Coast Sportive 2017 as part of the membership of your cycling club. This discount is valid if you enter before 28th February and becomes 10% thereafter until the month before the event. Please feel free to circulate this email to your members to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Enter Here.
The Cambrian Coast Sportive takes place on 16th September 2017 in some of the UK's most spectacular countryside. Starting from Aberdovey and set entirely within the Snowdonia National Park, the routes follow the coast and beaches, climb the mountains, skirt around lakes and descend through forests, making this arguably the most scenic sportive ride in the country. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Cranks for Old Legs

A few weeks ago, Tim and I were chatting at Leatherhead.  He was interested in the Middleburn cranks that I had fitted to my Lynskey.  Tim runs a compact on his Pearson, and thought that a lower set of ratios might suit him for the hills.  I've fiddled around with this for a couple of years, so here's a quick note of what I've found, for those who, like me, are noticing that the hills are getting steeper ...

There are a couple of fundamental problems.  Firstly, triples are getting much rarer, because of lower demand, and in any case they work less well than a double.  With lighter bikes and younger riders, even a 50/34 compact is threatened in favour of higher gears, and 34 is the smallest ring you can fit to a standard crank, because of the pattern of the bolts.  

So, what can you do?  My interest was prompted by a piece by Chris Juden in Cycle.  He described 'Compact Plus' cranks that could be had from Sugino.  They have a second set of bolt fittings which will take a triple inner ring on a double crankset, so you have a very wide choice of chainrings.  I've bought a set, they're beautifully made and have worked impeccably since October 2014 - they're in the picture above.  Dave Vine has also bought a set, and his are going well too.  46/30 seems to work very nicely indeed -  11 speed if you need it and works perfectly with Shimano STI.

The problem with these is that they're hard to get in the UK.  To get the best choice you need to order from Japan, which, with transport and customs charges is relatively expensive.  I used https://alexscycle.com, who gave excellent service.  About three weeks, door to door.

The second option I tried was Middleburn.  Their system consists of a crank and axle, a spider to which the chainrings bolt and the chainrings themselves.  You can mix and match to a considerable degree, and they're great for tinkerers.  They're well made and look good for some types of bike, but  they are less refined than the Sugino and give a slightly agricultural feel, which doesn't match that well with Di2.  It all works, and will probably last forever.  Middleburn ceased trading in July, but manufacturing rights were taken over by http://www.mountainbikecomponents.co.uk, and parts continue to be available.

The third option I have tried is Praxis Works.  A niche Californian engineering company, they have built a considerable reputation for bearing sets that solve the several problems of carbon fibre race frames, and now appear to be owned by a Taiwanese conglomerate, one of whose businesses is the casting of complex metal parts - you know the sort of things, laptop chassis, or camera bodies.  Very tricky stuff.

Praxis have taken advantage of this facility to make cast chain rings, and the strength and sophistication of the shapes available gives real advantage.  I've fitted a set to my Mason, replacing the Middleburns originally fitted, and the difference is huge.  They're slicker, lighter and work brilliantly with Di2.  The main disadvantage is that their smallest set is 48/32 - OK for my use, but you might want lower.  And an advantage for many is that Pearson are their local agent and can fit them for you.  https://www.praxiscycles.com

There's also quite a lot you can do with the rear mech, of course, but I'll do a note on that another time.

If you're interested, have a word, and I'll show you what I've done.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

A group ride 11th January

I think that this was the first co-leader ride to allow a new group leader to see how it felt, Mike Reynell was our first to try (did he jump or was he pushed).

A large group set out from Walton DC including three from the B's, a steady ride ensued heading out to Esher then heading around the back of Sandown Park and through the maze that is Thames Ditton.

The group then rode along the new cycle path to Kingston, this was were I lost them as I had to phone the pub to cancel an order, we joined up again at the top of the rise in Ham Gate after taking different routes.

A clockwise lap of Richmond Park and out of Sheen Gate to The Pig and Whistle in Sheen. The preordering of lunches worked very well, it seemed that as soon as we had ordered and paid for food and drinks, we had all sat down then the food came out, excellent service.

Lunch over with we returned to the park again via Sheen Gate and headed for the windy road across the park to Penn Ponds, then right to head back to Ham Gate and across Teddington Lock footbridge. A few by this point left us to head home. Nine of us headed to Bushey Park, Hampton Court and along to Walton for tea.


Many agreed it was a good ride for this time of year, congratulations to Mike for a well lead ride, plenty of corner markers and gather points made for a very smooth journey, we look forward to Mikes next lead. Thanks also go to those corner markers and to David Vine for back marking again. Do we need to look at co-back marker training?

If any more A group would like to lead a ride there are many of us who are willing to assist in plotting a ride and co-leading

Thanks to Simon for the above attachments.

Geoff Gregory

CTC Birthday Rides 2017

Several club members attended the 2016 Birthday Rides and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. With this in mind Steph has forwarded this advance notice for the 2017 event:

The 2017 Birthday Rides are to be held in the Cotswolds at The Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh from Monday 7 August to Sunday 13 August. The prospectus and booking forms will be available in early February.

CTC Birthday Rides started in the mid-1970’s as the Club’s Centenary approached, CTC having been founded on 5 August 1878.

If possible the Rides are held in the week which includes the 5 August. The aim is to hold the Rides in a different part of the country each year so that members can ride in areas, perhaps new to them, as well as meet friends old and new. The current format is to hold the event somewhere that can accommodate CTC Members in residential buildings, tents and caravans on the same site so that there is a sense of unity. Rooms are on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis and breakfast and/or dinner packages are available for campers.

Usually entertainment is laid on for the evenings and members can socialise and plan the activities for the next day or two. We also try to include a couple of coach trips to places of interest for non-riding partners or those wanting a change from cycling.

The 6 night holiday does not require all to be able to ride to the same standard so there are 5 rides in each of four categories:

A rides (60 – 80 miles)
B Rides (40 – 60 miles)
C Rides (20 – 40 miles)
D Rides (up to 20 miles)

Members choose the ride they want to do on the day that suits them. Traffic conditions mean that led rides are no longer feasible but Buddy Boards are normally set up to facilitate the finding of riding partners.

Route sheets, gpx files and a gazetteer of places worthy of a visit are sent out by e-mail in advance so that activities can be pre-planned but printed route sheets are also available at the venue.

The routes are planned and suggested by members, local to the venue but with CTC CH&T oversight to ensure a consistent format of the route sheets.

The event is planned by CTC Cycling Holidays & Tours, a subsidiary of CTC, but run by unpaid volunteers.

CTC Cycling Holidays & Tours Ltd
Registered in England and Wales no. 4106179

B Group - 11th January

Changing the elevenses venue from Shepperton to Walton was no bad thing. The changed route was a similar length to the original and we were able to avoid an unpleasant roundabout and a couple of busy roads in the process.

Seventeen of us departed from Walton DC and headed straight down to the river path for a traffic free ride under Walton Bridge to join Walton Lane into Weybridge. After a short stretch along a footpath by the A317 we zig-zagged through the poets and into Addleston to cross the level crossing and turn left into Corrie Rd to pick up Liberty Lane for the bridge over the M25.

After Row Town and Woodham we crossed the Basingstoke canal into West Byfleet where Pam left us in order to attend a VCC lunch further along the canal in Woking with Bill and Margaret and her many other friends.

We meandered through Pyrford, Green and Village, down to Ripley, less than a mile along the main road, and left into Grove Heath Road and the countryside beyond. More meandering brought us onto the half roundabout to pick up the A247 south into West Clandon, arriving at the Onslow Arms at exactly 1 pm, a small miracle.

The Onslow Arms was a good choice of lunch venue. It is quite a posh pub and with that a high quality menu, a large, bustling and friendly staff who delivered our food quickly. A long row of tables had been lined up and laid out for us and the ambience was excellent. The sandwich and soup combo was a very good choice for many of us. This is a hugely popular pub and it is worth noting the risk for anyone turning up out of the blue expecting to find a free table. Even without a bike it is easy to get to, with Clandon Station just a few hundred yards up the road and Ray observed that for people in a hurry there is a small helicopter pad just beyond the car park.

After lunch, rather than riding along the A246 we headed back up the way we had come, turning off the busy main road and via Hungry Hill through Ockham to Cobham. The countryside was looking its best in the vivid winter colour produced by the late afternoon light. Several of us stopped for coffee at Bronte's Café (yes, it is spelt like that) in Cobham while others carried on to get home before dark.

It was wonderful that we had three C Group riders join us for the ride, Lizzie, Maureen, and Sandy. This more than compensated for a couple of defections to A Group.

Thanks to David for being back marker and to everyone for coming out on the ride. Though we did have to endure quite a lot of headwind, plenty of sunshine and the lack of any rain ensured that spirits remained high.

~ Tim

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


We have been told that Shepperton Greeno Centre is unavailable due to emergency repairs to the car park.

Elevenses on Wednesday will now be at Walton Day Centre. 

If you know of fellow riders who dont have internet please pass the message on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Date for your Diary

Golden Beeches Weekend

A little way off but a good time to put it in your Diary

Golden Beeches is on for 2017; dates are Friday 20th October to Sunday 22nd October, venue is Great Kingshill Village Hall. I will post details nearer the time.

Attendance scores for 2016

Please hand your multicoloured attendance score sheets for 2016 to me as soon as possible, whether you think you are in with a chance of winning a trophy or not. I will also be happy to receive them by email.

You are probably aware that Simon and I make a note of people attending A and B Group rides. So we do have a record of everyones' attendance in a big spreadsheet. However due to us not attending every ride ourselves, and due to other oversights, our records are a 'best endeavours' effort. So please forward your figures to me if you want to maximise the number of Brownie points for which you will be recognised, and possibly rewarded.

~ Tim

Sunday, January 08, 2017

A Riders from Walton 11th january

This ride may well be a welcome back to the group for those that have been away either on holiday, sick or over indulged over the Christmas and New Year. It be quite a local to Walton loop, heading out to Esher, Kingston and Richmond Park entering at Ham Gate for a clockwise loop and out Sheen Gate for lunch at The Pig and Whistle in Sheen, the manager has asked that we preorder our food so I will be coming round with the menu before we leave. You will also find the menu on their website, parking is at the back and in a safe area with CCTV.

Although I am down to lead Mike Reynell has volunteered to take on the task and it will be his first lead out. Mike has done a Leaders course so we should be fine.

Its about 22 miles to lunch and then heading back to Walton for tea at Thyme at Riverhouse Arts Centre another 14 miles (though we may add on a half loop in the park depending on conditions) so we should be heading home possibly in the light.

Hoping to see a good turnout for Mikes inaugural lead

Geoff Gregory

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Update from Tim Gibbons

"Many thanks for the 'get well' card that arrived this morning. Gratefully received and much appreciated.

How considerate it is for everyone to be so thoughtful. Please pass on my thanks to all the signatories and well wishers.

I very much look forward to joining you all as soon as I am able to get back on two wheels.

Very best wishes,

~ Tim G


I spoke to Tim yesterday morning. He confirmed that further to the operation on his arm he had the stitches taken out before Christmas. He is healing but suffering quite a lot of pain in his shoulder and after seeing the doctor is now on a waiting list for treatment by a physiotherapist.

~ Tim C

Friday, January 06, 2017

A poke in the ribs.

Let's keep it short and sweet,
In case you were asleep.

Respond now or......



Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Easy Riders - 4th January

Cobham to West End

At 11 30 a.m. seven were ready, all saddled up for the off when the puncture fairy put in her 2nd appearance,  Don being the first, and was just finishing putting his bike together when our 8th lady had a flat back tyre. Brian and Lizzie made short work of fixing it when I noticed Don was still struggling; I went over to discover his valve wasn’t working but was able to give him a new inner tube which soon had him on his way.
It was 12 0'clock by the time we made our move but had only got to West End Lane when she struck again but in both tyres.  We decided to call it a day and went into the Prince of Wales on the green and once again Brian came to the rescue and managed to find 2 inner tubes in his bag and made the bike all ship shape.  A BIG THANK YOU TO BRIAN.  
After lunch everyone was making their own way home.   The pub was very good with quite cheap food and a great variety. There is plenty of room inside plus a big garden outside for the summer; service was very prompt.
Thank you everyone for making the most of the ride.

A Group 4th Jan

Unfortunately Dave Vine is recovering from a heavy cold and I led the route he had planned. Nine of us left Cobham heading for the Four Horseshoes at Burrowhill. First we headed to Send via Plough Lane, Ockham and Grove Heath Road and then looped back to Newark Road and West Byfleet. We cut off the corner to Ottershaw along Brox Lane and then it was an easy run past Foxhills to Gracious Pond Road and Burrowhill. The pub were rather overstaffed for the number of customers and food came quickly. We left before two for a direct run back to Addlestone, Weybridge and Walton. Tea was at Thyme by the River in Molesey reached soon after 3.

Thanks to Dave for an excellent route and to Geoff for back marking.

B Group 4th January

It was a group of 17 which set off on the B Ride from Cobham, heading to St Johns, Woking for lunch.  Following Plough Lane at the start, we continued almost as far as Ockham before turning off sharply to go up a farm lane to reach Wisley airstrip - a move which caught everyone by surprise as they were in full flight downhill at the time and probably surprised even more the driver of the huge tractor who was trying to come out on to the road!  Having crossed the airstrip - there was no sign of the fellow flying his drone whom we had seen when doing the recce - it was up and over the pedestrian bridge to Wisley, on to Pyrford Lock and then by various small roads and paths to Old Woking Road.  Now began a westward movement along roads which skirted the town of Woking and brought us to St Johns.  Crossing the canal, we continued westwards past the Woking Crematorium a short way to our destination, The Surrey pub.

This Flaming Grill pub has a huge menu with very reasonable prices, and numerous special offers.  When doing the recce, the five of us had each been given a voucher, offering £5 refund on any food order of £15 or more.  In order for the group to make use of this, people made up small groups of 3 or 4 people and put in their food orders on the same bill, which was almost like a team-building exercise!  However, there were other offers and in the end some wondered if they had got the best deal after all!!  Hopefully everyone benefited and the pub gave us vouchers for yet another special offer for next week!  They were certainly pleased to see us.

After lunch, it was a straightforward ride following the Basingstoke Canal back to West Byfleet and then taking the road through New Haw to Addlestone and on to Walton Bridge.  It was approx. 3.15 p.m. by then so people from afar should have got home in daylight.  Thank you to Pam for back-marking and to people marking corners.  Gill Finlay

PS:  On the recce for this ride, Vic had suffered a fall on slippery leaves on the towpath and narrowly missed a wetting.  Today, we came across a man surrounded by paramedics who had apparently been in the water.  We know nothing more but it was a reminder that we do need to be careful!

B Group - 4th January (map and photo)

B Group at The Surrey
~ Tim

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

A Group – 4 January

This week’s A Group ride is to the Four Horseshoes at Chobham (www.fourhorseshoeschobham.co.uk) and return to tea near Hampton Court.
Outward 18 miles - only "climbing" is Hungry Hill and Foxhills Rd. - only off-tarmac is Brox Lane (gravel & 2 gates). Return 14 miles hopefully downwind - even less climbing.