Thursday, October 26, 2006

25th October 2006

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Elleray Hall Teddington yesterday witnessed a very special occasion. John Hammond celebrated his 90th birthday, on his first visit to this venue. Our birthday chorus was in fine form. Brian had recently won the ballot for our Arthur Jessop shield and John, a previous winner, presented the shield to Brian, which made the award even more memorable. John recalled and thanked the four volunteer Wayfarers secretaries over his 25 years with the club, particularly mentioning the one we nearly lost one Sunday morning John when called for Arthur Butcher only to smell gas - AB had turned on and forgotten to light the oven and was blissfully unaware until John's arrival. Thanks for our refreshments and your memories and many happy returns, John.

'A' group enjoyed a towpath ride to The Cricketers at Horsell. For your correspondent, the ride was unlovely due to the weight of the trophy in the pannier causing the pannier to leave the carrier at every tree-root along the Wey - and the Basingstoke. Twelve were at lunch, Julian, Pam and John, Pete B, Ed, Pete M (arriving via tarmac), Graham, John B, Ray, Frank C, Brian and leader Vic who earned and shared a rebate for bringing ten or more of us to this new venue. The ride to tea at Tesco Brooklands was marred by a puncture by Pete M (meaning we saw little of Pete all day) and by Frank chewing grass in sympathy.

Hi Brian. Having consulted our TEA (Towpath Expert Adviser) Gill, at Teddington, I decided to put my plan B into operation for 'B' group and led Christine, Gill, Judy, Cliff, recumbent Ed, Grant, Johns B and S, Les, Norman, Phil, Robin, Rob and Tony through Bushey Park onto the A308, turning off it onto the quieter Lower Sunbury Road with views of the swollen river, leading to Walton bridge. Over the cyclists bridge, down the steps, under the bridge to ride alongside the river to Weybridge then by the Wey Navigation to Addlestone. Along Green Lane to cross the A320 at the double roundabout into Holloway Hill where unfortunately Tony punctured. Then we were only a couple of miles from lunch (The Royal Marine at Lyne) so I gave Tony and assistant Grant instructions and the rest of us carried on, arriving at about 1300 hrs. When ordering our food the barman said we would have a half hours' wait. During our stop the pub electrics failed but were soon restored. We left soon after 1500 hrs, apparently the kitchen staff were new standbys. This meant a shorter afternoon run than planned, we retraced our route to Weybridge with riders leaving at frequent intervals and when we arrived at Stoke d'Abernon Seymours only Judy, Cliff, Norman, Rob and myself stopped for refreshments. As we departed the heavens gradually opened as forecast earlier; all things considered not one of our better rides. Terry

Pretty wet and miserable for a twelve mile ride to elevenses at Teddington but I think we all wanted to celebrate John's birthday and there was a very good turnout at Elleray Hall (I still have trouble locating it!). Harold led around twelve of us 'C' group en route for `The Weir` pub. I had already passed it on the towpath having picked up a great deal of mud on the bike and I was curious as to Harold's route. Our company comprised Lynda, Liz, Deanna, Bill H, Roger, Fuzz, Mark, Ron, Brian Stead, Harold and me (I know that's only eleven, but I saw Dennis and he did not join the ride). As far as I can make out we went in the Strawberry Hill direction with some pleasant offroad (wide and well-surfaced) through woods and under a couple of rather narrow footpaths under bridges, one of which I found rather disconcerting but in my case to be expected. We came out of Cadbury Road in Upper Sunbury, then through Shepperton to Walton where we joined the towpath to The Weir pub. After a good lunch I took the towpath for home as the tea venue was Hampton Court and I clocked up thirty muddy miles in all. See you at Cobham. PS: It was Ron Weeden who led last week's 'C' ride. The only Rod I know is Rodney in `Only Fools and Horses` and he was `Dave` according to `Trigger` All the best ----------- Albert

Olleh awarded Hub

Achievement Trophy

Brian Starey receiving the Arthur Jessop Wayfarers trophy for outstanding achievement in the year 2006 as voted by members at the recent AGM. Birthday boy (90) John Hammond is presenting the award at Teddington elevenses.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

News of Wayfarers.... 21st Oct 06

Hello Brian,
Janice and I were down in Epsom today and visited Margaret and Bill Squirrell and their collection of old and ancient bicycles, which they had been invited to display in the large forecourt of Ebbisham Library, Epsom.
This is the 2nd year running they have attended together with the local Fire Brigade, various craft / charity stalls.and our local jazz band.
You might already know this is just one of the many such functions Bill and Margaret attend, dressed in their Victorian cycling outfits and displaying their ancient bicycles throughout the year.
A very good effort, held in dry, bright and sunny weather. (thank heavens).
Janice and Ken

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oct 18th

From Douglas Brunton Centre, Caterham, four 'B' group, John Gould, Norman Goody, Bill Parkhouse and I rode via Woldingham Garden Village, Tandridge and Crowhurst to Dormansland, The Old House at Home PH for lunch. We were joined by Terry Lowe and John Mason. We did have a little light rain but of no consequence really compared to last week. After lunch we headed north via Haxsted, stopping at Crowhurst church as some of party had not seen the hollowed out tree with door where it is alleged 12 sat down to lunch. Bill left us around Tilburstow as he had left his car at Douglas Brunton Centre.
Onward via Bletchingley to Merstham where it was hoped to have tea - Hungers End was closed. On to Fanny's Farm where Norman stopped for tea, he likes his tea. John G and I carried on.

I clocked 56 miles.
Les J

From Claygate, Rod led around sixteen of us 'C' group en route for The Old Plough at Stoke d'Abernon. Lynda, Liz, Deanna, Bill and Pat Matthews,Harold, Roger, Bill H, John C and John Knox, Dennis, Dave and Cliff with his new bike. The last two named were unfortunate to collect punctures during our ride. The weather was spot on, not cold and plenty of sunshine. After less than a mile we joined Arbrook Common for a spot of offroad, crossing the A244 to Esher Common then over the Esher Bypass to Fairmile Common,leaving the dirt at Sandy Lane (I was more careful this time having hit the tarmac with my elbow not long ago). Near the next bend on a rather sandy stretch we went offroad to Green Lane.It was nearly all tarmac on Hogshill Lane down to Cobham where after a ride up Cobham Park Road we had some more offroad on River Lane passing Downside Farm and crossing the Mole. It was about here we saw our Dennis coming the other way (how does he do that?). We split up at the cemetery with the picnic party to join up later at the pub. After lunch I went home as tea wasto be had at Epsom. --------------------------- Albert

All together again next week at Elleray Hall Teddington, where John Hammond, our latest nonog, wished you to be his guest for elevenses refreshments.

Olleh absent Hub.

Carol Service

A Group Oct 18th

A Group October 18th
A mild autumn ride in Kent is rather nice,Wednesday was no exception with a hint of colour in the trees promised things to come in the next month. Ed, Pete B, Stephen, Tony, Frank H. Mike M & myself set off from Caterham down into the valley & a leisurely ride past the convent, climbing to the top of Titsey Hill stopping briefley at the junction of next Sundays Bec Hill Climb (87 riders £1000 first prize!) Ed. Sharp plummeted down towards Westerham – a mistake as we were turning left to Tatsfield (will they never learn not to second guess the leader) however we had a nice rest and chat awaiting his return! On to The Crown at Knockholt for lunch where Jen met us just in time for drinks on Mike Morley a birthday treat. Afterwards the sun came out Ed punctured & the lanes & day became very pleasant , a steep drop at Cudham down and up to Downe? being overtaken by a group of 40+ riders one of them dressed in pink said to me Good Afternoon Mr Oxx !! (he needs new glasses) Tea was taken at Coombe Wood in The Pond Tea Room afterwards we all took a walk around the pretty gardens glowing in the evening sun.
From Pete Mitchell

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Maps Free

Two of the new cyclist friendly maps now available FREE at Surrey Libraries from a collection of 8

Friday, October 13, 2006

AGM day

After welcoming Christine Seddon at elevenses at Hersham, we proceeded to the village hall next door, only to find that our pre-booked amenities room was under maintenance and without chairs. With Julian's help, we managed to procure about 30 chairs and persuaded the technician to take a break,allowing the meeting to proceed late and with insufficient seating.
Minutes of the meeting are available to any member asking for them, and will be distributed the week before next year's AGM, but they include Brian's notice to step down as Secretary/Treasurer at next year's AGM. If you think you might like to serve as Secretary/Treasurer, please ask Brian about what precisely has to be (and what need not be) involved.
See AGM pictures from Pete M on Wayfarers blog

I was not surprised by 'A' group's depleted numbers leaving with the roads awash. Six of us including Irene, Rob, Pete B, Vic and Frank C arrived at the Blue Anchor Byfleet before 1pm and had a leisurely lunch. Food was good and surprisingly quiet apart from us with Vic at the helm in conversation.
Irene left for home after lunch. My planned route thereon regardless of conditions along the Wey towpath went ahead with a slight hiccup. My route was via Murray's Lane, over the M25, Dodd's Br. to Pyrford Lock whereas Vic taking Rob the shorter route Sanway Road, under the M25, Lock Lane to meet us at Pyrford Lock. We had no difficulty with my planned route and arrived in a clean state. Frank left us at Pyrford Lock to take a shorter route home via Wisley and the four of us continued on to Ripley. Pete carried on home and the three of us stopped at Watson's, where over a cup of tea science and religion were leisurely discussed. The three of us parted ways after a day of low mileage together but including the AGM an interestingday. Ray

Amazingly, after the deluge during the AGM, we had a great day! With 11 of us (Liz, Norman, Les, Terry, Christine, John, Angie, Cliff, Mike and Mary,and me, Gill) all kitted up for the rain, we were blessed with an easing and shortly thereafter a cessation of the wet stuff from above. However, down below the roads were certainly awash with water, right across in places. We set off northwards along Molesey Road and having avoided the water under the railway bridge by taking to the footpath, soon turned off to the right on toa sealed path which took us between fields and water works across to the River Mole and Mill Road. At the railway bridge we turned left through a flood on to Douglas Road before turning north on to Grove Way. This brought us out on to the busy Ember Lane. Passing Imber Court, we turned into Orchard Lane, signposted as an industrial estate. At the end we were on a path once more - grumbles about puddles coming from the rear of the party! We crossed the River Ember, then the River Mole again, and followed the Mole for a short way before branching off and coming out into the back of West Molesey in Bell Road - site of our lunch destination, The Bell. The food was good and we were well looked after. By now the weather had improved immeasurably with patches of blue sky and sunshine, and it was a pleasure to set off again minus all the wet weather gear. Passing through Molesey, we crossed Hampton Court Bridge and moved on to the towing path. Fortunately,this was not too bad with regard to puddles and from Kingston to Teddington we had a sealed path to ride on. The river was looking particularly beautiful in the still conditions. At Teddington Lock we turned off and headed towards the Ham Gate and into Richmond Park. Here we had our own version of Autumn Watch, with at least one stag with a good set of antlers roaring to let everyone know that this was his patch! We crossed the Park on National Cycle Route 4 and rounded off the day with tea outside at the Roehampton Gate. What a change from the morning! Gill.

It started out OK weather-wise at Hersham until we were in the middle of the AGM. Then the sky fell in with torrential rain thunder and all the trimmings. Happily very soon after 'C' group were able to start a rather truncated ride to The Prince of Wales at West End Esher, led by John C with Lynda, Bill, Roger, Dave, Ron, Fuzz, Mark and me along with dear old BillStead's son Brian from Oz. We enjoyed a pleasant lunch before departing fortea at Claygate via Claremont Park. See you at Claygate next week d v -------------------------------- Albert

Otherwise, looking forward to seeing 'A' and 'B' groups out east at Caterham.
Olleh Hub

Apologies for being unable to get on-line this afternoon due to unacceptable unidentified addressee BS

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

AGM presentation

The Mark Roy Mileage Improvement Shield being presented at the AGM by secretary Brian Starey to Irene North an improvement of 2489 miles over the previous year.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AGM Papers

Ready for the AGM on Wednesday 11th October:

Minutes of last year's meeting - Word Document

Agenda for this meeting - Word Document


Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 4th 2006

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Great to see so many at Cobham yesterday, particularly John Hammond, due to become our second nonog in three weeks time. Norman seemed to have fine riding in Belgium - bikes being given priority wherever sharing with other traffic. Good news from Albert - his pacemaker is good for another 12 months (our third nonog?), keeping more than just him on the road - where would we be without his weekly reports. After about four rides with us, it is time I welcomed Bill Parkhouse to our ranks. We also greeted Stephanie, seriously considering joining our rides.

'A' group, led by Bob, descended en masse on The Swan at Redhill after a typically devious route, so I believe, having taken time out myself.

As last minute (literally) 'B' Group replacement leader, I had never before led a B ride. My hastily formulated plan was for an off-the-cuff route, which combined elements of two C rides earlier this year. The pre-lunch leg from Cobham, via Ripley, to Pyrford Lock should have been about 10 or 11 miles, which is rather shorter than on a typical B group ride. So it was lucky that I missed the turning from Pyrford village to the lock, and we ended up going the long way round via West Byfleet, thus adding two or three miles to the morning run. All 13 starters (Anita, Beattie, Carole, Christine, Liz, Cliff, John G, John M, John S, Les, Nev, Norman, Terry) had lunch at the Anchor pub at Pyrford lock (long wait for food, but good when it came). Carole and Anita had to leave early to get back to Sutton/Cheam before 3p.m. So now we were eleven. After lunch, we set off southwards down the tow-path next to the River Wey Navigation. I had intended to turn left from the tow-path onto Wharf Lane, but was confused by a public footpath notice, and turned off too early. We found ourselves on a wide, well-paved, winding path through the greens and lakes of Wisley Golf Course.
When we got to the Club House, I called a halt to look at the map. Three of our number did not wait for the decision to turn South, and instead turned North which would have taken them back to Pyrford Lock. We waited for them for a few minutes but they did not return; so now we were eight. At the Southern exit from the Golf Course, the big gate on the bridge over the River Wey opened automatically for us (NB: this doesn't work when cycling in the reverse direction). We turned left into Mill Lane, crossed under the A3, and proceeded via Ockham and Martyrs Green to Downside. We then took off-road paths to Stoke D'Abernon, private roads to Oxshott and paths through the woods to Claygate, and crossed under the Kingston by-pass to tea at the Long Ditton Garden Centre. As the sun was now shining again, we decided to sit outside. Les was last to come out with his pot of tea-and ten miniature bags of brown sugar. He poured his first cup of tea and emptied all ten sugar bags into it. Having drunk the first cup, he went inside and emerged with twelve more sugar bags for his second cup. Having drunk the second cup, he took the teapot in for more hot water, and emerged with fifteen more sugar bags, all of which he opened and put into his third cup. Les is the thinnest man I know, and I need to lose weight. It therefore seems logical for me to try a soft brown sugar diet. In case it doesn't show, I'll let you know how I get on. John Gould

A bit cooler but good weather for cycling. With Roger leading, there was Lynda, Mark, Fuzz, Harold, Ron, Dave, Frank, Bill/Albert, John Knox, Dennis (around the halfway mark we saw him coming the other way!) , Bill and Pat Matthews and I, setting off for The Jovial Sailor at Ripley. With a feeling of relief we passed the turning at Plough Lane and took an unmarked right turn half a mile further on then a left up Ockham Lane, at the end of which we did a right and left at Ockham village church. There were a few climbs for about two miles but the roads were quiet and mostly traffic free until we got to Barns Lane where we crossed the roundabout with the Portsmouth Road. I thought maybe the venue had changed as we were going into Send, but a right turn at Send Marsh Road brought us back in the direction of Ripley just a few yards short of The Jovial Sailor. After lunch we made for Cobham Day Centre via Ripley village with a right turn at the corner cafe bakery, back over the A3 to the Ockham Road and down Plough Lane where I was still trying to catch up. I caught Ron on the long downhill as he was trying to see how far he could freewheel. Most of the group made it for tea and by the time I reached home I had clocked 31 miles. Thanks for a good ride Roger. Afraid I'm getting too old! --------- Albert

Don't miss the Ripley cycle jumble sale this Saturday - head West out of Ripley and it held in the school on your left after about 500metres. Same old faces - same old format - unmissable!

This Sunday, why not cycle off main road with Brian via the Wandle, the Ravensbourne and Greenwich Foot Tunnel to The Cycle Shoe at Excel E14 - leave Cheam Station (South side) at 09:00 - allow all day.

Wayfarers AGM takes place next Wednesday at Hersham Village Hall (adjoining Day Centre) at 11am. Agendas and previous meeting minutes were distributed at Cobham (please bring them to the meeting) or will be available at elevenses. I have asked (nominated) Pete Barnard to chair the meeting and he has kindly agreed. Anyone arriving at about 10:30 to help put out the chairs would be most welcome!

Olleh greaseless Hub