Monday, March 30, 2015

B group 1st April

B Ride - 1st April from Cobham
I'm aiming to leave promptly at 11 a.m. to go to Guildford for lunch - via Staple Lane and Coombe Bottom.  Tea will be at the Addlestone Garden Centre.

Gill F.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wayfarers swap road for track at Lee Valley VeloPark



A Ride 1 April Cobham start

Put your climbing legs on ready for a trip over Whitedown and Leith Hill en route to the Surrey Oaks at Newdigate. A flat meander after lunch to Denbies or Annies.

Paul K

Friday, March 27, 2015

Easy Riders - 25th March

We were 7 from North Cheam going to Longmead day centre. Liz lead a picturesque route around Horton quiet roads and Longmead Park. When we arrived I was surprised at the number of bikes locked up. There were another 7 that cycled straight there, plus Pat M who walked from home, about 5 miles, and Ron and Doreen who went by car.

I led after 11s - we were about 15. A big group for C.s, I think a record. We went into Ewell village and right at West St. Behind Sainsburys and over at Quick Fits. The back of Epsom Hospital and through Ashtead Parkk.  We went down to Lower Ashtead and had lunch at The Woodman. 5 had their own lunch and about 14 joined Ron and Doreen.  We had 2 newcomers, Dave and Audrey on their tandem.

After lunch we went over the Common to Ewell Park garden centre.  It was a nice, sunny day but a cold wind.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Group, 25 March 2015

North Cheam - Putney - Highgate - Clapham Junction

The threatening North Cheam massive assembles under the iron discipline of Leader Dave

Café Nunu and the Bridge

The place

Paul can't wait to get going

Hans takes command for the assault on Highgate
In Clapham Junction, our leader suffered a penetrating injury. In Northcote Road Dave mutters: 'Cafés cafés everywhere, but which one shall we choose?'
To quote Jeremy Clarkson, late of Top Gear: 'Ask Coleridge'.

State pomp, loo hunt and a CTC record... The London Ride

Twenty six riders left Putney Bridge for this year’s London ride. Progress was steady, rather than spectacular as the group tried to make our way through the traffic and lights. The ride through Hyde Park had added interest as we were stopped to allow two state carriages to pass. A clue to the occupant…. After this ‘scheduled’ glimpse of pomp we made our way to Hampsted Heath after a loo break, by popular demand, at Primrose Hill and onto lunch at Hampstead Village. Well fed and watered we had an easy, mostly downhill to Kentish Town on past Lords Cricket ground, Little Venice and onto Battersea Bridge and the finish at Northcote Road. Thanks to Steve for backmarking, Paul, Simon and Mark for gpx backup and Dave for leading from Cheam. Lastly, can I make an early claim for the puncture award? Four punctures in three weeks on two different bikes, it’s got to be a record?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The London Ride

A good lead by Hans, taking a large group on an intricate route through Central London to lunch at Highgate returning to Clapham for tea.  Well, almost.  A puncture near the end led to a bit of fragmentation, so the mileage ends at Clapham Junction - 24.5 miles from elevenses at Putney.

A change from our usual rides, and a good day out that everyone enjoyed.


Ripley Cycle Jumbles 2015

Pam has very kindly forwarded the following dates for your diary:

               Saturday 18 April

               Saturday 12 September


Monday, March 23, 2015

A & B London Ride

Starting at the River Café, opposite Putney Bridge railway station at 11am and heading for The Gatehouse at Hampstead Hill for lunch. N.B. bike space is at a premium so make sure you have a lock as we may have to park away from the pub. Overall a flat ride apart from the climb to Hampstead but a great run downhill to look forward to. Finish will be in Clapham at the top of Northcote Road, where there are plenty of cafes to choose from for afternoon tea.

To ensure that we stay together at each junction the second rider will way mark for the rest of the group and the gpx is attached to download for those of you with a Garmin.

Elevenses, no toilet in the café. There are bike racks under the railway bridge but they are often busy with commuter bikes.

Many thanks to Dave for leading from Nth. Cheam.



London Ride 25th March

Start time from North Cheam on the 25th will be 9am and David Vine will lead to "elevenses".

Elevenses are at the River Cafe in Station Approach by Putney Bridge Station SW6 3UH. Note that this is north of the river in Fulham. If you plan to join the ride here please arrive by 1030 if you want refreshment. We may leave by 11!!

Hans will then lead the ride and tea will be at Clapham Common, North Side.

Bikes for Snowy Roads (continued ...)

I last wrote about this a few years ago, observing that bikes with snow tyres were regular utility transport in Zermatt.  Although the hills are steep, the town is car free, making cycles an attractive option.  The most popular type of bike then was a mountain bike, with stud tyres and a rack for skis, but some electric bikes were starting to appear, with an add-on motor kit providing the power.

Back in Zermatt this winter I note that development in electric bikes has been rapid, with purpose built offerings available from a number of major manufacturers. The Austrian KTM is the most popular.  The one in the picture is pretty typical of the breed.  They are essentially still a mountain bike, with the frame shaped to take a motor under the bottom bracket.  The motors were mostly Bosch, and I understand that they develop up to 250 watts of power.  The range is around 20 kms, which is plenty for the way they are used.  Generally, people don't use the motor on the flat or downhill, only drawing on the extra boost when climbing.  As a result these machines climb about as fast as they descend, and as you can still pedal while using the motor the actual battery drain is not that great.  It is apparently possible to climb one of the big local passes like the Simplon or Grand St Bernard without running out of battery.  Batteries charge overnight, or the battery pack can be swapped for a charged one.  There is also a type of Danish motor that re-charges when braking or descending.  I saw only one of these, and it looked rather less rugged.

Interesting to see what another few years will bring - an extra 250 watts would be handy on White Down!


Friday, March 20, 2015

A Group - 18 March 2015

Addlestone - N. Farnborough - Cobham

CAMRA Plaudits

Our hostess was quite dramatic

Beers on tap

Refuelled and ready for tea

The inconspicuous Winged Wheel on the wall of the Ham & Blackbird.
I think that somebody is trying to whitewash it out of history!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Group Ride 18 March

Some 19 of us chose cycling over watching the Chancellor’s Budget speech. Seemingly we chose wisely, the sun was out with just enough cool wind to remind us that we are still in March.

From Addlestone we were destined for lunch in North Farnborough but first headed north up Lyne Crossing Rd, then southwest across Chobham Common. From Chobham the route was straightforward, through Bisley, Brookwood and alongside the railway to Frimley Green. The last section was an asphalt path across the Blackwater River lakes to North Farnborough.

Only 18 miles of riding and no steep hills took us to lunch at the Prince of Wales free house, a regular CAMRA local pub of the year. We were welcomed with friendly and cheerful service, excellent food prepared individually, though rather a long wait for some.

Unfortunately we had no time for the local tourist attractions (the CTC winged wheel on the but now defunct Ham & Blackbird, and the tomb of Napoleon III in St Michaels Abbey, both nearby).

Leaving around 2:30 we had a 21 mile ride to tea at Cobham. Thanks to a speedy bunch of riders, and despite a cool headwind we were having tea by 4:10 in the cheerful Café Aroma.

Total distance 38 miles, averaging 13.5 mph, 1430 calories and 1400 ft climbed.

Thanks to Geoff for assiduous back marking, and to all the turn markers, especially Paul, who helped keep the ride moving, and to everyone for such excellent company.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

B Group - 18th March

It was a typical March day: watery sunshine and a chilly blustery north-east wind. We assembled at the day centre in Addlestone.

There was quite a big turnout: 20+ at least.  The route we followed was B386 to Windlesham continuing to Lightwater and then following B311 to Heatherside, then turning off towards Camberley on minor roads reaching the centre of Camberley near the railway station at about 1pm. We got lunch at The Claude du Vall.  

The Claude du Vall is a J D Wetherspoon ’s pub. The meals were well up to JDW’s usual standard and they handled the numbers involved without apparent difficulty. And, there is always a wide selection of beers at JDW’s pubs.

After lunch the weather was the same, only this time we were heading into the wind for the most part. We followed the route in as far as Lightwater and then to West End. After West End we followed minor roads through Horsell to Woking. From Woking we followed a minor road through Sheerwater emerging on A245. We followed A245 to West Byfleet, stopping for a comfort break only to discover that the gents was locked. The ladies’ facilities were available however. From West Byfleet we followed A245 to Byfleet and then turned off on to B373 towards Weybridge. We stopped for tea in Weybridge. During the afternoon, the numbers dwindled to eight.

Finally, I am very grateful to Tim who did backing up duties dealing with a couple of chain-off incidents and staying with Grant who broke a spoke. Having this kind of support is essential.

~ Peter Carpenter

This map shows Peter's route from Addlestone to Camberley (13.6 miles) and, after lunch, to Weybridge for Tea (nearly 18 miles):

The Claude Du Vall in Camberley, inside and out
The mighty evening sun over Bushy Park
Thanks to Ray Wren for the photos.

[Peter's report is coming soon]

Easy Riders - 11th March (last week)

Bradbury Centre, Kingston - Woodies, New Malden - Ewell Centre.

Nine set out from the Day Centre on a brilliant sunny crisp day. We made our way to Bushy Park where we saw at least 50 Hinds by the side of the path having elevenses.  We carried on to Hampton Court, Summer Road, and on to Ditton Hill Road, winding our way to lunch.  Lynda very kindly took the afternoon tea run to Ewell while I made my way back home.
~ Irene

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Group Ride 18 March

Tomorrow’s ride from Addlestone will be to North Farnborough, famed as the unlikely final home of the Emperor Napoleon III.

Lunch at The Prince of Wales on Rectory Road, a regular CAMRA local pub of the year

Possible diversion to see the CTC Winged Wheel on the now defunct Ham & Blackbird. Otherwise a leisurely ride back to tea in Cobham.

All on tarmac, no steep hills.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

B Group, 11 March 2015

The Magnificent Seven Ride!

Having seen the vast train of 'A' riders leave coffee the few of us left looked round at each other and realised that we were indeed an elite group.

Our 18 miles to lunch at the Plough at Leigh took us through industrial estates and new housing developments to the east of Redhill before striking out into the country and the ascent of Church Hill to Nutfield. We swooped down into South Nutfield and passing the airfield just in time to see the police helicopter land - I don't think they were following us.

From there it was Masons Bridge Road and Picketts Lane to another new housing development following the N21to Horley.

After the tunnel under the railway it was more housing estates (older this time) to Meath Green Lane and Lonesome Lane towards Reigate and via Prices Lane, Slipshatch Road and Clayhill Lane to the pub.

There we met two (including Angela) out of a group of five (the other 3 had gone) who had opted to ride direct to the pub from coffee - only 5 miles!

After a very relaxed lunch the "Seven" rode on towards Annies in Leatherhead on familiar roads to Brockham, across the golf course and briefly dipping into Norbury Park.

Light winds, sunny day, no rain, good company - what more could one ask for?

Peter T

Six out of  The Magnificent Seven

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Group, 11 March 2015

Redhill - Knockholt - Woldingham

Under the watchful eye of the Chairman, Leader Neil contacts the Three Horseshoes and places the order for an early supper
At the top of Tilburstow, the peloton seems a bit disoriented

The challenge of Sundridge Hill proved too much for machine, but not for Rob. One crank was more than enough to get him up the hill and to the pub.

The herd of cats after a latish lunch

This is a truly cyclist friendly pub.We haven't seen Rob since .

A Group - 11 March - All Quiet On The Eastern Front?

Redhill Methodist Centre was very quiet at 10.30 and I thought maybe there would only be a small group of riders. But by eleven there were eighteen of us lined up for the trip east.

After the congested A23 we headed off up past the cemetery, skirting South Nutfield and under the M23. At Henhaw Farm we passed through the farmyard and used the farm tracks to approach Tilburstow Hill. Then through Crowhurst Lane End and along Gibbs Brook Lane to Hurst Green.

Shortly afterwards Hans stopped for some frontal re-inflation. When the news reached Peter he was so surprised he fell off his bike. Soon we were on our way again but within a mile Hans needed more extensive help with his rear tyre. Unfortunately by the time the front of the group found out they were already at the top of the hill at Limpsfield Chart. Reluctant to go back down the hill, and knowing there were eight helpers for Hans, they sat in the sun and waited.

After fifteen minutes, and mindful of the empty table waiting in the pub, Jeff agreed to wait for the delayed while I led the front group onward. Across the A25, along Clackett Lane across the M25 and up to the Pilgrim's Way. Four miles of straight and level road, with a Spitfire flying overhead, led us to Sundridge Hill. A bit of a challenge but The Three Horseshoes in Knockholt was just reward.This very welcoming pub had rearranged the tables to provide us with one long table that took up most of the bar.

Over the next thirty minutes successive cyclists arrived with stories of a foreign object  in Hans' tyre so recalcitrant it required Brian's extra special pointed tool to extricate it (was it a thorn or was it a flint?), and of Rob losing a crank and having to progress with just the remaining crank.

A wide variety of good food was ordered and consumed. Three or four opted for the All Day Breakfast despite it now being nearer tea time.

As we were leaving, the staff on hearing of Rob's plight offered to give him and his uni-cranked bike a lift to the station two miles away. A most generous offer. He was last seen squeezing into the back of a Zafira. Hope you made it home alright, Rob.

The afternoon was less eventful.We headed west on the rolling roads along the top of the ridge. Past Tatsfield and Botley Hill before passing through Woldingham and swooping down the hill past the station to the Woldingham Garden Centre.

Six of us stopped for tea while others pushed on, maybe remembering the forecast for late afternoon rain. However I arrived home having only experienced a few drops of rain in Banstead. I hope everyone else was as lucky.

Special thanks to Geoff  for back-marking duties and everyone for their patience thoughout the day.

P.S. Thanks to Paul for the modern plots of the route. I was leading using a thirty year old OS map and highlight pen!!

A group: 11 March

A group 11 March
Redhill to Knockholt, end @ Woldingham
Lead: Neil
Distance: 25 to lunch, total 35
Climbing 2529ft

[67 miles door to door/3600ft/11.3mph moving average]


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Ride - 11 March

Tomorrow I will be heading east in search of quiet lanes and distant views. Following in the wheeltracks of Jeff T, the footsteps of pilgrims and visiting Kent's most famous lane.

It's a good two hours to lunch so a prompt departure will be appreciated.

So have a good breakfast, bring your climbing legs and your P-proof tyres (lots of flailed hawthorn on the lanes), and prepare for a grand day out.

B Ride Redhill 11th March

We are going to The Plough at Leigh for lunch - not very far as the crows flies! However its the journey that counts and I would like to leave promptly at 1100.
Peter T

Monday, March 09, 2015

Companion for disabled recumbent rider - any volunteers?

We have received a note from Chris Jeggo of West Surrey CTC asking if anyone from SWL would be prepared to help a disabled cyclist in the Weybridge area. Chris writes:

"He was in the Army and injured in a training accident in the nineties, paralysed from somewhere round the upper chest downwards.  He rides a hand-cranked recumbent trike, which is very fast down hills and very slow up them.  He lives in Weybridge, Oatlands Village area, so quite close to some of your members, perhaps.
I enjoy the rides - he's good company.  I've taken him up quite a few hills in the North Downs.  He's found them tough but he's got up them.  It's quite amazing what he can do despite his handicap.  The rides have averaged 30 hilly miles so far."

If anyone is prepared to help please contact either Simon Lambourn or myself and we will pass on contact details.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Hilly 50 Final Rout Check for Sat 7th March 2015

Hello everyone! I checked the rout yesterday and all is clear and quite tidy with not a lot of surface water. Pleas however take care on some of the narrow descents, watch for the odd pothole and surface grit in places. Near Peaslake do not be put off by the "Road Closure" sign into Hoe Lane the route is clear. LONGMORE LANE REMAINS CLOSED AND IS DELETED FROM THIS YEARS ROUT.
See you all at the start - have a good ride!
Mike (Mad Hatter) Morley event organiser on behalf of CTCSWLondon.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Winning Achievements

Further to Jeff's many photos of the silverware and of all the winners who received one of these shiny items here is the full list of prizes awarded:

Here is the web link to Simon's wonderful illustrated account of his adventures in the far north of Scotland.

Here are some links to the full sets of photographs submitted in each category:

Categories                                      Online photo albums

6.1 Person (male) or people (Drake Cup)
6.2 Person (female) or people         
6.3 Action (Dieppe Cup)               
6.4 Scenery/Landscape (The President's Trophy)
6.5 Building/buildings (The Tom & Mrs Fish Cup)
6.6 Humorous or funny                 

6.7 Hors catégorie, beyond classification

Thank you to everyone who participated.

~ Tim

March 4 2015 A ride

For completeness, here's the route (hand drawn). The muddiest section was the tarmac'ed path in Nonsuch Park!

4 March 2015, Annual Lunch

Cobham to Cheam
Annual Lunch and Presentation of Awards

 An appropriate start from Cobham

 Things did get a bit fuzzy. Perhaps others may have a sharper focus!

We give our warmest thanks to all who worked to make a success of the MWW annual lunch and awards presentation, to whom I think our new chairman Dave Vine gave full recognition.  So our appreciation to him for taking over the reins of a sometimes bucking bronco from Colin Quemby who, with his wife Shirley, and our indefatiguable and invaluable Group Secretary, Tim Court, set up the displays; our thanks to Lynda for making the arramgements with Prezzo; to our runs leaders who take us to pastures new; and to all Wayfarers whose company makes the club such a pleasure for us all.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

B Group - 4th March, Cobham to Prezzo

Many thanks to Ed for leading us today. We rode first to Leatherhead via The Tilt and Woodlands Road and made for the M25 underpass via Cleeve Road and Kingston Road. We took the track across the north side of Ashtead Common and were a little surprised to come across very little mud. Then it was Horton Lane and Chessington Lane into West Ewell, across the A24 bypass then along The Avenue in Nonsuch Park to arrive at Prezzo around 12:50.

~ Tim

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Annual lunch at Prezzo this Wednesday - 30% discount off food

Tomorrow is the Wayfarers' Annual Lunch, combined with the South-West London DA awards presentation.   We will ride to Prezzo in Cheam after elevenses at Cobham - there is no ride after lunch.

Prezzo have asked that we order meals from the tables where we will be sitting, to help them deliver meals to the right places.   Drinks can be ordered from the counter and paid for at the time.

There is a discount code available for 30% off main courses available here:

Monday, March 02, 2015

Cobbled Classics

It's the beginning of the Classics Season - hard racing on cobbles - and it's good to see that Mark Cavendish and Ian Stannard did so well last weekend.  For those of you that don't want to go to Belgium, there is an alternative ...

Paul Kelly put me on to it - it's called the London Classic, and, as the name suggests, it's a London ride that takes in a lot of cobbled streets.  This year's event is full. Paul has an entry - I was too late - but he has been kind enough to give me a copy of the gpx of the route.  It being sunny this morning, but rather windy, I thought that a City ride rather than a country one would be just the ticket.

The route is an intricate one, and you need to keep a sharp eye on your GPS.  It starts and finishes at Crystal Palace, so there's a swoop down to start and a climb to finish; in between it's pretty flat, as central London is.

I took my Moulton, good for the City and, with full suspension, good for the cobbles too.  It's an excellent ride, not too busy, taking in lots of interesting byways and parts you would never normally visit.

There are 28 cobbled sections in all.  By comparison with Paris-Roubaix they are short and very well maintained.  With a sensible approach any bike can do it, and it's certainly not a race.  

Passing through some of the parts of the East End that have historically been the first stop for immigrants you get a clear idea of the continuing diversity of London.  The World lives here. You also get some fantastic cooking smells as you go along - no need to go hungry on this ride!

It's about 38 miles all in all; I left the route and made my own way back to London Bridge from Canary Wharf, as it was a less interesting bit and I stumbled upon a route that I know and like.  But a very good day out, and a useful ride for any time of the year, as it's much cleaner than the Surrey Hills!