Friday, August 29, 2008

Easy Riders Aug 27th

Picture from Albert
Good old Tom turned up at elevenses at Molesey but with quite a few others including Charles and his fourteen year old grandson James did not come on our ride, although in the case of the last two named I took it to be their intention. Ron led us down the towpath to Walton bridge where we crossed over to Shepperton en route for The Red Lion at Thorpe. Before our departure Sonia`s bike punctured and I believe Lynda stayed behind to help, so we lost their company; the lone lady with us being Beryl. Harold also had the same problem while on the towpath but managed to continue. Still in the merry band was Mark, Roger, Dave, John C., Bill H., and me. Before we crossed Chertsey bridge, Ron asked me to lead being my home ground and knowing the best way to avoid the centre of the town. I avoided that spot of offroad through Penton Hook and took the direct route up the Thorpe Road Road. After a pleasant lunch we headed for Shepperton for our tea. Ron resumed the lead up Coldharbour Lane which meant us making our way through Penton Hook for good measure! I took the photo as we were leaving the pub. ---------------Albert

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Group August 27

Trouble finding Elevenses?

Ordnance Survey might be responsible for misdirecting Wayfarers like me, heading for the first time for elevenses at the Airfield. Any pilot looking for Fairoaks Airport might end up dropping in for a drink at Castle Green. OS identifies the Airport on the Landranger Map 175 for Reading & Windsor (rev 2006) as being at GR 972 605, just SE of Castle Green. Or is my map-reading way off-beam? Anyway, that is my excuse for being five minutes late. Thank heavens I was on two wheels and not two wings dropping in from 2,000 feet.
The Walled Garden at Lower Sunbury, see below, is a much safer bet.

A Group Aug 27th

Picture from Graham
Grey cloudy days have been common this summer, and this was another with only a modest turnout at Fairoaks Airport. Thirteen was the "A" group being Graham, Bob, Grant, Irene, Jeff, John B, Pam, PeteM, Ray, Rob, Toni, Vic and Will. We headed towards Chobham but turned early up Mincing Lane to pass by last week's lunchspot in Burrowhill. The B383 led into Sunningdale and several jinks later we were at the Blacknest gate of Windsor Great Park. Riding almost to Bishopsgate, we then turned towards the village. Near the Long Walk a hackney carriage with an abrupt turn onto grass preceded by neither look nor signal raised murmurs from amongst our ranks but no real danger. From the Ranger's Gate NCN 4 delivered us unevenly into the middle of Windsor where our destination was The Windlesora better known as Wetherspoon's. An early arrival made for an early departure; the line was Datchet, Wraysbury and Staines where Irene was guided to her door. The towpath became a companion to Laleham where we switched back to roads. For Grant a slow in Shepperton Green converted to a fast by Upper Halliford; Toni stopping to assist. Once more we ended up in The Walled Garden Sunbury for a long look at the tapesty naturally preceded by rounds of tea and cake. An easy day with just 50 miles on my clock. Graham Hill

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

B Group Aug 27th

From a quite quiet Fairoaks I (Terry) led Angie, Caroline, Stephanie, David, Harold, John G, Les and Norman to Chobham via Philpot Lane and Sandpit Hall Road then to Bisley. Shooting could be heard at the ranges so we sped on to the rail/road/canal junction north of Pirbright. A quick head count confirmed all present and correct (the shooters probably don't like moving targets) so we continued south, then, for a change turned right into Church Lane, a nice, quiet, one way road. After Stanley Hill we turned left when the road ran parallel to the railway for a short while. I had originally planned to use the canal towpath from Curzon bridge to Frimley Green but it is temporarily closed to Deepcut bridge, so we stayed on the road, only using the towpath from Deepcut bridge to Frimley Green where we had lunch at the King's Head. The food was good, quickly served and you could visit the salad bar countless times - there's a challenge ! We continued on the towpath to the bridge just before Mytchett Lake, admiring this year's cygnets en route. Then the climb up Tunnel Hill followed by the speedy freewheel after, limited somewhat by having to fork right onto the Pirbright road. Through Pirbright again then the usual route to Cobham via Fox Corner, Jacobs Well, the cycle track and Grove Heath Road. There were only two unfrozen doughnuts left at Cafe Aromas (one jam, one chocolate) but after much discussion Norman and I came to an amicable agreement whilst others were happy with their choices. On an ideal day for cycling I rode about 53 miles - I expect others did more.

Friday, August 22, 2008

B Group Aug 20th

B Riders 20.08.08
Consisting of :- Christine, Terry, John, Harold, Norman , Reg, Cliff, Les, Phil, Harry, Robin and Welcome to a new rider with us Colin Farquhar.
For a change going north through Charlton where Norman had a blow out, luckily Les had a tyre repair patch. Back on the road through Ashford, Stanwell, onto the A3044 past the airport terminal 5, Where Robin had a rear puncture. Left through Colnbrook, another delay loosing someone off the rear having a mobile telephone call. Joined the A4, crossed under the M4, then 0.8 mile right onto a national cycle route. North past Pinewood Studios To The Black Horse pub at Fulmer for a good lunch in the garden.
First returning on the same country lanes for 2 miles then left through Love Green and Iver. Left along the Grand Union Canal , right at the T junction through Hayes and up onto the A312. South on cycle tracks alongside main A roads, when Terry had our third puncture. We were aiming to have tea at The Walled Garden Sunbury, but now it was 5.0 pm at North Feltham, so bid our farewells to head homewards.
Footnotes; - Several were late for coffee, so we set off at 11.30. Should we normally be starting by 11.10 latest ?
Unfortunately with a further four delays meant for lunch and tea we were an hour later than scheduled.
Also worth noting that the canal motor cycle traps are badly designed and rather tedious for a group of cyclists
From Robin Johnson

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Easy Riders Aug 20

Picture from Albert
Some pleasant surprises when we met up at Shepperton; Bill Squirrell, looking fit and well after his hospital sojourn in Blackpool was there with Margaret. As for me, I got a welcoming hug from Pam. A bonus enjoyed by very old chaps! John C., was our leader for the ride to The Running Mare at Cobham. We had a very good turnout in spot on weather with Lynda, Beryl, Carole,Fuzz, Dennis, Dave, Roger, Harold, Mark, Charles, Geoff, Bill H., Ron, Mike (I think) and me.We took the short route to Walton bridge then up New Zealand Avenue to Hersham and the cyclepath along the dual carriageway to Westend after which a spot of climbing ensued and being in the wrong gear, I had to walk for fifty yards but soon caught up as John is good at looking after stragglers. We came out of Leith Hill Road before crossing the Stoke Road near Cobham just a stone`s throw from the pub. After a good lunch we met up with the others and headed back up Leith Hill Road for our tea at Claygate. The only bit of offroad we encountered was Claygate Common just before our arrival. All in all a great day and just 28 miles on the clock when I got home at 4.20----------Albert

A Group 20 August 08

Lunch-time Venue

Wey-farers admiring a lock on the Basingstoke Canal and Cox's Mill

Ride Leader Irene on the lock bridge with friends

A Group Aug 20th

The Tapestry at The Walled Garden Lower Sunbury
Fourteen is the sum of the first three squares and by coincidence the number of riders who sampled Irene's beautifully crafted miniature. From the day centre we headed for riverside Shepperton and into Chertsey. Turning off before the town centre, NCN4 led us beside the Bourne then we climbed St Annes Hill to Lyne and from there to Trumps Green via Lyne Road. At the top of Staple Hill, Pete B turned off whilst the rest descended to Burrowhill and The Red Lion which was reached before 1230 for a leisurely lunch. On leaving Mincing Lane and Philpott Lane got us to Mimbridge and Horsell before the Basingstoke Canal was joined in the centre of Woking. After several bumpy miles and a photo shoot at Cox's Mill, we departed the canal system at Black Bridge Weybridge. A dash along the Thames towpath took us to Walton Bridge which saw the departure of Julian. Crossing to the Middlesex shore, we turned towards Lower Sunbury and the Walled Garden, a venue new to many. Based on time spent, the jury of Irene, Ed, Graham, Grant, Jeff, John B, Pam, Mike, Pete M, Toni, Vic and Will voted it a hit with some "paying" to view the tapestry and gardens.
From Graham

Monday, August 18, 2008

B Group Aug 13th

Eleven of us set off from Caterham in fairly inclement conditions via Woldingham School towards Smallfield. Harold decided to call it a day and returned homeward. We travelled onward to Langshott arriving at The Farmhouse pub, after a slight detour due to major road-works. Then following a (rather extended) pleasant lunch we returned via White Bushes and Redhill where John, unfortunately had a little tumble, but continued unscathed through to Merstham then up to Fanny's Farm for a spot of Tiffin before returning home. My thanks to the ever dependable Terry as back marker.

Liz Scrivens

Lidl cycle stuff

Lidl have cycling offers Thurs 21 Aug.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Change of Leader

The ever-helpful Terry has said he will lead the Bs on Wednesday 27 August instead of me. I've said I'll do his next one in exchange.
From Bernard

A Group Aug 13th

Grant’s Run 72 years old today
Sunny very windy cool morning
Arriving at North Cheam there was a good gathering of riders some in summer wear others like me in end of summer wear. As I don’t often lead a run and needed the training for my 12hr time trial next Sunday I decided to lead the group of happy cyclists to Caterham via Banstead, Chipstead and Farthing Downs, some struggled on the hills but over Farthing Downs the battering of gale force winds nearly blew me off a couple of times. Well done to the less able who made it over this section. After a well earned coffee & chat at the Douglas Brunton Centre at Caterham A& B groups split B led by Liz and some going homeward Ray Dare for instance.
Out into gale force winds heading south up thru a tree lined road almost tranquil in parts, then flying down hill on a wet road gale force winds required pedalling down hill towards Outwood! Further on we had to stop when rain lashed from the right, waterproofs on we battled on turning west into the wind thro’ Smallfield arriving at the Jack Fairman (who was a 50’s racing driver) Wetherspoons for lunch. Me Grant, Pete M, Tony D’Italia, Jeff, Ed, Bob, John, Mike M, Neil & Rob.
After a pleasant stop including using the plush loos, marble tops etc. we headed NW Bob had gone and Mike Morley also headed Nth homeward, the rest of us hitting the occassional brickwall of wind as it gusted against us up Norwood Hill & Leigh the wind bowling us along now to Brockham & Denbies for tea. Neil said goodbye and thanks. Tea, coffee refreshed us again Pete, Tony, Jeff, Ed, Rob & myself made our own way home some Leatherhead others Little Switzerland like Tony and myself others to Epsom & Ewell & North Cheam with a following wind some sun and 50miles under my belt towards Sundays 200 plus miles hopefully!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

C Group Aug 13th

Picture from Albert
A fairly stiff breeze from the southeast aided my 12 mile ride to elevenses at Kingston where Fuzz led our ride to The Coach and Horses at Barnes. We had a good turnout with Ron, Phil, Bill H., Lynda, Beryl, Sonia, Dave, Roger, Harold, Mark, Dennis, as well as Fuzz and myself. We headed through Kingston to Richmond Park where Beryl had a bit of a tumble caused by an uneven verge. She bravely claimed to be unhurt so we continued to the eastern exit of the park after a few light showers, quite a bit of sun and still breezy. Soon after arriving back on the tarmac I came a cropper, having clipped Dave`s rear wheel. I`ll need some more dressings for my first aid kit before I venture out again. We had some good offroad thanks to Fuzz`s knowledge of this urban neighbourhood including an area with the odd name of `Leg of Mutton` amenety area with instructions to refrain from cycling and fishing. I can report that none of us fished! The pub turned out to be most pleasant and since the bitter was so good I managed an extra half pint to revive myself to face a pretty long ride home. We returned through the park for tea at the cycle renting cafe near the exit to Roehampton. After tea, Roger led myself, Lynda and Beryl back through the park to Kingston; Lynda must have peeled off early for Cheam, Beryl for the rail station and myself for Kingston bridge. I recognised the overhead walkway linking Bentalls to their carpark, where after passing the lights I went onto the cyclepath over the bridge. 38.54 miles, arriving home at 5.25. I keep a goodly stock of beer---------Albert

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"A" ride Wednesday 13 Aug

On a pre-run yesterday of lunch at Jack Fairman Wethersoon Horley, Bob and Mike M had an early B'Fast at 11.59am. By 12noon Mike was just about to start and Bob had finished. Bob could not wait for the taste of the breakfast to touch his lips as the "Gold" Dartmoor beer was much more tasty. On asking if he could have another B'fast so he could taste it the manager said the offer closed at 12noon.

Meanwhile on todays ride proper, leader Grant pushed on at the head of the peleton being closely held by Jeff (who was determined not to be a lone rider after the Sunday C&M ride). The bunch can be seen striving into the wind and rain having past the Bell at outward and screaming past the Windmill. The screaming was the pain of the wind and almost hail like rain.
Official write-up to follow

Bill Squirrell

A telephone call from Bill Squirrell this evening to say that he was in Blackpool Hospital having been diagnosed with Gall Stones, Yellow Jaundice and an infection. He said he is feeling OK and waiting for some other treatment before he would be informed when he might come home to Byfleet. On the phone he sounded quite cheerful and sends his best wishes to everyone.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Group 30 July 08

Tea at West Horsley

Inside the Chapel

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Group July 30th

Group “A” ride 30th July 2008-07-31

Fourteen riders left New Haw Day Centre at 1115. For future reference, this centre is at the extreme west end of Amis Avenue, GR TQ041620. We did a short tour of the village, Queen Marys Drive,Woodham Park Way, Faris Lane,across the Basingstoke Canal, West Byfleet and on to the Pyrford Road, Warren Lane, Newark Lane,Polesden Lane ,Send Marsh,Send Barns Lane to the Portsmouth Road, cycle path to Burpham,Jacobs Well,Salt Box Road. At the traffic lights we turned left on to Cumberland Avenue, Keens Lane, footpath to Hydes Hill, left into Aldershot Road,right into Southway, subway under the A3,past the cathedral, right into Elmside and up through Onslow Village by Curling Vale, Manor Way and High View Road and a cunningly concealed footpath to emerge at the top of Down Lane.
The swoop down to Compton saw three breakaways manage to overshoot the next turn on to cycle route No. 22 , our intended route to Puttenham, where they turned up, rather sheepishly I thought, some time after the rest of us had started our lunch.
We left at ca. 1400 bound for the Watt Memorial Chapel, Compton, a fine example of Art Nouveau decoration. The leader managed to break the first law of mountaineering, The Leader Never Falls Off. But survived. Down New Pond Road,Stakes Corner Road,Sandy Lane, Guildford High Street,Epsom Road to Squires Garden Centre for tea at 1550. The intended tea place was to be Ockham Bites, but we had had such a leisurely day in glorious weather it was too much strain. Next time, perhaps.
From Vic White

Cotswell CTC Tour

At Fosseway Farm -Moreton in Marsh. The end of a delightful tour

Saturday, August 09, 2008

From the Birthday Rides

Wayfarers at The Birthday Rides

C Group Aug 6th

Picture from Albert

The weather was dry, overcast and rather humid when we turned up at Cobham. It was Pat`s birthday and we were treated to our elevenses. Both she and Bil came on the ride led by Ron in the absence of
Stephanie, our destination being The Anchor at Bookham. It is one of my favourites and I was quite surprised when we turned up Plough Lane. With Ron leading around ten of us there were, in addition to Bill and Pat M., Roger, Mark, Bill H., Harold, Mike, Beryl, John C., not to mention Jonno and Lisa which if my arithmatic is better than my spelling makes thirteen in all including me. At Martyrs Green near the upmarket Black Swan (no longer answering to `The Mucky Duck) we turned left and followed Old Lane as far as Effingham Junction. Then the real offroad began. Apart from a fallen tree which Ron cleared from our path, the going was not at all bad. There was sufficient mud to show up the tyre marks when the others got out of sight and we emerged without mishap on the tarmac near Bookham Station. There was the usual bit of uphill to Bookham Church where we left the picnicers and turned left at the `squareabout` for the short ride to the pub.. The food was good and promptly served and my handlebar odometer showed I had covered 17 miles. Tea, I was informed was to be near Epsom, so I in the company of Harold took the more direct route through Bookham Common to Cobham where he had left his car. By the time I arrived home I had only done a further seven miles. Dennis I was told came on the ride but took a different route (unsurprisingly). He will probably tell me about it next week. I took two pictures but one was a bit blurred so there`s only one on the blog.----------------------Albert

B Group Aug 6th

What with Birthday Rides and holidays, numbers were down at Cobham. Add to this the recent wet weather, especially yesterday, and the knowledge that the planned route for B Group was going to involve some off road cycling, and it was not really surprising that it was only a small group of nine adventurers who set off to face what mud there might be! They were Christine, Irene, Bernard, Robin, Johns G., S., M. and B., plus me, Gill, the leader. (Welcome to John Bellamy, a newish rider.)

Leaving Cobham on the Horsley Road, we turned off at the Drift Golf Course and approached West Horsley from this direction. At the roundabout on the A246 we went straight across on to Shere Road which provided the first challenge of the day - two steep climbs with a nice downhill section in the middle providing a bit of a boost for the second one. Continuing westwards we reached the start of the off-road sections, Drove Road, at the top of Staple Lane, which took us across to Newlands Corner. Yes, there were a few muddy sections but all were passable without too much difficulty, though Irene did suddenly find herself on the ground (luckily not in the mud!) at one spot. Views at Newlands Corner were magic - everything washed clean after yesterday's rain! On, on, still on Drove Road till we joined White Lane - a pleasant downhill ride. Cutting across to Pewley Down via a narrow footpath, we finally made the steep descent into Guildford down Pewley Hill, descending still further to the Castle grounds where we left our bikes before heading to the King's Head pub next door for lunch. Sitting at tables on the upper terrace, surrounded by boxes of flowers, we received very speedy service, as we were the first people to order food!!

After lunch we walked our bikes through the Castle Gardens, with Irene acting as guide, and admired the amazing floral displays. At the top of the High Street we struck out on the London Road until turning off to cross Stoke Park, skirted the Leisure Centre and came out at the R. Wey towpath and a Nature Reserve with a lake. This brought us to Jacobs Well from where it was the familiar noisy route by the A3 into Ripley and on to Ockham Bites for tea. Unfortunately, newcomer John B. punctured near the Ripley roundabout and was a bit late into tea. Sorry, John, we should have come looking for you! After this, it was On Home! The weather had been rather grey to start with but it had gradually turned into a lovely sunny afternoon.
(Gill Finlay)

A Group Aug 6th

A combination of birthday rides, holidays, Phoenix 10, distance proposed, prompt start, uncertain weather and uncertain reception at our destination meant that only eleven of us, adroitly organised by Angie—Nigel, Graham, Don, Jeff, Toni, Ed, Neil, Rob, John B, Julian and.....Angie—left Cobham on the dot of eleven for the Blue Ship. We went past Effingham Junction to Effingham, where Nigel turned off, up the long drag to Whitedown, some of us in granny gears, across the A 25 to Sutton Abinger, up the drag to Holmbury St Mary and down shady lanes to Ewhurst Green, where a group was sketching the pond and tudor-beamed house, to Ellen's Green, Rudgwick and the Blue Ship beyond. As the pub hove into view, Toni said he was ready to do another five miles, but seemed reluctant to do them on his own. We'd made it in good time and were ready to sit in the sunny garden, as captured by the official photographer, enjoying the conversation, beer, orange, coke etc and the food which was good and (except for John's) speedily served. Deciding to avoid the off-road section through Gibbon's Mill because of probable mud, we retraced our tracks through Rudgwick and then, helped by a slight tail-wind, followed the Surrey Cycle route through Oakwoodhill, Capel, Newdigate and Henfold to tea at Denbies. On this section we got rather spread out, the leader particularly emulating the Duke of Plaza Toro, but we arrived together for tea and later left for home, except for John, who set off for the Albert Hall. I did 63 miles from home and back and was relieved at the weather which, although muggy during the morning, brightened up nicely in the afternoon without geetting too hot. Julian

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Group 6 August 2008

A snapshot of the 'A' Group's lunch-time sojourn at the Blue Ship, The Haven, Sussex.

A picture postcard English pub in the Sussex countryside. A welcoming haven from mobile phones and the storms of life, except.....
.....abandon anguish AND your sandwiches all ye who enter here!

Hungry cohort awaiting lunch

Eyes left...

Eyes right - what IS he doing?

Friday, August 01, 2008

A Group plan Aug 6th

A Group, Cobham--6 August

My idea for next Wednesday is to go to the Blue Ship (south of Rudgwick OS reference: 084305 on sheet 187) for lunch. It is 22 miles from Cobham and could take a little over two hours, so could we be ready to leave promptly at eleven o'clock in order to make sure we get fed? I've spoken to the landlady, so she knows that a group of us are coming.