Thursday, May 26, 2005

25th May 2005

Hello Wayfarers

Nice to be out on a Wednesday again after my sojourns to Spain and France. We were down on numbers this week, due to many different reasons, but those that ventured out enjoyed a great day. Ray D and Ed S were unwell with chestiness, but Ed expects to be out again on Sunday and hopefully Ray will be, too.

Vic, Norman, Terry, Brian, Rob, Les, John S, Ray H and Phil arrived at Fleet on various trains, car and bike (30 miles from Barnes in Phil Marks' case - pity we lost him so soon) for Vic's away day. We went along lovely Hampshire lanes and villages to Old Basing, where after lunch we visited local antiquarian sites and hidden canal grottos en route to Fleet for our homeward journeys in time for the European Cup drama. I was out at a meeting and watched a thrilling recording from 05:30 this morning.

Thanks once again to Albert for finding time to record 'C' group's ride: Good weather; very little wind and dry. The sun came out later. Dave led nine of us from Hersham up the Burwood Road across the Seven Hills Road and through St. Georges Hill to cross the busy Byfleet Road and up Redhill Road. Being en route for Ripley. Harold, Beryl and I thought the intention was to go across the A3 at the road's end but we spotted Dave leading the others in through Kat's Kastle and turned back to follow. At this point Roger's rear mudguard started to disintegrate so a short halt was called for in order for a temporary repair. The path surface as far as the cattery is good apart from the speed bumps, but later became pretty hazardous with rough loose shale and later soft sand which had me down once more. We walked for quite a bit after that until we arrived at the car park on the Effingham Road where we took the cycle track along the A3 as far as the Ripley Road (the old A3). It has been resurfaced with fresh markings and the cycle path is as good as the road surface for once. We stopped at the Bakery and discussed the lunch venue. No one volunteered to join me at The Anchor so with Roger, John and Beryl, I lunched at the Bakery while the others went to the day centre. The intention was to have tea at Cobham but my return journey from Cobham is a pretty hazardous flog for a body of my advanced years, so I bade a fond farewell until next week and went my usual way home down Warren Lane and the Pyrford Road to West Byfleet, New Haw etc. By the way, I see Beryl has some new mudguards since our encounter a couple of weeks back. I hasten to add that I was nowhere near Roger when he lost part of his rear mudguard!!
All the best Albert.

Angie writes: Just love the feedback from the rides messages. It's 8:15 and I am one of the unfortunates sat at my desk, but the messages really brighten my otherwise boring day! I had hoped to be out to Newlands Corner but instead found myself cycling along the front at Worthing. Very windy, not very sunny, but pleasant. Sorry I missed all the action, but have laughed non-stop through the messages. Long may they continue! Will come out as and when work permits.
Pedal carefully, Angie x

Olleh Brian

Friday, May 20, 2005

18th May 2005

Hello Wayfarers

Graham writes to say that North Cheam's arrival at Dorking after 11:15, and no "B ride" leader made for a confused start. The destination of a brisk "A" ride was The Haven via Newdigate, Capel and Weare Street. The Blue Ship was duly reached at 12.50 by Graham, Ed S, Pete B, John S, John M, Bob, Julian, Steve, Rob, Ray H, Frank H and Vic; Irene opting for an early stop at the King's Head in Rudgwick, which might have been a better choice for us all as it was virtually empty whereas the Blue Ship was packed. In the long wait for food, only the leader recognised Edward Enfield (a Billingshurst resident) enjoying a pint and a book at a nearby table. Last to be served, Vic had scarcely finished his bacon buttie before we were off on the return at 14:20! That left no time for frills so a swift return via Walliswood, Ockley, Capel and Newdigate was the order of the day. It was aided by a strong southerly, both Johns and Bob. Five sat down to tea at Denbies (Dorking Sports Centre being closed until June 6 for refurbishment). Thanks for that, Graham. Did EE recognise you?

Did 'C' group get to see the bluebells? Some rescheduling for 2006 should mean seeing early bluebells late April.

Meanwhile, Nesles' Norman invasion went with a swing. Wednesday we visited Etapes War Graves Cemetery, lest we forget. Lest we forget our padlock keys, gardeners are equipped with hacksaws. Thursday we found the valley route to Wimereux, avoiding Mont Lambert this year. The return home went very smoothly and Lynda for one was home by 4pm Friday. Pam has some excellent pictures, which she hopes to circulate via CD. Pete went off to Calais to meet Lisa and to drive down to Italy for a couple of weeks CTC tour. Thanks again Norman, for a very enjoyable few days. We look forward to your next venture.

Next Wednesday 25May05 we enjoy Vic's away day, meeting at Fleet Station for elevenses. Trains for Fleet from Surbiton go at 09:30, 10:00 and 10:30, so if we spread out a bit there should be spaces for bikes. The fare is around £7.00 and car sharing is another option.

Olleh Brian

Hi Brian (writes Mike Withers - thanks Mike) Yes, 'C' group saw some bluebells though they were past their best. Ron Weeden led us from Dorking across Holmwood Common using his satelite guidance system (yes really) and he emerged where intended. Eight of us altogether made our way cross country for a pleasant lunch a The Plough at Leigh. After that via Brockham and the Dorking by-pass back to Leatherhead for tea. I left them at Boxhill to go the hilly way back to Effingham, so I assume they got to the Day Centre in Leatherhead. In all a very pleasant ride.
Cheers Mike.