Saturday, March 30, 2013


Don't forget that the clocks go forward one hour at 1am this Sunday morning. If you are out for a ride, don't get left on the start line and wonder where everybody is. The Royal Museum Greenwich has some QI facts.


Deanna Bailey

Dawn and I visited Deanna Bailey at the East Surrey Hospital on Thursday. Following a shortage of breath Deanna had fainted and been taken to hospital earlier in the week. Although in good spirits she needs oxygen to keep her circulation going and plans are in progress to provide oxygen in her home and for home helps to attend. It seems likely that she will be in hospital during the first week of April and would no doubt enjoy a visit from her cycling friends.

David Aylett

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easy Riders - 27th March

Ron's ride from the Longmead Centre in Ewell to The Woodman pub in Ashtead and then back to the Longmead Centre

I took Stephanie's place today and led a group of 6 from elevenses at the Longmead Centre to The Woodman in Ashtead. We crossed the Hook Road near St Ebbas and made our way down Long Grove into Horton Country Park to link up with the old railway track. We crossed Horton Road and passed through the former Horton Hospital grounds, round the back of the church at Stamford Green then crossed through The Wells. We crossed from Ashtead Common under the railway line into Ashtead and on to The Woodman for lunch.

We returned via the level crossing and retraced our morning route as far as Woodlands Road then took the Willows Path. This was followed by Manor Green Road and Longmead Road which brought us back to the Longmead Centre in Sefton Road where our ride had begun. More tea and coffee before we all dispersed. Thanks to everyone for coming along with me and, in particular, putting up with the muddy bits.

- Ron W.

A Group 27 March

Effingham - Brook - W. Horsley

Frozen in time at the Dog & Pheasant

A Group 27 March

A few weeks ago the plan was to stretch our legs on a fine spring day. Well part of it came true but it was hardly spring-like. From Effingham a dozen of us took the familiar route up Green Dene towards Shere and then down through Albury to Wonersh. After Bramley, the second hill of the day was up to Snowdenham and Iron Lane to reach Munstead Heath.

The fast climbers were wondering whether to go left or right at Brighton Road but the answer was to go round the trees ahead and straight on to join Hambledon Road. At Hydestyle we turned right to Enton Green and along the aptly named Water Lane to Wormley. A short stretch of the A283 led us to Brook Road, at the end of which was the Dog and Pheasant in Brook.

We had been asked to preorder as they were serving 45 at a retirement party in their function room and food service might be a bit slow. In fact they excelled themselves (apart from mistakenly tearing up our order which had been carefully reassembled in small pieces on the bar!) with good food being promptly served. So we were away about 2pm to tackle Church Lane, the one real hill of the afternoon followed by a swift descent to Witley.

A series of lanes around Milford avoided the traffic en route to Eashing Lane and then we skirted Godalming past the church and Chalk Lane. After that it was the familiar trudge, but with the wind against us, up the A3100/246 though Guildford to Squires at West Horsley. For me, living only 5 miles from Effingham it was a modest 50 miles but around 70 for those living north of Kingston.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

B Group 27 March

On a very cool but dry day fifteen of us headed south from Effingham, down Whitedown (having noted snow at the roadside), across the A25 into Raikes Lane to Sutton Abinger. Now this morning's hills were behind us it was reasonably flat going to Holmbury St Mary before forking right into Cotton Row, left onto the B2127 to Forest Row. Turning south we soon passed through Walliswood before arriving at The Punchbowl, Okewoodhill for lunch. Having phoned our orders ahead we were soon served delicious meals.

After lunch we briefly retraced our route to Walliswood then turned right into Standon Lane, passed the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden and turned right onto the B2126, leading to Ockley. After a short stretch of the A29 we turned left into Broomehall Road and THIS AFTERNOON'S HILL, leading to Coldharbour. Now we were back on familiar roads leading to Dorking where some of us stopped at Denbie's for tea. A pleasant day, we even saw the sun briefly, can Spring be far away ?


B Group - 27th March, the maps

Another classic ride from Tout-Terrain Terry:

Toads on the road

Readers may be interested to know that in the first year of toad patrols 986 toads were helped across the road !

Today's ride merits the technicolour treatment:

Per Birotam ad Tabernam

Roger Mitchell

Hi Everyone,
Pam & I went to see Roger on Monday afternoon; he was very pleased to see us. He has pain in his lower back but the Dr. has prescribed morphine which has helped deaden the pain.
As Roger and I go back at least 30 years cycling it was lovely talking about the old days when he and my husband Ken used to race. (those were the days)!! He is not sure when he will be coming home but I do not think it will be this week, he would love to see friends, the details of the hospital are on the Wayfarer blog.

A Group 27th March

Still cold, but brighter than expected for Brian's ride today.  36.7 miles from elevenses at Effingham to tea at West Horsley; lunch at the Dog and Pheasant, Brook.

Rolling average 12.5mph, 2,135ft of ascent and 1,658 calories.

The beginning of Spring?  Perhaps ...


Sunday, March 24, 2013

David Salmon and Roger Mitchell

....have both recently had operations for bowel cancer. David was in and out in four days.

John Scott and Pat visited Roger today (post op) and report 'although tired seemed in good spirits. They seem to have sorted his bowel problems although I am not sure what after therapy he will require. We were in full swing with cycle conversation when Dave Salmon and his wife arrived to pay him a visit.'

Roger is in Kingston Hospital, Alexandra (Alex) ward, room 4. Ideal approach would be via Galsworthy Road, right into Main Entrance and locate Car Park 3.On entry to hospital take the lift to Level 4. He would appreciate a visit or a call - ward no is 020 8934 2301. To avoid any confusion - Roger is known to the hospital staff as Ian Mitchell.


A ride - Weds 27th

The weather sages tell us that the mercury will have reached the heady heights of 4C by Wednesday. An undulating ride over the foothills to Brook, near Witley, should keep us warm. Like last week we are not the only group at the pub so I shall be taking lunch orders at Effingham from 10.45 ( yes, that is a hint!). Menu at
The link to the sandwich menu is at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Group - Spring Equinox

Weybridge - Peaslake - Bike Beans Cycle Café, Ashtead
The Weybridge welcome was a scrumptious half kilo of bread pudding. This was woefully neglected as I spent the next 25 minutes seeking to press-gang any susceptible looking mamils into a jaunt into the Surrey countryside and acting as Maître d'Hôtel to establish their lunchtime dining preferences. By the time I had finished, and related the details to our destination, they were restlessly accumulating goose pimples outside, and my bread pudding had been confiscated.

Muddy Lane
Once on the move, the goose pimples melted as we swooped on Byfleet. The temptation had been to breach Muddy Lane, but propriety and SCC bylaws inhibited a mass trespass along a designated footpath.  Instead, we took an unexpected and perhaps no less muddy route beside the Wey to the Anchor Hotel and approached Muddy Lane from the South along Wisley Lane. Here, the farmer was waiting to educate us as we surveyed the Forbidden Way. Then  we took off for Wisley Airfield, Ockham Lane and the infamous Hautboy, about to be converted into who knows what. At this point, dare I say, barely a metre of altitude climbed. Long Reach led to W. Horsley and the welcome prospect of the first bit of climbing of the day along Shere Road and the descent of Coombe Bottom. This proved to be the calvary for Vic's brake cable, which forced his retirement from active duty on mechanical and fortunately not medical grounds. Shere soon led to Burrows X and a lumpy arrival at the Hurtwood Inn at Peaslake.

Hurtwood Inn
A group of ramblers was already at table but we were expected and a pleasant dining room awaited us to chat and sup our beer as our orders were served. Good food and beer in pleasant surroundings with good company. What more could we ask? We lingered long before the call to arms and the short, sharp rise at the foot of Radnor Road to burn off some calories. The steady climb went to the head of some who anticipated the leader's intentions and ignored the turn. We waited at Holmbury St Mary for the lost sheep to reappear - bar one, to share the pleasure of last week's Pasture Wood in reverse. Soon we were swooping down Coldharbour Lane like Toad of Toad Hall, 46+mph for Mark on his new machine from the New World, with disc brakes front and rear, though he didn't bother to apply them, while some of us had to overtake a tardy van.

Bike Beans Café
Together through Dorking as far as Burford Bridge, where the shepherd lost his giddy sheep again, before they returned for the charm of Little Switzerland. An anxious call to Bike Beans Cycle Café in Ashtead found it closed; but the owner Jamie gallantly agreed to open up just for us. We got there as fast as we could and the café was duly opened to revive us with tea and chocolate cake. Our heartfelt thanks to Jamie for services above and beyond the call of duty. Then, with light already beginning to fade, the question for some was: 'How do we get home from here?' I hope all made it safely home and without too much domestic tongue lashing on slipping the key into the lock.

Distance run for me was 61 miles. In terms of altitude, it was rather like Geo Osborne's budget. With distance climbed exactly matched by descent, the overall effect was entirely neutral - pancake flat.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easy Riders 20 March

Ten left Weybridge D.C. on a dry windless day to ride to ‘Ye Olde Swan’ pub at Thames Ditton via Monument Road, Oatlands, past Walton rail station to Normanhurst Road, turning right over track to river Mole, lower Green Road, Speer Road to pub, arriving around 12.30pm. We were all served very promptly and left just before 2 o/c. Then it all went downhill from there as 3 riders John G. Maureen and Cliff were going into Kingston and the rest of us were making our way to Chessington but they all got mixed up and I turned right at the roundabout with Jane, stopped to wait for the rest only to see them sail by to the left with Linda calling out to them. The old demon Mut & Gef didn’t hear us and Les, Norman, Brian & Ron sailed straight past. We followed in pursuit but Les & Norman had truly disappeared. As I wasn’t going all the way to tea we then carried on and I left when near to tea stop and Linda took the rest on, they being Ron & Jane. I hope that the other two turned up.Thank you one and all for a nice day and thanks to Linda for being T.E.C.

Easy Riders - 20th March

Map for Irene's ride with the Easy Riders

B Group - 20th March

24 set off from Weybridge. Went along High Street, right into Bridge Road to Addlestone station to green Lane, Holloway Hill, left and right round Foxhills Golf course, left and right over M3. Right round Wentworth Estate, left on Christchurch Road across the A30, round Virginia Water to The Totem Pole, on to Cumberland Gate. Across Windsor Park, out at Rangers Gate to Windsor, Victoria Road to Wetherspoons.

After lunch through Datchet, Horton, tunnels under M25 to Stanwell Moor, Stanwell, Ashford, round Queen Mary reservoir to Squires at Upper Halliford where 10 made it for tea. and 30 miles since coffee.

We had to split the large group; unfortunately 2 or 3 dropped off the back. However, thanks to Terry and others who helped with the guidance of 24 riders.

- Robin. 

A Group 20th March

Jeff offered us a suspension of the Laws of Physics today.  By reversing a hilly route, he told us that it would become flat.  At first, there seemed to be something in it, but, as the day wore on, we began to spot the weakness in the theory ...

2,923 feet of ascent, 38.3 miles from elevenses at Weybridge to tea at Bike Beans, Ashstead; lunch at the Hurtwood Inn, Peaslake.

A good ride that was enjoyed by all.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pancake Wednesday Ride for Wrinklies

After Mark's Hilly Over 50 ride last week, this Wednesday's A ride will be a descent from the sublime to the ridiculous. All you need do is look at Mark's route map in the mirror, or reverse the arrows, and you will devine that, for part of the ride at least, we shall be going down hills that Mark led us up. Couldn't be easier. Apologies for the southern orientation. For those who like to know where they are going, lunch is planned for Peaslake at the Hurtwood Inn.
Please look at the menu as we shall need to notify the Inn in advance of numbers and, as far as possibe, of menu choice, as our arrival may clash with a group of ramblers. Perhaps we can do this at Weybridge. Tea should be at Bike Beans Café. Post recce rain may require a route change.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Roger Mitchell in hospital

I had a note from Roger's wife, Janet, saying that he is to have an operation for bowel cancer on March 22nd in Kingston Hospital. He is expected to be in hospital for about 10 days and will be in the Roehampton wing on the 4th floor. Janet says she will keep us posted on his progress.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

B Group 13 February

B Group ride - 13th March 2013

 On a chilly morning, I led a small group of 10 "hardy" B riders from Dorking to Oakwoodhill. The route took us via Henfold Lakes, Newdigate, then onto Capel before joining Weare Street to the Punchbowl Inn, Oakwood Hill.

For some reason the  B group does not seem to venture this way often and it was a good location. The pub has  and oldie worldly feel to it and the new management was efficient at serving our pre-booked meals.

 After lunch, feeling that we had somewhat got soft after Christmas, we returned by an undulating route via Forest Green, Leith Hill, Cold Harbour back to Dorking. Seven of us remained for Tea at Annie's, Leatherhead.

 All in all a pleasant day - says the Leader. (Please note that Frank and Francoise had a good night's sleep after this mini hilly ride! - My next ride will be flatter - Only joking!)



Robin Johnson asked me to inform next Wednesday's B riders  that he swapped his ride and will be leading from Weybridge.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

C group ride - 13th March

Just a few of us from North Cheam going to Kingston Bradbury Centre today. It was a nice, sunny morning; but still cold. Already there, were, Ron, Mark, Pat & Bill M., Ron & Doreen, Dennis, Norman, Brian B. We had a very leisurely 11's with delicious home made cake before deciding where we would go. David S. unable to lead us today as he is in hospital after his op. yesterday. From the centre, I led Norman, Tom, Ron and Brian back over the blue bridge towards Berrylands and we made our way to 'Woodies' pub in Old Malden. A very quaint pub with a log fire and good food and beer/cider. Ron and Brian took their sandwiches to Ron's daughters house to eat and watch the cycling on the tele., and Norman, Tom and myself went into the pub for a hot lunch. We did have a snow shower on the way back home. It was quite a Christmassy scene!

B Ride 13 March 2013

Lunch at the ...
Quality not quantity

A Group, 13 March

Dorking - Abinger - Leatherhead
On the crest of Sheephouse Lane

A Group 13th March

The Hilly Over 50

All of the usual gang at elevenses in Dorking, ready to test themselves on some of the lumpier bits of Surrey. Some already knew the results of the test, having ridden the real Hilly 50 a couple of days ago. Tough stuff.

So, off up Coldharbour Lane, a bit dull and some flurries of snow. Brian (back marker) and I wasted a few minutes looking for John, having failed to notice that he was ahead of us, then on to Coast Hill and Wooton Hatch, where it was sunny. Swiftly on to Sheephouse Lane, one of the real test pieces of the ride, with a well-deserved pause for photography at the top, then carefully along Friday Street, which had been a bit icy yesterday, but now was fine, though there were still bits and pieces of snow along the banks.

Down to Holmbury St Mary, then up Holmbury Hill to Three Mile Road. Here Paul weighed up a strategic decision, whether to go directly to the pub or to go there indirectly up a big hill. Well, we've all made bigger decisions than that, so Paul went up to the right while the rest of us went swiftly down to the left to Ewhurst in order to get the best out of Pitch Hill.

At the postbox at the Peaslake turn the peleton arrived in twos and threes, giving rise to a regrettable misunderstanding where I told Jeff that those in front had gone straight to the pub, and he thought I had said to go straight on. This gave him some bonus miles but, happily, had little impact on his lunch arrangements as this was one of his fasting days. So that was all right.

A good welcome and good food at the Volunteer, followed by the real pleasure of a steep hill on a full stomach. All that was forgotten when we got to White Down, which is a properly steep hill, and long with it. But we've done this a few times recently, and no-one had any difficulty. It was a slightly surreal climb, though, with Spring sunshine, blue skies but tiny snowflakes falling as we climbed. A sort of snow sun-shower.

Geoffrey peeled off at the corner of Ranmore Common Road, needing to be back in Town early; the rest of us enjoyed the roller-coaster of the common itself, before the usual rapid descent to Chapel Lane. Ray had a problem on the descent, thought to be a puncture but, after investigation with Dave's assistance, turned out not to be.

The rest of us waited at the bottom of Box Hill, had no luck with our telephones and then began to fear that Dave and Ray had stolen a march on us and had gone straight to Annies. So we scooted up Box Hill pretty quickly and on to Annies over Headley Common and down Headley Road. There's more than one way to Annies, and when we all re-grouped there we found that Dave and Ray had completed the route, but that we had just missed them. Paul had also been seen, having had lunch with a friend in Shere, and he too had completed the course. So a very creditable performance all round.

My thanks to Brian and Dave for their efforts as back markers, and to the rest of the group for their company on a good ride which even felt a bit like Spring. If you ignored the snow, that is.

35.59 miles elevenses to tea, rolling average 11.2mph, 3,409 feet of ascent and 1,595 calories.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Hilly Over 50 - Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday brings the first of the Wayfarers' Classics of the season - the Hilly Over 50.  For those of you who didn't ride the Cheam and Morden Hilly 50 last Saturday - and indeed for those of you who did - now's the chance to do the course at an enjoyable pace.

No 1Hr 47Min nonsense for the Wayfarers; we make a day of it, with a stop for lunch.  So strap on your climbing legs and get ready to enjoy some of the best of Surrey from the saddle.  Back marker, re-group at the top of every hill and no-one gets dropped.

Start at Dorking - be there or be square ...


Friday, March 08, 2013

Muddy Lane under Threat - Support Needed

Muddy Lane between Byfleet and Wisley.
Right of Way challenged

Steph has passed on the following request from George James of the Elmbridge Cycling Group, who with Woking Cycling Group, are mounting a defence of the right of way along Muddy Lane, that links Wisley Lane with Byfleet. Apparently, a landowner is trying to deny access. George James is asking for support and to be contacted by anybody who cycled along Muddy Lane between 1983 and 2009. He writes:

"Do you know the path, called Muddy Lane, that links Byfleet to Wisley?  If you do, and if you have cycled along it in the past then I would like your help.  Muddy Lane is a very strategic route for cyclists heading south from this area, there are few safe alternatives. 

It has been used without hindrance for many years, but recently the landowner has decided that cyclists are not welcome and is trying to prevent anyone from using the lane.  We (the Woking Cycle Group and the Elmbridge Cycle Group) are intending to make an official change of use application, so that the right to use this lane is preserved.  For this we need to identify people who have cycled this path at any time between 1983 and 2009.  Did you, or do you know of anyone, who may have used this path during this time?  If so, please get in touch with me, you help will be much appreciated."
George James
   I do know from our Archives that Terry led the B Group along Muddy Lane on 23 September 2009. Here is the link to the blog and photos of those on that ride. The photo is of poor resolution, but shows a group of about 20 riders.There must be innumerable instances in the 15 years from 1983 to 2009. Since we have a champion who is prepared to fight to retain our access, we should offer him all the support that we can muster. I am the most unlikely person to have knowingly used this route, but if you have used Muddy Lane in that 15 year period, do please let George know, with whatever detail you can provide. If you are too shy to contact him, let me know. His email address is: I hope that those in the photo (perhaps one person on behalf of the rest) and others will be able and willing to help. If you don't use it, lose it!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

B Ride 6 March 2013

 Ed led us back from Cobham to Cheam 
La casa del Ed

Just good friends!
Our lunch at Prezzo

Our leader (and Gill)


Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lost Property at Prezzo

Left behind at Prezzo this lunchtime, a pair of clear bike glasses. I have got them, if anyone wants to claim.


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Prezzo Lunch Vouchers

Prezzo lunch tomorrow 6 March 2013

The latest Prezzo vouchers are now available Here is the link to get your voucher code for tomorrow.