Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Group November 28th

Picture by Mike Morley
‘A’ Group ride report Wednesday 28th Nov Frank C. Under threatening sky’s and an equally threatening forecast a group of 21 (I think) left the Claygate Day centre soon after 11 o’clock. We viewed the mansions in Esher Park Avenue to immerge at the centre of Esher we turned left onto the old A3, now A307, along the Fairmile (were John B. punctured) Will, knowing our route offered to assist. After this short delay it was into Cobham and up Pains Hill, straight over the roundabout and along the Byfleet Road and left into the dead end Redhill Road, past Silvermere Golf Club, at the end of the road it was the cycle path to negotiate the A3/M25 junction into Old Lane at Ockam Bite. Then Hatchford End, The Mucky Duck, Effingham Junction and left into Lower Road at Effingham Village, all the along to Leatherhead High St to Weatherspoons where Ron & Doreen were there and John, Will & Ray arrived soon after. After lunch with the weather still holding fine a number of the group declined the invite of the leader to climb the Zig Zag. So it was a group of 12 hardy soul’s to ride through Mickleham, up Box Hill back along Headley Common, Ashtead Park, Woodcote to Epsom Weatherspoons bang on 3 o’clock. All went their own way from here, I arrived back at Wembley after 62 miles and still in the dry so presumably all were dry and home before dark.

Jura update

Dates : 6th May 2008 to 12th May 2008 (14th may 2008)

I am concerned that I am now receiving requests to vary the accommodation bookings (vis: Mike Morleys request for a single room rather than a double room with an additional single room for Toni d'Italia and Ian Appletons request for the duration of his stay to be one day shorter due to his intended late arrival by one day).

It is now very difficult to change the bookings as a contract has been entered into with the owner of the Auberge. We are now bound by this contract which was based on your individually requested bookings. The owners will look to you individually to compensate them for any financial shortfall which might occur in you shortening or amending the bookings.

Indeed I have secured a very special deal with the owner of the Auberge because of the numbers of beds required. (i.e. a reduction in the normal price to be paid by smaller parties). This will be as stated Euro 32.50 per person per night.

I have e-mailed Mike that I will see if there is any room for manoeuvre with the owners when I go to the Jura at Christmas (not what I really wanted to do! It spoils my relaxation with my family during the festive season). However, as the region is very popular, as evidenced by my failure to gain accommodation at Le Chalet de la Haute-Joux, I am in some doubt that I will be successful in this respect. Even if I am successful the owners may want to increase the prices for you all due to the fact that they will be one room short when they try to satisfy other demands for accommodation (they are an over flow for Le Chalet de la Haute-Joux).

I am not gaining anything by running this trip other than seeing you all have a very good holiday. However, if I am constantly being harassed to change arrangements I may think twice about running such events in future.

Hope you will appreciate my position.

Kind regards,


C Group November 28th

We had a good turnout at Claygate in fine late autumn weather. Nice to see Pam back on her bike and Mark back from his extended visit to Amritsa. I counted fourteen at the start of our ride with Mike leading John C., Bill P., Tom, Dave, Mark, Beryl, Lynda, Dave, Roger, Ron and me. I`ll remember the others names and have to kick myself later, but it really was a great ride to the George IV at West Horsley.
The offroad started with Claygate Common and we had a couple of more cracks at the outback stuff before reaching Stoke D`Abernon. Our second section offroad brought us out next to the small chapel at Downside Common. Mark left us here and pressed on to Bookham Common.
We took a lane that brought us out to Stoke Road which we crossed before starting a spot more puddle jumping. We emerged into a road familiar to most of us. It was most of the vertical part of Plough Lane! We crossed the road at The Mucky Duck and continued down Ockham Road with a fairly easy ride to lunch. By the way this is the only place I have found which gives one a choice of brown or white baguette to enclose ones bacon and brie. However I am not paid to advertise and as tea was to be at Leatherhead I made a beeline for home via Ripley.
I forgot to mention John had a slow puncture but got his lunch in time. ----------------

B Group November 28th

It was hard to winkle B Group riders out of their comfy chairs at Claygate this morning. However a group of fifteen of us eventually hit the road - Liz, Judy, Terry, Norman, Cliff, Johns G., S. and M., Robin, Gerry, Nev, Les, Philip, Roger and me, Gill, the leader. With West Clandon as our lunchtime destination, we headed due south, past the church on to Coverts Road, shown as a dead end but which for us cyclists led us on to the first bit of off-road called New Road. This is shown on the map as being a reasonable all-year-round route and proved to be fine even after the recent wet weather, with a fairly solid surface mostly covered with leaves as we cut across through woodland to the busy Fairoak Lane. Fortunately we didn't have to go too far along this road before we turned off on to Stokeheath Road. This had a gate across it but while negotiating this we were able to take in the view and note a llama amongst the sheep in the neighbouring field! We came out on to Copsem Lane just short of Sandy Lane which we followed before taking off on a path across Fairmile Common then a mixture of quiet roads and footpaths bringing us out into the centre of Cobham. We were now in well-known territory - Plough Lane, Ockham, Guileshill Road and Hungry Hill. Johns S. and M. played the hare in the 'tortoise and the hare' up the hills, waiting for us at strategic points! At East Clandon we came out on to the A246 and followed this to the lights at the junction for Newlands Corner where we turned right into West Clandon and reached the Bull's Head about 12.45p.m. This being a very small and popular pub, we were lucky to find a whole section free to accommodate us. Service and the quality of the meals were both excellent and we were back on the road just before 1.45p.m. The route home was straightforward - down into Ripley, across the airstrip, through Downside Cobham and across to Stoke D'Abernon on the off-road track where eight of us had afternoon tea at Seymour's Garden Centre. Dark skies threatened as we hurriedly headed for home at 3.15p.m. but only brought a little dampness on my way back to Sunbury. I hope the others were as lucky! (Gill Finlay)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bob gets ready for his Pre-Med

Must be a record for one day, both lunch and afternoon tea taken in Wetherspoons, Leatherhead and Epsom. Photo shows Bob preparing for his pre-med in Wetherspoons today. Looks to me like they took him for a ride and he lost his shirt. Take a good look now girls, this might be the last time you see him in such good fettle! Lets hope when he goes in for his op, Bob doesn't try to leg it too soon. As for getting his leg over (the cross bar) he may have to convalesce first. Not content with having one hip replaced, like the Wetherspoons twice in one day, Bob is having two hips replaced (separate ops). I can't think of a more determined man to get through all this and come out the other side screaming fit (well at least screaming)

Sustrans Vote

You can vote £50 million for cycling today!
Here are the basic details:
The Big Lottery Fund has selected four projects that are eligible for £50M of lottery money. One project will get the lot and this will be decided by public vote.

The Sustrans entry called "Connect2" will provide critical cycle route links nationwide. More info on
Right now you can see info about the projects and vote Connect2 on line at:
You need to register first and then you will receive a validation email with a link that will enable you to vote. Only one vote can be made per email address.

Online voting ends at noon on Monday 10th.
Alternatively you can vote by phone.There will be several ITV1 programmes presenting the projects. The one presenting Connect2 will be on Tuesday 4th December at 11pm. Telephone numbers for voting will be broadcast. One vote per phone.

Phone voting commences at 9am Friday 7th December.
So spread the word! A big vote from cyclists will win the £50M and will also send an important message about the demand for better cycle facilities.

Michael Pontin
Sustrans Liaison Ranger

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brian Nixon's Puncture

Well done Ray for such a good outdoor picture. I particularly like the Palm Tree and the fact that our DA Sec. has an inscrutable smile. I am even more impressed with our new midWW rides secs., even bigger smile, next to Brian's even more unfortunate puncture. That's life and I guess in the CTC you get the lot which can be no bad thing. For those not aware don't forget there is a puncture competition for the most punctures in a year and an even more splendid one for the best photo in various categories details of which can be found on the DA website. More in the next issue of Sou'Wester. ed.s'w

'A' Group 21st Nov. after lunch.

A Group November 21st

Pictures by Mike Morley

Report by Ed Sharp
Elevenses Redhill 'The Arches'
Destination : Dormansland
On Ride : Pete M, Pete B, Jake, Brian, John B, Will, Ian, Ray, Richard, Mike, Rob, Grant, Stephen, Toni. Route out, Smallfield, Lingfield, Dormansland for lunch. Weather: Fine after heavy overnight rain. Route Back, Lingfield, Blindley Heath, Smallfield, Redhill 'Wetherspoons The Sun' for tea. Home via Gatton, Chipstead, Banstead, Ewell. Distance 55miles

C Group November 21st

We had quite a few extra turn out at Kingston with such great autumn weather; sunny, not so cold as of late and just a mild breeze. I counted about fourteen on the ride led by John G. followed by Fuzz, Dave, Lynda, Beryl, Tom, Roger, Dennis, Mick and Mary on their tandem, Phil, a newcomer named Gerry (I think) and me. Our intended lunch stop was The Queens Head at Weybridge (as John said: chosen specially for my benefit bless him). After leaving Kingston over the bridge we entered the park for a pleasant ride, on well surfaced roads, leaving by the gate on the Hampton Road then into the Lower Sunbury Road.
Before reaching the turning to Walton Bridge we made a left turn ostensibly for a bit of a diversion. I was having some trouble with vision in the lowering sunlight and stated my intention to make my own way to the pub down Walton Lane and via my birthplace Thames street; a spot I can find with my eyes shut! This worked out quite well as we all arrived at our destination at the same time.
The food was good as was the beer after which I went home with less than two miles to go. Thanks John -------------------------- Albert

B Group

B group fan club (Meath Green Lane branch) were out in force today

From Redhill I led Angie, Liz, Stephanie, Bernard, Cliff, David A, Les, Mick and Norman south alongside the busy A23 Brighton Road until we could fork right to enjoy the relative peace and quiet of Pendleton Road. At Woodhatch we joined Lonesome Lane and continued south to Meath Green having noted the fan club en route. A short stretch of the A217 then we turned right to Charlwood, Russ Hill, Partridge Lane, left into Burntoak Lane past the moated Cudworth Manor to arrive at The Six Bells at Newdigate at about 1245.

I had been warned there would be others in the bars but the place was bulging with pensioners! Some were skittling in the alley but we went outside where heaters had been switched on in the smokers' covered, open area for us. This soon proved too breezy so we relocated to a conveniently empty, unheated but fairly draught-proof marquee and later moved indoors when others had moved on. The food was splendid and generous, the rather extended break ended about 1410 and we headed for Dorking via the usual lanes. Then down Pixham Lane and along the cycle track to Leatherhead where some carried straight on and some of us stopped at Annie's. After an enjoyable sunny day, although a bit breezy at times, we went our separate ways, hopefully all arriving home before the rain.

Jura News

Accommodation for 2008 French Cycling Trip

Dates : 6th May 2008 to 12th May 2008 (14th may 2008)

Due to the high demand on the Le Chalet de la Haute-Joux no rooms were available for the duration of our trip. However at their suggestion I had a meeting with Honorine Henriet at the Auberge Loisirs Le Sillet at Longcochon and I found it to be ideal for what we were looking for. They charge Euro 32.50 per person for demi pension (bed, breakfast and a traditional Jurasienne evening meal including bed-linen and towels.) All rooms have a shower, basin and toilet en-suite. The rooms I saw were double with twin beds which could either be placed side by side for couples or apart for others.
The Auberge is an ancient, traditional Jurasienne farmhouse which has been completely refurbished to modern standards. The view from the rooms I visited was stunning and, in the distance, overlooked the ancient walled city of Nozeroy which incidentally is the smallest walled city in France . Nozeroy makes an ideal destination for anyone requiring a restaurant or bar in the evening and is less than 10 minutes by bike or even less by car.
Anyone travelling by EuroStar and changing on to the TGV should alight at Frasne (pronounced Fran) which is 15Km from the Auberge (an easy cycle ride).
There is ample parking for cars and covered secure storage for bicycles.

Friday, November 16, 2007

News from Pam

Since I have been too busy to join the club rides. Goodness knows when I shall be fit enough to ride with the A group again!!!!
To-day I move out of my flat to house which is only a few streets away!
I still have a lot to do but will get there by the end of the day!!
I am told by Talktalk that it could be 5th December before I am back 'on-line'! Could you post this mail on the Blog to let all know of my move and to say that all are welcome - with a little notice for there is still some 'finishing off' to be done in the house!
Cheers to all, Pam

Thursday, November 15, 2007

B Group November 14th

Norman(swapped with Gil)led, what must be one of the largest B
Les,JohnG,Mick,Neville,PhilL,Richard,Robin and Terry to Wood Street Village. From
Weybridge via Brooklands, Byfleet, Old Woking and Smart Heath to the
Royal Oak (Wood Street) where, in spite of the large group, we received rapid
service with good food. Return via Jacobs Well,Send and Ripley to tea at
Cobham. From there we went our separate ways home

C Group November 14th

The weather was cold but sunny as we left Weybridge with Phil in the
lead. Just six of us; Phil, Beryl, Fuzz, Bill, Roger and me.
Our lunch destination was Thorpe Green, but the pub was unknown to
myself. We took the cyclepath to Addlestone, up Woburn Hill, across the dual
carriageway,under St.Peters Way via the tunnel and thus to Green Lane. We turned
left into Little Green Lane after crossing over the M25. A bit of a climb on this
road; over the Guildford Road near the hospital to join a footpath which came
out on the Chobham Road at which point we did a right and left to the
Longcross Road along which a right turn took us through Lyne. When we got to Thorpe
Road the offroad started after which we almost arrived at Egham Hythe. According
to the barmaid it was still Thorpe Green and having ordered a drink we found
they did not do food as neither did the next pub down the road. However Bill and
I had a couple of beers and he had his sandwiches. I told Phil we would see him
at Shepperton (our tea stop). The others must have taken tea some other
place since it was getting late when we left Shepperton also a bit misty. I
hope the others had a good lunch. I got stuck in as soon as I arrived home!
-------------------------- Albert

Raleigh Sprint cycle for sale

Raleigh Cycle as picture for sale, index gears, good condition, price £70. Phone 0208 393 6692 Frank Powney

From Ken Loy

I was talking to Fuzz Edwards today at the Weybridge Day Centre and we got round to reminiscing, as one does, about our early days of cycling in the late 1940s and Youth Hostelling when an overnight bed was about 7.5 pence in today's money. It seems we are the same age and started cycling at the same time. Fuzz mentioned that in his early years he had a Fenton Zip kiddies cycle side car which was a very light contraption made of plywood and bolted to a cycle or tandem frame much like a motorcycle sidecar with gaspipe steel tubing. I found some details of this sidecar on the Internet and with the photo it states that this one is possibly the last in existence today. It was purchased only a couple of years ago and needed very little restoration and is thought to be the 2nd one made by Fentons of York. The 1932 black and white photo shows a slightly different model of the Zip with a split front windscreen. The sidecar suspension appears to be 2 hinges at the back end and a coil spring under the front. Pity the baby inside. I've run these photos off for Fuzz which I'm sure will bring back some happy cycling memories. Acknowledgements to the vintage vehicle website Ken Loy

A Group November 14th

Many thanks from me to Bob for taking on the A Group lead today. A baker's dozen of us—Bob, Pete B, Pete M, Will, Toni, John B, John S, Ian A, Neil, Ed S, Rob,Vic and Julian—set off from Weybridge to the Forester's Arms at Bagshot: through Addlestone, turning right down School Lane then left to St Peter's Hospital and through the grounds, down the long, straight One Hill Road, past some amazingly ornate gates shielding enormous houses, right into Gracious Pond Road, across the M3 to Windlesham and then under the railway to Jenkins Hill and the Forester's on the A30.
The pub was welcoming, the beer good and the food tasty, plentiful and promptly brought to us in the Skittle Alley, where we talked (among many other things) about childhood illnesses and remedies (liquid paraffin for constipation, thick black treacle for throats and bacon rind for a stiff neck), the impossible burgeoning and insecurity of e-mails, the Mafia and tricycles.
Bob brought us to order and we followed a fairly similar route back to Addlestone where most people opted to carry on home while a few had tea in the Muffin Cafe. It was an excellent outing in good weather and, for me at least, opened up new territory. I clocked 48 miles from Kingston door to door—others will have done more.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Free Loan Trailer

The Child Trailer has now become available ( Due to growth of occupant) it can be borrowed as long as neccessary from Pete M 0208 394 2665

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A November 7th

Pete B kindly agreed to swap his ride today for one I couldn't manage next month. Altogether, it was 16 of us that set off from Cobham en route to South Nutfield, near Redhill. Present were Angie, Ed, Ian, Will, Pete M, Pete B, Graham, John S, Mike, Stephen, Bob, Vic, Toni, Frank C, John B and Rob. Following the well worn road due South out of Cobham, we passed Effingham Junction and Effingham Common before reaching Bookham, where Vic decided that was as far East as he wanted to go, and headed back. The route then took us uphill past Polesden Lacey, before dropping down the 20% Bagden Hill (fortunately conditions were dry underfoot), and then into Westhumble. Having crossed the A25 at Pixham Lane, we set out along the coach road towards Brockham, having been helpfully forewarned by Terry that broken glass would be a hazard, following the Bonfire Night party at Brockham. There was some broken glass, but most seemed to have been cleared by the time we got there, and we emerged puncture free. After that we headed along the lanes to Woodhatch, and then crossed the A23 by East Surrey Hospital. From there it was a pleasant spin past Redhill Aerodrome into South Nutfield, where the Station Hotel provided reasonably priced food in pretty good time. After lunch, there was a brisk climb up Coopers Hill Road onto the A25 ridge, then a drop down into Merstham, before another climb up to Fanny's Farm for tea, well I thought it was a climb but 'fixed wheel Frank' seemed to hardly notice. I clocked 45 miles in total. Rob

B Group Nov 7th

No less than 17 of us set out from Cobham. We even had a hanger on from the A group in the elegant shape of Julian! I failed to get all the names, so rather than admit to the ones I don't know/can't remember I'll not give any!
We sped to Pyrford lock with one small hitch, several people with clean bikes refused the track I had chosen. (described on the OS map as "other road drive or track"). A small detour down the A3 got us back on my route.
Then it was tow path for a long way. Along the Wey Navigation to the river and then all the way along the river almost to Richmond Bridge where we turned at River Lane into Petersham. Lunch for most of us (I'm not sure why some didn't come) was at The Edge at Hampton Court which has a nice view over the river, tea at the Garden Centre in Petersham - beetroot cake - lovely! The tow path was not to everyone's liking: some did like the freedom from traffic and the lovely autumn colours, some disliked the bumpy bits. From Petersham into Richmond Park where we stayed off the roads, out through Kingston Gate and thence back to North Cheam. 46 miles.

C Group Nov 7th

'C' group report of ride by Lynda Albert was telling me at Cobham that he had a mishap on the way to 11's. A learner driver was going round the same roundabout as him, but wanted the 2nd exit, whereas Albert wanted the 3rd. Result being that Albert was knocked off his bike. Only minor scratches, so a lucky escape. I led 'C' group from the British Legion Hall. Fuzz, Bill, Roger, Beryl, John, Lisa, Jono, another Bill and Dennis part way. It seems Albert did start to come with us, only was stuck in traffic soon after leaving 11's. ( As I found out from a phone call later on in the ride). We headed for Blackhills along the old A3 and then through Arbrook Common. The autumn colours were lovely. We went thro' Claygate to Hook, Chessington and Green Lanes in Ewell. We went over the bridges in Bourne Hall park, which made an interesting twist to the ride before reaching The Green Man. Sonia, Susie and Harold joined us there for lunch. The food was good and reasonable, but we had a rather long wait. After lunch we went round the back roads to the Kings Day Centre in Chessington for afternoon tea and cakes. After a leisurely tea stop, Fuzz, Lisa and Jono made their way to Chessington South station. As Beryl unlocked her bike, she noticed her back wheel had a puncture. Luckily, Roger was there to save the day! Another good, dry day of cycling. I did notice that we needed lights before 4.30pm. Winter is coming.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Vic's Ride Oct 31st

31st October Group”A” Ride. Surrey Cycle Guides 1&2
We left Shepperton at11.10, for Chertsey Bridge, St Anne’s Hill, Ruxbury Road,Lyne Crossing Road,Trumps Green,Chobham Common to Windlesham, Bagshot, across A30 to College Ride and a taste of the old Bagshot Scramble course. There was a quick photocall in Bracknell Road, the continuation of College Ride to re-cross A30 to lunch in yet another Wetherspoon’s in Camberley High Street by 12.43 John S. had to leave us to get back for Hallow’een. The rest of us waiting at the level crossing for the London train to leave had a Schadenfreude moment watching him try to cross the pedestrian bridge to the correct platform in time. Then, Upper Park Road, Church Hill & Crawley Hill to the M3 fly-over. Youlden Drive led us to The Maultway , a long descent on Red Road which had Frank C. twiddling his legs off ,then West End to Chobham,Stonehill Road, Holloway Hill, Chertsey and Shepperton for tea ,at 3.00 p.m. exactly. The Group photograph was posed in front of the TV Relay Mast on Bagshot Heath, which is tall enough to be visible from Staples Lane (on the bearing of 320°) 12 miles away.

A Response

A response

We live in a world where there are at least two sides to each story. It is a fact of our life as we know it that our lives consist of shades opposites: good, bad; up, down; right, wrong; good, evil; until such time as we get to understand the unity at the core of everything.

Last week, for the third time in a row, Mike Morley managed to miss the time when the A team left. He therefore went with the B team. His write up following this reflected the fact that he thought he ought to have been included in the A team’s ride.

On the other hand, the leader of the A team was concerned that the ride that he had planned was a long one and one that needed to have sufficient daylight to complete it in. He said that he’d warned all the A team riders that he was intending to leave promptly and this is what he did.

In a universe of shades of opposites we are all subject to issues such as these: leaving very promptly on the one hand (being quick), taking time out to talk to other people on the other (being slower). No one is right, no one is wrong. We are just living as we choose, hopefully taking as much trouble as we can to help one another.

In Mike’s case, he is the editor of the ‘Sou’Wester’ and as such needs to be in touch with other cyclists to ensure that the next edition has some content. He is therefore not simply turning up for the rides but needs to speak to people as part of the role he has undertaken.

I would make a plea for us all to be aware of the needs of others so far as we can and to co-operate in the smooth running of the Wayfarers’ meetings.

We are unlikely to get it right all the time and so to please everyone but we can all do our best to do this.

Stephen Cox

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jura Form

Jura update

I have had several requests to adjust the dates of the proposed Jura trip next year. The only period that suits my plans for the year are Tuesday 6th May to Sunday 11th May (travelling back to the UK on Monday the 12th May 2008). Even if it was possible to slip the event into late June the weather would be too uncomfortably hot to cycle all day.

Please let me know before my next visit to France on the 15th November 2007 (vis that is by the 14th November 2007) if you can make these dates and additionally I would appreciate you returning my form given out on the 31st November 2007 at Shepperton together with your deposits of £30 so that I can reserve the accommodation.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

'A' Group Autmn 31st Oct

En route to Camberley

Wednesday Haloween Basingstoke Canal

A fine and interesting ride down by the canal with autumn colours. Two pictures at one of the locks and Beryl and the serving wenches (ladies) at Shepperton.

Golden Beeches

Terry and I, amazed ourselves by winning the quiz at the South Bucks DA Golden Beeches weekend. The photo shows Terry and I being presented with our fantastic prizes, ever to be treasured, by the incomparable and very lovable (if Roger will forgive me) Chair of Council, Jill Kieran. See also Pete's article on the SWLDA Blog along with more pictures from me.

B Group Oct 31st

After a latish start from Shepperton I led a large group over Walton
bridge thence to Weybridge and Addlestone to Hardwick Lane where I
stopped to warn our destination we were coming. Soon we turned left
into the quiet, deserted Lyne Road, emerging at Trumps Green to
continue up Trumps Green Road, soon turning left into Kitsmead Lane.
It was very quiet and colourful riding along Accommodation Road,
Stonehill Road, Old Chertsey Road and Philpot Lane heading towards
lunch at The Plough at Horsell. They advise 'We don't serve fast
food, we serve good food as fast as we can' and that was the case
today. We then headed south, soon found the Basingstoke Canal and
rode along the towpath, eventually leaving it at Scotland Bridge,
Byfleet, after a photo-stop at a footbridge. Through West Byfleet,
past Pyrford Lock, over the A3 via the footbridge at Wisley, we
arrived at Ockham Bites about 10 minutes before closing time, after
which we went our separate ways. A very pleasant day, wonderful
autumn colours and dry, mild conditions - pretty good for this time
of year.