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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Old Picture of the Wayfarers

A picture from the old times from my album, I wonder how many people can you recognise, I can see Ray Dare, John Hunt.
Jeff might like to put it in our newsletter.

Mark Roy

Friday, January 29, 2010

Contact List—2010

Pete M has sent the 2010 Wayfarers' contact list to everyone on e-mail. I will bring some printed copies to Cobham next Wednesday for anyone without e-mail; and I will continue renewing subscriptions and taking deposits for the Prezzo lunch on Wednesday 3 March.

Please let Pete M have any updates or corrections to the contact list.


From Albert

It took my old bones a day to recover from our Wednesday ride and send my entry for the blog but I`ve checked and see it was not 2009 on my heading after all. It is said that the first thing to go is the mind but in my case probably more important bits! Thanks Steph for a much better description of a good if somewhat chilly ride---------------------Albert

From John Bassett

I missed everybody last Wednesday as I punctured back tyre in Hampton Court Road. All went reasonably well, except my spectacles decided to lose the right lens (frame came unscrewed) just as I was inflating the tyre. So I had to return home to Surbiton to get them repaired in Specsavers. I found that the tube itself was not punctured but the valve had lost seal.
I looked in the blog today, A group had a reasonable day, a bit warmer than last week!

My mileage for last year (2009) was 4589, a bit less than for 2008 because I did not take a long summer trip to Scotland on the bike.

See you next month in Cobham
Kind regards
John Bassett.

B Group Jan 27th

Our esteemed leader, John (he only had to ask the way 73 times).

B Group Jan 27th

I arrived at Shepperton completely frozen, confident that no-one else would be so stupid as to turn out on such a cold day. But attendance was no less than usual; and 15 B Group riders set off via Chertsey, (off-road to) Penton Hook, Staines and Wraysbury (5 minutes of very cold rain) to lunch at the 5 Bells at Horton.

After lunch, we proceeded eastward along Horton Road, and Gill kindly led us through the maze of paths which enabled us to avoid having to negotiate the very busy roundabout above the M25, near Heathrow terminal 5. We continued along Horton Road to Stanwell Moor and took the B378 through Stanwell to Ashford. Here, Robin left us for Feltham where one of his clients had summoned him by mobile phone to attend to a factory heating break-down.

Between Ashford and Charlton Village, Bernard punctured, replaced the tube and continued home by train. The rest of us cycled through Upper Halliford to Lower Sunbury, where most made straight for home, hopefully arriving in the dry and in the light. David Salmon kindly invited the remaining few to tea at his home in Hampton. After tea, Judy and I got somewhat lost in Hampton (why could nobody in Hampton direct us to Bushey Park?).

As forecast, the evening rain arrived promptly at 5 p.m., catching me in the last 5 minutes before home.

John Gould

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Group Jan 27th

With keen wind before the start, I resolved to cut the fat from my ride keeping it short and direct. There were twenty between me and TEC Irene as we headed out of the Greeno centre. Thanks to the weather(?) the main roads were quiet before we turned towards Chertsey Meads and a section of NCN4. Up and over St Anne's Hill was a prelude to the modest climbs through Lyne and up to Fan Court and then along the oddly named Accommodation Road. Zigzaging past Emmett's Mill and Mimbridge brought us to Horsell a shade before 12:30 as a light drizzle set in. The pub was empty when we arrived but we soon changed that!

The drizzle had past by when we left. 19 for lunch dwindled on the return with John S despatched towards Woking station, and Irene and Julian disappearing at West Byfleet reached via the very smooth towpath. The Anchor at Pyrford Lock looked packed as were Wisley Gardens. Across the aerodrome and past the Mucky Duck the weather improved with a hint of sun. A dozen made it to Sainsbury's Cobham for the great debate and thence home. A fine day and next up, my dotage starting Sunday.

From Graham hill

A Group , Wednesday, 27 January, 2010

Wey Farers beside the Wey on the way from the Plough at Horsell
Apologies to Graham, Ray and Terry, who were airbrushed out of the picture
(slight technical problem)

Easy Riders - 27th Jan 2010

We met at The Greeno, Shepperton for elevenses with a modest turnout with rather cold conditions. Stephanie led our ride to Hampton for lunch at The Jolly Coopers pub.
We set off passing Shepperton Studios over the motorway. Steph kindly sent me details of the route and much of the way was interspersed with those darned cushion speed bumps which need to be tackled with some care when riding a trike. However no problems occurred and we made our destination in good time for lunch for just the six of us; Lynda, Stephanie, Fuzz, Roger, Bill H., and me. We had experienced some rain en route but managed to find some cover for most of the bikes. I saw Dennis earlier but not at lunch. Pressing on we made for Teddington and a pleasant ride through Bushy Park for tea {coffee actually) at Hampton Court. No prizes for guessing `Five on the Bridge`. I peeled off for home down The Hurst Road where the road surface has collected its fair share of potholes. Thanks Steph -------------- Albert

Freedom Pass

Dear Members,
There is a petition on 10 Downing Street website which is to specifically to protect the Freedom Pass. If you feel the Freedom Pass should be protected see the link below

Please pass this on to anyone iwho may be affected by this.

Yours sincerely
John Scott

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easy Riders Jan 27th

A grey old day, starting from the Shepperton Greeno Centre, past the Shepperton Studios where Fuzz informed us that Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart had dragged the African Queen up the adjacent River Ash. Not quite so tropical today so onwards through Littleton, Charlton, the glass and steel triangular construction of the BP building on the Chertsey Road, lots of lone horses in fields, some with coats, some without. Grovely Road to Snakey Lane we grovelled and snaked, eventually turning south through pleasant suburbia of Oak Avenue and Broad Lane into Hampton and a warm welcome at the Jolly Coopers. A friendly pub with a good menu hidden away round the corner from the Bell. After lunch, and the sun began to show through so we enjoyed a ride through Bushy Park to Hampton Court for T. Thanks Albert, we all owe you a cuppa. Also present, Fuzz, Linda, Bill, Roger.

A Group 27th January

Almost Spring - well, at least it wasn't snowing. Graham led us 24.8 miles from elevenses at Shepperton to tea at Cobham. Moving average 11.2 mph, a bit of climbing with 783 ft of ascent and 1179 calories.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easy riders Jan 20th

This was the Wednesday when I had the help of my dear son Peter on the front of the tandem trike. With the cold and drizzle I was glad of a bit of frontal cover. He can certainly navigate to Elleray Hall better than me. There we found a good turnout with Lynda, Beryl, Fuzz, Dennis and several others including Phil who was ride leader. Right at the start we took a wrong turning, that is we two on the mighty machine. However Peter enquired at the police station the route to Ashford where we were due to have lunch at The Kings Head. On arrival, the pub was not one of those out of the way spots and a most welcome sight to we wet and weary ones. It was warm and welcoming and the food and beer helped a lot. Tea was to be taken at The Walled Garden at Lower Sunbury but having found that venue closed we all pressed on to Hampton Court Bridge and had tea at Five on the Bridge. I have attached a few photos I took at lunch---------Albert

B Group Jan 20th

The Plough, Rusper, and Bernard before he had his double whiskey
photo of the log fire but Stephanie insisted on being in it.
Ed reckoned his soup was decorated with sump oil
Wot a day! There were only seven of us at North Cheam, it’s never a popular ride to Redhill, plus the weather forecast. We all got to Redhill without incident other than a few bits of sleet. While we were having our coffee it started to snow intermittently. Five of us set out towards Lambs Green, viz Ed, Liz, Norman, Stephanie and my good self. Soon after we started it began to snow, hard. Big fluffy flakes. By the time we got to Charlwood Norman was cold and so he stopped there with the intention of catching a train back. We four carried on, the roads by now were slushy and as the cars passed they gave us a good spraying. I had planned to go down a lane to The Lamb in Lambs Green but the lane was all white, not even a car track, so we changed plan and went to Rusper instead. We had lunch at the Plough where we were made most welcome and, best of all, there was a blazing log fire. After a nice lunch and an argument between Ed and the landlady about which way to Newdigate (Ed’s best line was “I’ve been coming here since before you were born” after all she only lived there) we separated, the others set off towards Newdigate and I went to Horsham railway station. By now there was an inch or two of snow and the small roads were slightly nerve-racking. On my way home on the train after Redhill there was no sign of the snow so I guess it was quite localised. Regards Bernard

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Group 20th January

A Winter's Tale

There was still ice on Elmore Pond as I passed on the way to Redhill, and it was snowing a bit which was not a good start. The weather man had been expecting snow for a couple of days, but it was not clear whether we would get some, none or a lot. But it had stopped by the time I got to elevenses. Fingers crossed.

A select band assembled over the next few minutes, and a Magnificent Seven set off on the A Group run - Bob, Jeff, John, Ray, Simon, Terry and me. It had begun to snow quite steadily as we rolled south on National Cycle Route 21 and by the time we crossed the M23 south of Redhill Aerodrome Ray and Terry decided that discretion was the better part of valour and turned for home. Ray's cape wasn't doing much of a job and he was getting wet and cold.

So, the Famous Five pressed on through Outwood and up the hill to Bletchingly where Jeff had a problem crossing the A 25. He had snow on one side of his glasses and condensation on the other, making it very difficult to tell a truck from a street-light. He soon sorted that out and we whisked up Tilburstow Hill where there was quite a bit of snow - not much on the road but very pretty otherwise. At the junction with the Godstone Road Bob peeled off, leaving a Fairly Hungry Four to sprint to lunch at Oxted with the snow diminishing rather.

We ate well at the Old Bell, drying gloves and hats by the fire. Steve, the landlord, wants to ride with the Wayfarers - he was a racer in his youth, so I promised him a copy of the Sou'Wester. All good things must come to and end and reluctantly we donned still-wet kit and set off for Chalk Pit Lane.

This is quite a fierce hill. The GPS gives 18.3% (steeper than Sheephouse Lane); maps and roadsigns say 20%. In the circumstances this may have been a Chalk Pit too far - those who rode were very little quicker than those who walked. Fatter tyres were a definite advantage as normal road tyres failed to grip on the snowy surface after the first bend. The small increase in altitude gave a big increase in the amount of snow and, again, it was very pretty at the top.

Not content with uphill challenges we quickly followed up with some downhill excitement. Ganger's Lane, while not all that steep, was steep enough to test brakes and skill on a snowy descent, followed by a much easier run past Woldingham School to Caterham. Then up again to War Coppice Road and another slippery plunge down White Hill.

Now the pace began to rise. At the foot of the Downs the weather was much clearer, and we could smell the coffee at Fanny's. We were ready for it.

At the bottom of Markedge Lane John left for home - it was half past three and he didn't want to get caught in the dark. Very sensible, even though the weather was rather better. So three of us enjoyed large slices of cake, mugs of hot coffee and set the world of the CTC to rights.

This was my second shot at leading and the common characteristics of my rides seem to be terrible weather and rather fewer people finishing than starting. I'm sure I'll get better with practice ...

31.51 miles, rolling average 10.69 mph, 2494.9 ft of ascent and 1498 calories.


Teddington Jan 20th

The restored Diana fountain gleaming in the gloom
Thank you Fuzz for the tea and cakes at Elleray Hall to mark your entry into your 80th year

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Redhill Romp - Wednesday

Here is the route map of Wednesday's A Group Ride. It's about thirty miles elevenses to tea. Lunch will be served at the Old Bell Oxted and tea will be taken at Fanny's. There are some hills, both up and down, and Chalk Pit Lane, the popular test hill, has been included for your delight. It can easily be circumvented by those who don't fancy it.

I rode the route today and things aren't too bad. The lanes are pretty agricultural, with plenty of gravel and more pot-holes than before the snow, but nothing that should cause us any difficulty. What may be a problem, however, is the weather, as Wednesday's forecast currently shows the possibility of sleet or snow. We'll see.

If the weather really is a problem I shall post a cancellation notice here before 08:00 Wednesday morning. But I hope that there's no need, and look forward to seeing you all at Redhill.


2009 Mileage Totals

The full 10 year listing has now been revamped (sorry about it's non-appearance last year) and can be viewed by clicking here - click the words. If anyone has a record of their mileage which can fill in the blanks and would like to have it added, please email it in or leave a message - not forgetting the year for which the mileage applies! - on the answer-phone.
From Pete Mitchell

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wayfarer's Quiz

So as Vic said maybe you should stay at home and do that vital bike maintenance you keep putting off, or you could guess where the above picture is, or you could join Jeff and I in the Chequers at 3:45pm for a swift half (or 2)!

The clock apparently was donated, before that presumably time stood still. The post script say's "While we have time let us do good" So I did by sweeping a pathway on Betty and Tom's drive, my eighty+ year old neighbours. I hope they don't slip and break a leg if it ices over later and blame me.

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Snow Lock from Walton on Hill

Yesterday Bob Starey and I ventured out on our MTB's to W'Spoons Leatherhead. My computer froze but I calculate 17mls via Peble Coombe Hill, Dorking, Ashtead and back over the Downs. Bob went back via Staines Street and will have done more than 20mls round trip to Sutton. Well done Bob! Apart from the centre pice on my roof you can see the extent of the snow overnight and it was still snowing this morning! So did not make Hersham and congrats to anyone that did.
Walton on the Hill Lake, poor Ducks and Swan, we only have one this year.
People have been walking on the lake but not me! Lets hope things will be better next week and that Julian can collect his (our) money!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A ride from Hersham

Vic has been in touch and agreed that, in view of the hazardous conditions, it would be wise to cancel the planned A ride from Hersham. The Day Centre will be open to those who can safely make it there for 11's. Otherwise, stay in by the fire or carry out some of that long postponed bike maintenance!


Easy Riders Hersham January 13

Lynda will not be going to Hersham to lead the Easy Riders on Wednesday.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hersham DC Open on Wednesday 13th Jan.

Dear All

You will see that Charles has cancelled the B ride from Hersham this Wednesday.
However, Val at the Centre has confirmed that the Day Centre will be open and ready to receive and revive those hardy souls who turn up for tea, tlc and a chat, even if the planned rides need to be curtailed. Julian may even be there ready to receive your subs!

You know what conditions are like near you. Tadworth is still a bit like the Steppes of Central Asia. The choice is yours, but break no bones!

Safe cycling!


B Ride From Hersham

I intend to cancel this ride owing to conditions on roads and paths.

I'd like to let people know beforehand, if possible.

Charles Barraball

Friday, January 08, 2010

An answer Mark Roy

Since there is no new Blog this week I thought I give an amusing story.

Some one asked a question "When men see a beautiful girl, do they all like to take her to bed?" The answer is not all, some have other ideas to use their energy for the good of human beings.
A man was walking and saw a small mouse on the path, he picked it up put it on his hand and felt sorry for the mouse. Suddenly the mouse spoke and the man startled but kept his calm. The mouse said "I am not really a mouse. I was a beautiful princess. A magiciation turned me into a mouse, if you kiss me I will turn back into princess and in return I will spend the evening with you."
The man looked and put it back in his pocket. The mouse spoke again and said "What I will do is to spend the whole night and you can do what you like to me." The man took the mouse out again and looked at it, smiled and put it back in his pocket. The mouse again pleaded with him saying "I am very beautiful girl if you turned me back into human being I will be willing to spend my whole life as your wife and look after you and you enjoy my beauty whichever way you like."
The man took the mouse out again put it on his hand smiled and said "There is no need for that. I am working as a computer consultant, in my line of work a talking mouse will be more useful and will earn me more fame." and went on his way.

I know it is not very funny story.
Mark Roy

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

DA Competitions

So far two entries have been received for the most interesting ride or tour.
Plus 44 pictures over most categories (All from Wayfarers)

S Group 6 January

Despite the evident success of my snow tyres I felt this morning, on looking out of the window, that there may be a better way...

So I got out my skis and skied to the Chequers at Walton for lunch, broadly following National Cycle Route 22. Up over the Oaks Golf Course, over Banstead Common where I met Rob and Ruth Maskell who were out for a walk, over Epsom Downs and up the lane to Walton on the Hill.

It was rather the wrong kind of snow - wet and heavy - which is my excuse for a very pedestrian performance - 7.7 miles, moving average 3.1 mph, 933 ft of ascent and 1689 calories. But, all things considered, not bad fun.


Or maybe at Hersham on 13th....

I had an enjoyable ride to Cobham this morning along the A307 as (about two feet out from the gutter) the road was reasonably clear and there weren't many cars or lorries out. All the side roads looked treacherous. The hall was closed and it began to snow. No-one else arrived, although on my way back I saw John B flying along towards Cobham, going too fast to hear my shout. I was glad to be back home just after 11.30 as the snow flurries increased, turning to slush. But we've had nothing in Kingston like Mike's pictures of Walton-sous-Neige.

So—weather permitting—I'll be collecting 2010 subs and Prezzo deposits (see my previous post) at Hersham on 13th.


Snow 2010 and 2009

Hope some of you made it to Cobham I'm stuck at home 10am Wed 6 Jan 2010 back garden

Meadow Walk Walton le Hill also 10am 6 Jan 2010.

But can you imagine same back garden on 2nd Feb 2009. Even deeper snow.

And would you believe it from Cobham on Wed 4th Feb 2009 we saw this! Note the red coat from behind snowman. According to this Feb should see deep snow if last year anything to go by. I hope LGW open by tomorrow!!?
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Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 Membership and Prezzo Lunch

At Cobham on Wednesday 6th I'll be collecting membership subscriptions for 2010 (£3—made up of £1 to the DA and £2 for the Wayfarers' kitty) and a deposit of £2 from those who would like to come to the lunch that Lynda has arranged at Prezzo in Cheam Village on Wednesday 3 March.

Happy New Year to all


Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Mileage Totals

Mileage Totals 2009 received so far:

Charles 2096 Mark G 4344
Lynda 3191 Frank C 8717
Tony D 7418 Pete M 12924
Ron P 524 Doreen P 524
Frank P 523 Maureen G 1517
Cliff W 2826 Norman G 5375
Steph 3156 Les J 2446
Irene 5173 Jake D 6482
Grant 3482 Ray H 4717
Neil G 2323 Judy M 2206
Colin Q 4165 Shirley Q 3040
Bill M 6125 Pat M 374
Ray D 2954 Eric B 1429
Terry L 7283 Jeff 6691
Lisa 2819 DaveB (KPRC) 14642
Gill 2994 Pete B 1761
Steve G 5643 Julian 3160
David W 9048 Rob M 4401
Pam 6169 Liz 2992
Mike M 3961 Ann B 4862
Brian G 2030 Paul K 5499

The full 10 year listing has now been revamped (sorry about it's non-appearance last year) and can be viewed by clicking here - click the words. If anyone has a record of their mileage which can fill in the blanks and would like to have it added, please email it in or leave a message - not forgetting the year for which the mileage applies! - on the answer-phone.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day ride

The assembled company of hardy folks for Pete's led ride from Ewell to Richmond Park with entry at Ladder-stile gate.

Ed's Report Dec 30th

Midweek Wayfarers 30 Dec 2009
Ride "A"leader Ed.

Molesey Day Centre - where is it? Lucky, Lynda knew the way.
A cold, wet day; most had not been out of the house in days.
13 set out for Whetherspoons at Staines. The route was Walton, Shepperton, Laleham, along the river to Staines.
Return to Shepperton by road for tea at the bakery. Vic and I stayed for a cup of tea. The rest - looking miserable - went home.
I took the route home via Hampton Court and watched the ice skating for a while at Thames Ditton.
Up to the roundabout at the Ace of Spades to avoid the flooded tunnel under the A3.
Distance: God knows!
Glad to get home by 5pm.