Friday, February 29, 2008

B Group Feb 27th

Sixteen set off from Leatherhead, on a sunny cool morning. Godfrey, Norman, John, Les, Stephanie, Liz, Harry, Phillip, Terry, Irene, Christen, Gill, Jackie, Mick, Neville, Harold, and Robin.
Going through Bookham, Effingham past the station, via Guilesh Hill Lane , Across the High street at Ripley into Newark Lane to Woking . East Hill down under the railway, and right along the canal. 2.7 Km left over the lock bridge and up Feris lane To the Victoria Pub on the corner of Woodham Lane for lunch. Average food, good serving, slightly disorganised.
After lunch back to the canal, left to the next road, right through West Byfleet , left into Pryford Road , 2.6 Km Lock Lane through Wisley. Over the A3 footbridge, and north along side the main road. Crossing the large roundabout above the M25 a slight difficulty, N B one Is advised to use the pedestrian lights to the centre, then off again to the R. hand north going side. Immediately turning right through woods 100 yards onto the old Pointers Road , a puncture here. Bearing right over, and left over Bookham Common, through Fetcham, and down to Leatherhead. Approx. 12 Finished, 6 into Annies for tea. Yours Robin.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Group Feb 27th

A perfect day for cycling today at Bockett’s Farm, from where 16 ‘A’ group riders set out. On the ride were Pete B, Pete M, Vic, Grant, Will, Geoff, Ray, John M, (welcome back), John S, Julian, Toni, Frank H, Graham, Ed, Mike and Rob. Later at lunch we were joined by Jen.

We had a brisk bit of climbing to start with, out of Leatherhead up to Headley court Rehabilitation Unit, where we resisted the temptation to drop in for a spot of rehab ourselves. Then we rode up and across Headley Heath, passing the top of Pebble Hill, before turning off the road to cross Walton Heath Golf Course, where we navigated what mud there was and avoided any flying golf balls. Crossing the top of Reigate Hill we then descended rapidly down Gatton Bottom, through Rocky Lane and passed East of Redhill before a short stiff climb took us over the A25. Shortly after, Will took off determinedly down Kings Cross Lane, but a bout of concerted bellowing soon rectified the situation.

Lunch was taken at the Castle, Wasp Green, where we were treated to a photo of Ray, barely visible behind the enormous collection of silverware he won last year, not forgetting the wooden one built by Ed. Leaving the Castle, Frank noticed an embedded flint in his tyre, which was removed using that indispensible tool of the cyclist, a corkscrew. After that it was a short spin to our tea stop at Squires Garden Centre at Reigate. The last time we took tea at Reigate, several of us had climbed Wray Lane with its roughly 1 in 4 finish en route home, so this time, to avoid that, we took the longer but flatter way back through the Dorking gap to Leatherhead and home.

I covered 59 miles.


C Group Feb 27th

John C. led around twelve of us, in perfect weather from the day centre at Leatherhead. There was Bill H., Roger, Ron, the other Harold, Lynda, Beryl, Helga, Sonia, Mark {had to peel off) me and Dennis. I`ve probably forgotten someone. We had a spot of offroad before reaching the Mickleham Bypass and the cyclepath alongside the A24. We crossed over into Pixham Lane, at the end of which we crossed the A25 and joined the cyclepath and a spot of more offroad in the direction of Brockham where we got back on the tarmac and made for our lunch spot, The Plough at Leigh (pronounced `lie` I was informed!). Food and beer was good and reasonable and we returned on much the same route until, at Westhumble Lane we met Harold F. with his camera and gathered for a photo shoot. We then pressed on for tea at Leatherhead day centre. As far as I know the only mishap was me,having tried to change to my middle ring, bent the changer, leaving me with the just the small ring in the the last half mile. However it was only a few hundred yards to where my car was parked.-------------------------clocked 21 miles (on the bike!)---------Albert

Vic in Contemplation

At first I thought he was sleeping but then I realised he was waiting in anticipation of the arrival of Jen for a late lunch at Wasp Green.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lunch Wasp Green 27 Feb

Two pictures only. Text to folloe from Rob

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Friday, February 22, 2008

A bit more of the Hilly 50

In order to encourage Toni De (pseudonym - Tagliatelle) to use the blog I put up another picture. entitled - "He who dares wins" Photo by Ray, the ultimate Dare! This one I put on the Wayfarers as there are lots on the C&M and one on the DA.

A Group Feb 20th

Grant’s Run 20th Feb 08
On a nasty foggy in your bones morning 17 left Claygate, we didn’t go far Grant the leaders rear tyre blew outside Esher, holed in two places a nail or similar right through, tyre off the rim. New tube quickly inserted and off into the mist and cold again my nose continually being wiped! Two peeled off Ian & Frank Powney. Through Cobham to Hungry Hill, Send, back of Ripley slight hickup at Old Woking but made it into Woking under the railway station pedestrian subway to Wetherspoons ‘H G Wells’ for lunch. 15 of us Grant, Pete M, Vic, Rob, Frank C, Pete B, Ray, Ed, Jason, Tony, D’it, John Scott, Mike M, Graham, Irene, Neil. Out into the slightly cleared mist after lunch following the cycle route to West Byfleet over the Canal and eventually by intuition followed the route as planned , being mocked for instance by John Scott for being lost to arrive at Watson’s Bakery at Shepperton. Bad news “the kitchen is closed” Good news “Tea etc at take away prices can be consumed within” Now only 9 of us. After coffee and cakes 5 of us followed Pete M on a diverse route to Hampton Court , Chessington and home

Thursday, February 21, 2008

B Group Feb 20th

A group of 15 left Claygate on a cold foggy morning headed for Pyrford Lock with Cliff leading,riders included Gill Liz Judy Carol Christine Anita plus sister Terry Norman Harold visiting from C group two Davids and Robin, sorry for any errors and omissions but having left my route sheet on the kitchen table I was a bit preoccupied! Our route was via Oxshot to Stoke D Abernon over to Station Road to Tilt Meadow where we picked up River Lane to Downside Common then on towards Martyrs Green and left to Effingham Jcn. A right at Drift Rd.At the end we joined East Lane and Long Reach to Ockham and on to Ripley. A right in the centre of town (village?) took us to Warren Lane Lock Lane and the Anchor at the lock, a bit of a circuitous route

Our proposed lunch here was frustrated by it being packed with families enjoying half term lunch so it was about turn and back to the Seven Stars nearer Ripley. Here we were received by a welcome from the Landlord and his staff who provided excellent dishes at reasonable prices although due to our problems including a slow puncture for one of the Davids, we finished lunch at three o'clock.

Our return was via the Wisley bridge and across the airstrip to Cobham where a few of us had tea before dispersing.I clocked 49 miles and got home at 18.20 hrs Cliff W.

C Group Feb 20th

Fog and frost were the order of the day with lights necessary for the early morning ride to Claygate where, led by Ron there were nine of us en route for lunch at The Woodland pub at Ashstead. Apart fom me and Ron there was Mark, Beryl, Bill H., Roger, Dennis, Harold and Fuzz. Much of the route was offroad including Claygate Common and the Princes Covert mainly. Dennis must have taken a different route as we waited for him a couple of times but concluded he was pretty clued up with the area. The pub food was good and promptly served and there was nothing wrong with the beer either. Being quite a way from home I declined to join them for tea and made a beeline for home via Leatherhead, Stoke d`Abernon, Cobham and Byfleet. I arrived at 3.30 having clocked up 32.6 miles-----------------Albert

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Foggy Day

Congratulations to the leader of the "A" group ride today. Can't remember his name but I "Grant" you he did a splendid job. It was like the blind leading the blind on a foggy day, for as the title says that is what it was. 55 miles by the time I got home with the sun setting over Epsom Downs much as it has risen when I left in the morning. Don't forget tonight, cloud/fog permitting, there is a total eclipse of the moon around 3am. Don't miss it as it won't happen again untill something like 2017?

30 Punctures

Since September 30th 2007 30 Different people have suffered a puncture
Check the LINKS : Puncture tables, are you there?

News from Nigel

Hi Just thought I'd give an update to the As Bs and Cs from me Nigel C
" I'm not really a cyclist " just in case anyones remotely interested. Following in the footsteps of Uncle Bob "Ironman Starey" my long awaited hip (left) op was undertaken at Epsom SWLEOC last thursday and thankfully all went well. Was spat out and sent home on Sunday with time off good behaviour got 3 stars. but told could have done better because told there some ex-fireman a few weeks back who did his own op went home nearly the same day and got the full 5 stars

Talk about not letting the dust settle !! All very different form my other hip undertaken 15 years ago, when I was in for 10 days which then was considered good.

Anyways currently walking on crutches and making about a 1/4 mile. Extra procedure has finally, after 45 years resolved the inbalance in leg length from the original break. So its all going to take a little longer to weld itself all back together. But certainly hoping to get back to some form of gentle riding within 4 weeks. Which i'm certainly missing in the current good weather Best wishes to all and happy-safe cycling. Will keep up with the news on the Blog.

May pop down for the easy-riders off on Saturday at the Mansion House weather permitting Don't want anything to go rusty

Free Cycle Shoes

Hi Pete,

Barry Arnison in NZ has 2 pairs of Pete Salisbury touring shoes size 8 surplus to requirements and it seems a shame for them not to be used! He has very kindly offered to send them to anybody who can use them. I have asked him how much he wants for them and what the postage would be but he says he doesn't want anything for them and it would be too much hassle to send NZ Dollars for the postage, just buy him a drink next time he is on a club ride over here (he has no immediate plans on coming over here!) Could you please put this on the Midweek Wayfarers blog, there might be someone who still uses toe-clips who could use them.
I forgot to mention they are unused! 

PS Barry is 59 today!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Harmondsworth Lunch 13 Feb 08

The pub for lunch and another of Richmond for tea. I must apologies to Graham for suggesting the LHR looked miles away for the 3rd runnway but looking at the map indeed Sipson and I supose Harlington will disapear. I sure hope that the pilots don't get confused with the A4 & M4. I do hope they can keep the Great Barn, almost big enough to take a Jumbo jet.

Lunch 13 Feb

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'A' Group lunch at Harmondsworth

Lunch at Harmondsworth

Under the landing flight path Heathrow

Thursday, February 14, 2008

“A” Group Report - 13th Feb

“A” Group Report 13th Feb Frank Cubis

A large group of 15 left Weybridge Day Centre at 11-25 in glorious sunshine which continued all day until sunset, 4 were left behind (presumably chatting). As it was my run we rode north (of course) along Thames Street to Walton Bridge passing near Shepperton Day Centre, using the circular cycle path over the M3 to Littleton passing Ashford and along Clockhouse Lane, then south of the A30 to Hatton Cross, time for a few photo shoots as the aircraft were a few yards from touch down. Into Heathrow we used the clockwise cycle route where we picked up the 4 that were left behind at Weybridge. We exited the airport crossing the A4 at the Post House into Harlington where left along Sipson Lane to Harmondsworth. The Five Bells was the destination, and a very efficient barman took our orders, we sat outside in warm sunshine in this quaint village, (that is until the 3rd runway decimates the whole area). Enjoying the tranquillity were 2 Franks, Neil, Ray, Pete B & M, Jake, Vic, Rob, Tony, Editor Mike, Ian, John, Steve, Graham, Grant, Jeff, Brian & Will, Jen also joined us here 20 I think. After lunch it was a quick view of the Tithe Barn and on our way East on back roads to Cranford where Neil punctured, this delayed us some 20 minutes, Ray and Grant excused themselves and carried on. Then on to Heston, Osterley, Spring Grove, Isleworth, along the Thames cycle path via Twickenham and Richmond to enjoy tea at the café under Richmond Bridge where Graham organized the seating arrangement outside in still glorious sunshine. From here members made their own way home, I am sure before sunset.

B Group Feb 13

Having needed lights (because of the fog) en route to 11s, I was pleased to see the sun shining when we left Weybridge, indeed , it stayed with us the rest of the day. I (Terry) led Christine, Judy, Liz, Stephanie, Bernard, Cliff, Johns G,M and S, Les, Mick, Nev, Phil, Roger S, A N Other (2 off) and with Norman bringing up the rear we set off through the quiet residential roads of Addlestone to emerge onto Murray Road leading shortly to the Ottershaw roundabout. Straight over, past a very quiet Fairoaks we soon headed south, through Horsell then turning left onto the Basingstoke Canal towpath at the outskirts of Woking. A narrow boat was moored and its' crew were arranging chairs and a table by the towpath but they declined our offer to relieve them of 20 cups of tea ! Leaving the towpath at Shearwater bridge we continued through Pyrford to The Saddlers Arms at Send where we dined well. Here John S left us having some Valentinian obligation to fulfil (John M had already done so - hope it didn't get too creased in your h'bar bag, John), others left at intervals but most continued to West Horsley where we turned into Lollesworth Lane then alongside the railway line to East Horsley. A short stretch of minor road then we turned left into Lynx Hill and continued along the track (ducking under the tunnel !) to emerge at the junction of Calvert Road and Orestan Lane in Effingham, thus having missed the dogs. Just in time to miss the school rush we rode along Lower Road then past Fetcham Mill Pond to Leatherhead where a handful of us had a welcome 'cuppa' at Annie's before going our separate ways, hopefully arriving home in daylight. Terry

C Group Feb 13

The weather came up trumps again again as we met at Weybridge; a bit colder perhaps but soon became warm later.
Roger led a modest group of around eight for lunch at The Half Moon at Ripley. We went through Weybridge up Heath Road past the old church of fond memory where i was baptised, confirmed and married so many moons ago. Reaching the rail station we joined the Brooklands Road turning right into the estate and emerging at Byfleet. Then on to west Byfleet and Pyrford Road, Warren Lane with the dodgy left turn at the end in the direction of Ripley. It`s a nice quiet pub and the service is spot-on. At lunch there was, apart from Roger and me, Lynda, Beryl, Harold S., Harold F.,and (to me) a newcomer, a young lady named Kathy. Mark arrived about this time but I saw nothing of Ron ,Geoff or Dennis after elevenses. Good old Tom turned out at Weybridge but said he intended to ride home from there.---------------------"Though winter comes, can spring be far behind"------------------ Albert

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wayfarers Lunch at Cheam

Wayfarers' Annual Lunch
Wednesday 5 March at Prezzo, Cheam Village from 12.30
Here is the menu that Lynda has arranged for us at Prezzos.
She suggests two courses (£7.95 plus a suggested tip of £1.00).
Drinks should be ordered individually at the bar.

East Shalford

A Group Feb 6th

The "A" ride started abruptly when Irene took a flyer and soon a way had to be found along a partly submerged Plough Lane. We turned left by the boarded up Hautbois and then via the Long Reach headed into East Horsley.

Allowed free rein, holes started to appear in the bunch as we toiled up past Sheepleas, regrouping at the top. On the Coombe Bottom descent, Frank C (160 Rev Per Minute on fixed 31.9 mph) and Mike demonstrated the art of car overtaking. From the A25 we switched to the A248 through Albury and Chilworth where the railway was crossed to a watery East Shalford. John B became enchanted by a deep black pool, emerging seconds later unharmed but somewhat muddied. The cycle path was our way into the centre of Guildford where lunch was taken at The Rodboro Buildings.

It was a longer than intended stay as Rob waited and waited for his lasagne; eventually it came just as everyone else was ready to go.
Up the High Street we rode and through the suburbs to the A3 and its familiar cyclepath. Whether by intent or not, our numbers had thinned from 18 to a dozen at Ockham Bites. Here we lingered enjoying the bright spring-like weather; the southwesterly wind passing almost unnoticed - around 40 miles.

Graham Hill

C Group Feb 6th

The turnout at Cobham was great as was the weather, with sunshine all the way to The Stepping Stones for lunch. Mike led around fifteen of us, with Mark, Bill H., Bill .A.,Lynda, Beryl, the two Johns, Ron, Roger Fuzz and me plus quite a few more, over Bookham Common at the end of which we took the right turn up the tarmac for about half a mile then a left turn through a housing estate after which we decided to split up with the more intrepid opting for the Polesden Lacey direction while the rest (including yours truly) took our chances with the traffic and the less hilly way to the cycle path along the A24. Fuzz took over leadership here and we took an interesting diversion with less traffic through the Mole Valley before emerging on the aforementioned cycle path en route for the most expensive pint (3.10), I have sunk in many a moon! After a good lunch we headed, via the same cycle path for tea at Leatherhead. Bill H., and myself had ours at a cafe near Cobham station where he caught his train. I returned to the Stoke Road near The Old Plough and made for home arriving just after four with 31and a bit miles on the clock and a large thirst.---------------------Albert

B Group Feb 6th

What a glorious sunny day to have been out on the bike - it just got
better and better as the day wore on! Spring was definitely in the air
and we had what seemed like a record number of riders out with B Group
- eighteen plus a lady cyclist who just happened to be out on her bike
and who joined us for a while! Roll call is as follows: Judy, Christine,
Liz, Stephanie,Les,Terry, Norman, Cliff, John G., recumbent Ed, Nev, Phil,
Mick. We also welcomed Godfrey (from the Saturday group), Richard (from
A group breaking himself in after a long gap) and newcomers Jeff and
Graham whom we hope to see again, though Graham is about to start a new
job next week so it may be a while. Pete Matthews also cycled with us
but for only a very short while so I haven't counted him. Thanks Terry
for being back-marker for this mammoth group!
Leaving Cobham we did a detour to avoid floodwater in Plough Lane and
joined Ockham Lane at Pointers Green. From here the route was over the
Wisley airstrip across the footbridge over the A3 to Wisley. Here Mick
punctured and was helped by Terry and Nev while the rest of us waited
about half a mile on (Bernard, where were you to provide the entertainment
this week?). All together again we continued to Pyrford and West Byfleet
where we found ourselves well and truly in the 'red light district' of
traffic lights and roadworks all the way to New Haw - very much a stop
/start process! Free at last to keep cycling, we came into the back of
Addlestone via Row Town and Liberty Lane, and stopped at The Pelican
on the Wey Navigation Canal for lunch. Sitting outside in the sun
beside the water, it was hard to believe this was early February!
The pub took the large group in its stride and provided excellent
meals and service. After lunch it was an easy ride to Walton Bridge
where we took to the towpath as far as the Leisure Centre-not too many
puddles - then did a detour inland through Molesey before coming back
to the river at Molesey Boat Club and so to Hampton Court.
Here the group split up with seven of us having tea and cakes before
heading home. It had been an excellent day. (Thanks are due to Pete Barnard
for the route used by a joint A/B Group in December and to Irene for
showing it to me.) Gill Finlay

B Group Awaiting Lunch

B group eagerly awaiting lunch at The Pelican, Weybridge.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

B Group Jan 30th

Ten riders: Christine, Bernard, Cliff, Johns - M & G, Ken, Les, Mick, and Terry; led by Norman. From cafe left into School Hill, under 1st rail bridge, right into (?) Field Rd right fork into Cormongers Lane up a very steep hill across the A25 down a steep hill round the south of South Nutfield under the M23 right into Wales Rd left into Brickfield Rd past Outwood Mill (Gayhouse Lane) down Horne Court Hill.

Right into Church Rd left into Croydon Rd staight on to Barn Lane right into Brickhouse Lane right into Clay Lane right into ones lane, right into ark Rd 3/4 round r/bout into A22 Eastbourne Rd left into Wire Mill Lane to lunch at The Wire Mill. Return back to R/bout then via Park Rd, Effingham Rd, Redehal Rd, Broadridge Lane, Weatherhill Rd over M23 right into Hathersham Lane onto Picketts Lane, where John M punctured. Terry stopped to help and told us to carry on as they were leaving us at the East Surrey Hospital.

We carried on through Redhill back to, Merstham and Fanny's Farm for tea. (All of this ride is covered on the Surrey Guides 5 & 8).


Friday, February 01, 2008

A Group Jan 30th

Leader Ed Sharp. Weather : Sunny not too cold Elevenses at Hungers End Cafe at Merstham. Lunch Jack Fairman Wetherspoons at Horley. On the ride 16 riders. Route : Nutfield, Smallfield, Horley, Sustrans route 21 and tea at The Sun Wetherspoons at Redhill After tea Pete M suffered his first puncture to be added to the current puncture chart and we all went our separate ways home Distance for me 40miles