Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easy Riders - Leader needed tomorrow 1 Feb from Cobham

Lynda has let us know that she will not be coming to Cobham tomorrow. As she was down to lead, we shall need to fall back on Plan B. So will the ladies and gentlemen of the Easy Riders please be prepared to start the day with an impromptu huddle to decide who will lead and where? I'm sure that you will do much better at reaching agreement than the so called leaders of Europe!

Looking at the weather forecast, don't forget to bring your ear muffs and flask of medicinal brandy to keep out the cold!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Group, 25 January

Redhill - Three Bridges - Dorking

A round dozen riders set off for today’s ‘A’ ride from Redhill. Our destination was to be Three Bridges, in Crawley, a fair trek for January for some of our more North and Westerly based members.

Our route took us due South through Earlswood, past East Surrey Hospital, and along Mason’s Bridge Road, past the Dog and Duck pub and into Smallfield. We carried on South along Effingham Lane, through Crawley Down, before encountering our only real hill of the day as we entered Turners Hill. After that it was due west down the hill along Turners Hill Road. On the outskirts of Crawley, at Worth, we stopped for the day’s cultural item, at the atmospheric church of St Nicholas, complete with its interior Saxon arches and 13th Century font. In the graveyard was seen the tomb of Robert Whitehead, designer of the first self propelled naval torpedo.

Away from the ethereal atmosphere of St Nicholas, we made a literal and metaphorical descent to the more earthly surroundings of the Snooty Fox, directly opposite Three Bridges station. Initial hopes of a group beer discount were dashed on discovering the choice of beer on offer was restricted. It’s a hard life as a Midweek Wayfarer!!

Resisting the temptation after lunch to jump on the train, we proceeded at good pace with a following wind along the Balcombe Road via Horley, Hookwood, Leigh and Brockham to Denbies for tea. My mileage today was an estimated (due to a malfunctioning Cateye) 56, though others will have done quite a few more. Unlike our less fortunate ‘B’ group brethren of late, today’s puncture count was nil.


Easy Riders - 25th January

Roger's route from Molesey to Chessington via Shepperton

Fifteen of us departed from the Day Centre in Molesey. Apart from Cliff's puncture near the Hampton Water Works a good ride was had by all and a very satisfactory lunch was enjoyed by all at the Thames Court pub at Shepperton Lock. Afternoon tea was taken at the Kings Centre in Chessington where we polished off all their rock cakes with a cup of tea.

- Ron W

As seen on TV...

For anyone who may have missed it BBC2 are currently broadcasting a repeat of the six part series "On Hannibal's Trail" in which the three Wood brothers from Australia endeavour to follow Hannibal's legendary route from Cartagena in Spain and over the Alps into Italy. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this series is that the boys are doing proper cycle touring, camping as they go. Episode 2 will be tomorrow night (Friday 27th Jan) on BBC2 at 20:30. If you want to see the first episode via BBC iPlayer you will need to catch it before it expires at 8:59pm on Fri, 27.

Simon's Ride 18th January

Thanks to GPX data collected by Simon's phone I have been able to recreate the route and telemetry for the ride, as a number have requested. These have been added to the report.

I would caution that the telemetry data have been edited and may not be accurate - but the route is fine.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

B Group ride January 25

Meath Green Lane teddies

After two interesting urbanish rides we were back in rural Surrey (and, briefly, West Sussex) today, with elevenses at Redhill. I led fourteen south on N21 to Salfords where we turned right into Honeycrock Lane, then shortly crossed the A23 into quiet Lodge Lane. Soon we joined Meath Green Lane and admired the teddies. A brief stretch of the A217 led to Povey Cross and the quieter Charlwood Road. With time in hand I decided to turn into Lowfield Heath Road and past the Gatwick Aviation Museum. (Years ago former MWW sec Steve Bott stopped to have a closer look and stepped about three paces onto the owner's verge to be greeted loudly with 'Oi, you...'). We kept moving. Soon we turned into Bonnetts Lane, then Charlwood Road led us to ..Charlwood where we all enjoyed delicious, generous lunches with very attentive service at The Half Moon/La Demie Lune.

A straightforward run in the afternoon via Russ Hill, right turn into Partridge Lane, left turn into Burntoak Lane took us past the moated Cudworth Manor. Rejoining the metalled road we headed for Parkgate, Brockham, across the golf course to Pixham Lane and tea at Annie's at Leatherhead. Fortunately the threatened drizzle didn't happen (at least, not to me), hopefully everyone arrived home dry and not needing lights for very long. Thanks to Liz for back-marking.

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B Group - 25th January

Terry's route from Redhill to Leatherhead via Charlwood
(Satnav says 29.4 miles)

Maps showing the last stretch from Brockham to Leatherhead (left) and detail of the scenic route many of us took from Banstead to Redhill on the way to elevenses this morning (right)

A Group 25th January

Terra incognita from Rob today - Three Bridges. 35.18 miles elevenses to tea, lunch at the Snooty Fox. Rolling average 12.9 mph and 1,576 calories.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Easy Riders - January 18th 2012

10 of us left Teddington on a dull day, but a lot milder than previous days. We went over Hampton Court Bridge along the cycle path and left into Summer road and over the level crossing. A right turn into Speer Road and onto Weston Green rd continuing which follows on after crossing Hampton Court way. Wayfarer Derek R lives on this corner and Ron dropped off to have chat and catch up. We continued over Ember Lane and into Lower Green Rd, and along path to Molesey Road. Then via various quiet roads to the Swan at Walton - nice pub, good food and quick service. After lunch David and Wendy left us and the rest went along towpath to Hampton Court and Five on bridge. Fuzz went along main road through Sunbury and arrived just before us. Apparently the same Tea venue took place last week. I wasn't out and hadn't been there for some time.

John Conacher

Thursday, January 19, 2012

B Ride - Wednesday 18th January 2012

On a dull day, today's B ride punctures were (in order of appearance ): Ed, Frank, John, Frank, Liz.

20 left Teddington and traversed Bushey Park to Hampton. At Lower Sunbury, we diverted into Loudwater Close in order to deliver an important envelope to one of our number. We then took the Halliford Road, but before reaching the Halliford Garden Centre the leader punctured. As it was getting late, Irene offered to lead the group the rest of the way to lunch (see satellite map for her route) while Ian stayed behind to help with replacing the inner tube. This having been accomplished, John and Ian's route was from Upper Halliford to Laleham Abbey, along the Thames to Chertsey Bridge, across Addlestone Moor and Victory Park into Central Addlestone, and over the railway bridge at Mill Pond Court.

We arrived at the Pelican by the river Wey at about 1:15 to find the rest of the party already eating at our reserved table. Ian and I were quickly served and the party was ready to leave at about 1:50 p.m. But as we were about to depart there was a sudden shower (the only one of the day), and there was a brief delay while over-trousers, capes, etc were put on. Our afternoon route was via Church Path in Weybridge to Walton Station and through the Weylands Industrial estate to Thames Ditton. Seven of us had tea at Long Ditton Garden Centre.

But first I accompanied Liz and Les to examine the cycle/walking tunnel under the old A3, which has been only barely passable for the last 7 weeks and totally impassable for about 2 weeks. The tunnel is now just about passable by bike, but is still very unpleasant with 2 or 3 inches of (smelly) water, and garbage and miscellanous obstacles at the Northern end. When I got home, I phoned my Elmbridge Councillor contact who explained that some work had been done (by the Environment Agency?), and that Surrey County Council had asked their contractor for an urgent quote to complete the rest of the clearance - but that this had not yet been forthcoming. The Councillor assured me that the matter was now being dealt with at top level, including the Chief Executive of Elmbridge Council. The Councillor believes that it is possible that the problem was originally caused by unauthorised connections to the sewage system and this is being investigated - but I am not allowed to quote the Councillor on this!

John Gould


I regret to say that in fact I suffered three punctures yesterday: the second was a mile from the pub. We turned back and I had a third puncture not far from Shepperton. At this stage I had had enough and we took the train to Raynes Park and had a leisurely lunch in the Weatherspoons.

I have ordered a new tyre and several inner tubes.

Frank H

B Group - 18th January 2012

John Gould's ride with the B Team

The first and last bits                       The in-between bits

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Group 18 January

Teddington - Datchet - Shepperton

Tucking in at the Royal Stag Datchet

Ready to burn a few calories after lunch and birthday cakes

Totem Pole at Virginia Water

A Group, 18 January

Teddington - Datchet - Shepperton

A couple of months ago I finally succumbed to Jeff's combination of persuasion, flattery, and pleas to lead some rides. So today was my first outing as a leader, starting at Elleray Hall, Teddington with mild, moist weather but without the threatened rain. A group of 17 headed through a maze of back streets to Twickenham Green, and then followed the river Crane, first through Crane Park, under the A316 and up past the old gunpowder factory and lead shot tower, scene of gunpowder manufacture from the reign of Henry VIII until 1927, with regular explosions, one of which in 1758 was heard in Reading.

Emerging unscathed we then navigated Feltham, again largely on cycle paths to Bedfont and then to Stanwell, Stanwell Moor, and Horton. John Bassett left us to go ahead on a mysterious mission, which was later revealed as buying pastries to celebrate his 60th birthday a few days ago. Happy birthday John!
After a fulsome lunch (plus John's pastries) at the Royal Stag, we departed , somewhat heavier than when we arrived, towards Old Windsor and the rather steep Crimp Hill, where we were left standing by Frank (on fixie), Ray, Vic and a few others. Well, they have had more time to practise than some of us! Then it was through the Savill Gardens, past the totem pole and out the other side to Virginia Water, up to Lyne and then back to the Bakery at Shepperton, via Chertsey. All in about 33 miles from elevenses to tea, and slightly later arrival than planned at 15.20, due to a sightseeing stop at the Totem Pole. It wasn't dark when we left but apologies to those who arrived home in the dark. Must do better next time ...


A Group 18th January

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mileages - Jan1st - Dec 31st 2011

Dear All

A quick reminder that I am putting together the mileages for 2011, to add to our rolling mileage archive. If you would like yours to be included, please let me have it asap, or else for ever hold your peace.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

John Hammond's Funeral

From Pat and Bill Matthews at John' s Funeral

On 12th January Bill & I went to John Hammond’s funeral held at Randall's Park Crematorium. I went on the bus & Bill cycled. Unfortunately, Bill got a puncture and arrived about 3 minutes late.

I was quite early as I caught a bus 30 minutes earlier than expected, but while wandering around I met up with Lynda Barrow and somebody I hadn’t seen for some years. We’d passed each other while killing time & smiled, said hello and thought, “I think I have seen that person before.” Anyway, when we met up again with Lynda, we found out that we had cycled together some years ago with the Wayfarers. His name is John Soole. He’d moved to the West Country some years ago. He had met John Hammond’s son, Brian, in the local church and after exchanging conversations realised he had ridden with Brian’s father, John Hammond, and that was how he heard about and attended the funeral. I had met Brian at the Home, where John was staying, on his 95th Birthday.

After the funeral, we all went to the local golf club to eat and get together and after this John was kind enough to give me a lift home. It was lovely to meet up with him again, despite it being on a sad occasion, and I know quite a few members of the Wayfarers will remember cycling with him. He certainly remembered the names of a lot of the members who are still with us.

There were just we four, from the Wayfarers, at the funeral.

Pat Matthews

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Group, 11 January

Hersham - Kew - Richmond Park

Engraving of Hogarth self-portrait British Museum

A group Wednesday the 11th

20 left Hersham bound for the Rose & Crown at Kew bridge. Along the Moseley road and left onto the A244 detouring  into Riverside road for a brief spell then back into the A244 then left and sharp left again at the roundabout  into Riverside drive and the private estate where, as a lad Graham tilled the soil! We exited the estate at  Esher green then left into More lane then onto Hampton court via Douglas road, Grove way and Ember lane.
At Hampton court we took the scenic river route along Pavilion terrace to Kingston bridge. Broom road took us to Teddington lock where we dismounted and were still told by a lady pedestrian that bicycles should not be on the footbridge and onto another Riverside drive and past the front of Ham house and onto Petersham road. Just for good measure we went up Star and Garter hill and into Richmond park and along Sawyers hill, left at Sheen lane and left again into Fife road and Christchurch road leading to Upper Richmond road and a left across the level  crossing where Frank’s rear wheel required adjustment.
We detoured through Sainsbury’s to miss the awful roundabout on the A316 and took side roads to the River Thames and lunch.  Tables had been reserved for us. Lunch was ordered and very quickly served, a brief photo call for the Handlebar club and we were off along the towpath to Chiswick Bridge, under and over the bridge bought us to Dan Mason drive along the river were we passed the “B” group (with a few waves and cat calls) going the other way. Then along by Dukes meadows and the Bandstand, where I used to play as a lad and then an alley led us to Old Chiswick cemetery and a brief look at the graves of  Fredrick Hitch a veteran of The Zulu wars and Rorkes Drift,  he was awarded a  VC  for his bravery. Also to the tomb of William Hogarth, Painter, engraver, satirist.
Then along the riverside by various alleys and paths to and under Hammersmith bridge and on past Fulham football ground and through Fulham Palace Gardens and right over the awful Putney Bridge and back along the riverside before turning left and past the Wetlands centre, Barnes Pond and  Priory lane to Afternoon tea at the Cafe at Roehampton  gate where a small fracas took place. Still a very pleasent day.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Does this look familiar?

Calling All Cyclists, Many thanks to Mike Morley's son, Tim, for discovering the attached film, made by the British Rail Film Board in 1955. The roads and railways may have changed, but are we so different, even without the lycra? Perhaps these values may be worth preserving. What do you think? If the link doesn't work, highlight the following address, right click on it, then left click on 'Open link'. It's worth the trouble!


Also part 1:



Award Winners

Will all 2011 DA award winners please return their highly polished awards to Jake at: jake@kprc.org.uk or 01372 720061.

Easy Riders - 11th January

This map shows the morning section for David's route, from Hersham to Chertsey Bridge. Unfortunately the data for the afternoon leg of the ride is not currently available for publication due to the bearer of the GPS gadget wandering off on his own after lunch. It is believed that his alternative route involved quite a lot of mud.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Handlebar or Horseshoe?

Handlebar or Horseshoe? I ask you to decide.


The first in a new series of Technical exposition! Well not really just a little light relief from the Charitable debate that J.T. has finally been vindicated on not least supported by the report and views from the Chester fellow fraternity! (see Blog previous entry)

I have been in the "Dog House" for some time (what's New!) about the beard I grew, so I thought now that we have a New Year I should bark up a new tree and try another approach. So gone has the "Goatee" and in comes the "Handlebars" but this appears to evoke an image of a drooping character! So before reverting to that Hitler look I thought it would be comical to compare two desperado's with proper handlebars. On the left we have Juan B looking like a Mexican Bandit with Miguel (Mad Hatter) Desperado Me either side of a real set of bars on an erstwhile genuine Spesalized Langset (beset by punctures) Fixie!

I am off to France tomorrow and will test the Border Control to the limit! My new passport shows the full Monty! While en-route to Euro land I will shave the left handlebar off and look like a half bandit. On the way back I will then shave off the other half and see if I can make a re-entry! If not I may end up in Songat and if so will the Dieppe Raiders please start planning now for a rescue in June!

B Group - 11th January

I had done more exploration of routes in the general northerly direction from elevenses stops and this time settled on one containing park riding, stately homes, the Rugby Stadium, the National Archive and even a river ride through a sewage treatment centre. Interspersed with some more urban stretches which are always a bit problematic with a large group I also decided on a cafe, rather than a pub stop as service is usually quicker and you don't have to book.

This turned out quite well as the 24 who made it to lunch in Chiswick Park put quite a strain on the seating and the catering staff. The scent from the Sarcococca shrubs by the bike park was also welcomed.

We passed the A group going in the opposite direction after lunch near Chiswick Bridge, quite a coincidence with so many road options in that area.

Initially the Thames was almost dried out near Isleworth though later was in full flood  with the spring tide which made a change from the almost flooded river path by Richmond the last time I went there.

6 finally got to the tea stop in the Tiltyard cafe by Hampton Court Palace in the gathering gloom.
Thanks to Stephanie for being the back marker and Tim for the route map.
More urban style rides to come from me.

Harry Cole

Harry's route from Hersham to Chiswick House for lunch then back to Hampton Court Palace for Tea
( I make it 20.1 miles from Elevenses to Tea)

 A Geographers A to Z view of part of the route from Syon Park, around the Chiswick loop and back towards Richmond. This hopefully illustrates some of the more obscure paths explored today. Click on a map to view it then click on the '+' magnifier over the map to see it with maximum clarity. If anyone is still baffled about elements of this route please ask me for clarification. - Tim

A Group 11 January

A good ride for a winter's day from Tony today, heading towards London and making best use of the parks and riverbanks. 28.85 miles from elevenses at Hersham to tea at the Roehampton Cafe, Richmond Park; lunch being taken at the Rose and Crown, Kew Bridge. Rolling average 8.9 mph and 1,293 calories.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How the charity rejection is seen in Chester

Another View

You may be interested to see what the Chester Easy Riders have to say about the CTC charity rejection


Monday, January 09, 2012

Rejection Letter - a bit more legible

New link

For those with an interest, here is a link to a more legible copy of the Charity Commission's rejection letter. Click twice on the + magnifier to make it much better. I have highlighted a number of paras in red.


Bike Adventures

As some of you will know, I'm quite a fan of Bike Adventures and have used their services for several long rides, solo and tandem. So I was sorry to receive a letter from Kevin White, the principal, stating that he would not continue running Bike Adventures in 2012. This decision seems to have been reached at short notice, as the 2012 programme is already on the web-site.

The UK side of the business will continue to be run by Steve Wesson and Rob Tanti, both Bike Adventures ride leaders, and I have had a nice note from them informing me that they intend to offer the same service and that they have some new ideas for tours that they plan to introduce next season. For this season they will offer the Bike Adventures UK and Ireland programme - details are on the web-site.

However, there will be no European programme this year - which rather dents my Geneva-based Raids - and the very useful facility to drop off and pick up a bike at Ascot for transport to and from trips will no longer be available as Steve and Rob are based in Cumbria. Obviously, my loss may be someone else's gain, but I'm rather focussing on my loss, at the moment ...

So, that's the news. My thanks to Kevin and colleagues for past services, and best wishes to Steve and Rob for the next chapter.


Sunday, January 08, 2012

News of People

As many of you will know Ed is back on his bike and he joined Brian Starey, Jeff & me for a very hearty Fish & Chip lunch at The Posh Plaice, Tattenham Corner! Highly recommended they do an excellent OAP F&C lunch for £5.95 including Tea or Coffee, bread & butter with gherkin & pickled onions, tartar sauce etc, in very clean and pleasant surroundings.
Wine etc can also be partaken (not included). Posh Plaice is opposite Tattenham Corner Railway station so if you wanted to do a train assist onto the North Downs and ride beyond it's very convenient and extremely good value with very helpful staff.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rejection of CTC Application for Charitable Status

Charity Commission's Rejection Letter of CTC Application to Register as a Charity in England and Wales

Most of you will know that the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales have rejected out of hand the application by the CTC Club for registration as a charity.

The Chairman and Chief Executive have been fighting what I consider to be a discreditable and determined rearguard action to conceal from members the comprehensive rejection of the CTC's case and disguise the importance of this outcome. Their duty is to answer to the membership and keep us informed. However, they have steadfastly refused to publish the contents of the Charity Commissioners' rejection letter.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request to the Charity Commission, the content of the letter detailing the reasons for rejection is now available for all to read, see link:

CC's Rejection Letter to CTC request for registration as a charity in England and Wales. (see pages 2 and 4)

Kevin Mayne's gloss on October 25th was:

"...it's certainly not something I assumed we would be putting on the web site, most members have told us they are rather bored with the internal workings of CTC...... if we need to make some changes to smooth our way past the Commission we will do so in due course."

IF??? Does he not understand what the letter says, or is he trying desperately to disguise its importance?

It is quite clear that the Commission sees the CTC as essentially a Members' Club that also indulges in politics. Hardly surprising, since that is what it is. It cannot understand why the application has been made in the first place. The application for registration as a charity has been unambiguously rejected.

The Charity Commissioners recognise that the CTC already has a charitable arm and their rejection letter states:
"..the Club itself is not established for exclusively charitable purposes for the public benefit. It is a members' organisation established to promote the interests of its members and provide them with benefit. It is not therefore established for exclusively charitable purposes for the public benefit."

How much clearer could that be?

Not the End of the Story

However, the CTC also made an application for registration as a charity to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. This application was accepted in Scotland on 29 August (and not reported to members at the time). What therefore, is the constitutional status of the CTC Club in England and Wales?

The technical term is 'a mess'! We now really know where we stand, don't we? No doubt the CTC will be appealing against this decision. With Kevin Mayne's imminent departure, who now will inherit this poisoned chalice?


Franks Interesting "A" Ride to Twickers.

Well done Frank for another excellent ride. Twickenham Stadium was quite impressive even when photographed from behind while riding my "Fixie" Look mum no hands. The route took us through Bushy Park. Up until lunch we had one lady rider what a brave lass with all those lads and by-gum what a talker!

Pam having left us after lunch, Frank thought he would introduce us to even more excitement and Jeff encouraged me to do some picture touching-up as can be seen from his earlier photo. Here you can see more of the Nymphs though the water did not make me feel green with envy!
Having had fish & chips for lunch I was interested to see that these statues once belonged to the "Tata" family, I wonder if that's the origin of Tata Sauce?

Easy Riders - January 4th 2012

A group of ten left Cobham and headed east with the wind at our backs following the usual route across Bookham Common, skirting Fetcham and past the Mill Pond into Leatherhead for lunch at Wetherspoons.

After lunch we went via the path past the station onto the Kingston Road and over and under at junction 9 of the M25, headed north on the cyclepath at the side of the main road and turned right to ride the boundary path at the north of Ashtead Common. Took a peak at the Great Stew Pond (pic) - a heron, a shag/cormorant? in view. Both the small and the great Stew Ponds were dug out by monks at the time that this land was owned by Chertsey Abbey, lots of fish were fattened and stewed.

It was then decided to head for Ewell Day Centre rather than Chessington (as I had not reccy'd the route across Horton Pk and weather was turning). Ron lead this section through a series of meandering paths skirting the old admin block for the hospital before arriving at the day centre just in time for tea. A very warm welcome, the lady in charge came to speak to us and encouraged us to spread the word, all these centres are open to over 55s and if we don't use them we'll lose them. Some in the London area are charging £2 admissions and are asking old folks to pay memberships if they want to visit regularly.

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day and not a drop of rain, thanks to Mike and Ron for additional route variations (the wonderful thing about the easyriders is that they know where you're going when you don't) and to Roger for back-marking.


Easy Riders route for 4th Jan

Thanks again to Ron for allowing the satellites to track his every move.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Group, 4 January

Cobham - Whitton - Richmond Park

A rather better photo of some of the Oceanides, the York House Statues or Naked Ladies

Attribution of photograph: Jonathan Cardy

My first idea for lunch from Cobham was to head for Guildford or Godalming but decided early January was probably not too popular with the masses, so leaving the welcoming British Legion at 11-30, 20 of us headed north east towards the metropolis.

Using the old Portsmouth road and turning left down West End Lane, it was a familiar route for many heading for lunch at The Winning Post on the Chertsey Road at Whitton.

From the area of Garson’s Farm it was left towards Walton on the Esher Road, then right into Molesey Road then left between Queen Elizabeth and Bessborough reservoirs to the Hurst Road. A right to Hampton Court, over the bridge to enter Bushey Park, all the way along Chestnut Avenue to exit at Teddington Lodge, then to the High St, right and left at the railway bridge along Waldegrave Road towards Twickenham, but left into Shacklegate Lane where Grant had a slow puncture; but with just a couple of miles to go, reached lunch without any problem, continuing to Fulwell Road A311, right and left into Sixth Cross Road and Hospital Bridge Road to turn right into Percy Road and the rear entrance to The Wining Post.

The proprietors had reserved an area for us and the service was quick and the quantity certainly adequate. After lunch we continued along Percy Road, past Twickenham rugby ground into Twickenham town and along the tow path to Richmond but not before a visit to view the naked ladies near York House. For those that missed this spectacle a photo by Jeff may accompany this report, over Richmond Bridge and up the hill to enter the park at Richmond Gate and to the golf course café at Roehampton Gate. Door to door for me it was a modest 47 miles but maybe more for others; not too many calories burnt but there is plenty of time in the future for that.

P.S. and I missed the rain.

Frank C

B Group - 4th January, 2012

Gill's ride from Cobham to the Castle Grove (Chobham) and to The Bakery in Shepperton for tea

Morning ride:     13.2 miles
Afternoon ride:  10.6 miles

Thank goodness the weather had improved since yesterday!  Today we were blessed with a sunny start and it felt as if spring was in the air, despite a nip in the wind.  There were fourteen of us in B Group and we headed out towards Plough Lane.  The R. Mole was in flood as we crossed the bridge but Plough Lane itself was clear apart from puddles.  On reaching the Wisley Airfield, we turned off and it was an enjoyable ride across - were those skylarks flying low ahead of us and up into the air?!  John G. reminded us about the filming of 'Warhorse' which had taken place here a while ago, though you would never know now.  Over the A3 footbridge to Wisley, past Pyrford Lock and out on to the Pyrford Road, we then followed a route of little roads and paths through Pyrford pioneered by John G. (thanks, John) and out on to the Woking Road.  Back on territory familiar to most, we climbed up the hill to Maybury and down through the series of traffic lights to join the Basingstoke Canal.  Staying on the towpath until the bridge at Goldsworth and heading north across the big roundabout, we joined the inland route through Horsell village at Bullbeggars Lane.  From here it was a straight stretch along Carthouse Lane and soon afterwards we reached the Castle Grove pub at Castle Green, where tables had been reserved for us and we were given a warm welcome and speedy service.  The pub is keen to see cyclists so leaders, please take note!

On the road again by 2.00 p.m., the route homewards was straightforward - through Chobham to Burrowhill, along Gracious Pond Road, Stonehill Road, across Homewood Park Open Space past Botleys Mansion to Bittams Lane and Green Lane leading towards Addlestone.  However, as a change, we turned off on to a path skirting Addlestone Moor (& Golf Course) and leading directly to Chertsey but involving the crossing of the railway line by means of a footbridge with very steep steps up and down!  Cutting across to Chertsey Bridge via Stepgates Road and Chertsey Meads, we soon reached the roundabout at the bottom of Shepperton High Street, helped along by a tailwind.  Rain had already threatened so most opted to continue on home but six of us had tea at the Shepperton Bakery.  Thanks to Irene for being back marker.

(Gill Finlay)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year and.........

......a reminder that 2012 Wayfarer subscriptions are now due (£3, of which £2 goes to the DA). I plan to be at Cobham tomorrow and will be happy to receive them.

I will also be taking £2 deposits for our annual lunch on Wednesday 7 March at Prezzo's in North Cheam, which Lynda is organising.

So sub + lunch deposit = £5.