Thursday, December 31, 2015

B Group - 30th December

I don't know how we were spared from the heavy rain we were all expecting yesterday but the wind more than compensated and it was hard work riding back into it from Old Windsor. This is Peter's route to the Fox and Castle and back, nearly 15 miles to lunch and almost 10 miles back to Notcutts, although nobody stopped for Tea.

I hope that 2016 will bring lots of safe and enjoyable cycling to everyone.

Happy New Year!

~ Tim

Happy New Year

A very happy New Year to all the Wayfarers, with a special thanks to all the ride leaders  for some great rides, not to forget those that marked the corners and those that back marked.
I hope that the coming year will be as good as the last

Happy New Year

~Geoff Gregory

Mistery Personality

Well Jeff T, I congratulate you on your new personality quiz profile. I am so intrigued as to know who the profile you paint eludes to especially as there is probably no one other than me that has done so much business in the past in that ill fated country called Libya than me! It is a country I grew to know well in my later years before retirement having visited Tripoli on many occasions and also some of it's oil field installations.
I hope that you get a good response!
I have posted this on the MWW Blog as most people read that but I guess it should be a DA Blog but hardly anyone looks at that.
Best regards,
Mike M (Commonly known in KPRC as MMHM - moaning mad hatter morley)

Countdown to zero hour

Mileages 2015

Please remember, don't forget.

You have exactly 24 hours in which to cram in those last miles for the period 1st January - 31st December 2015; then reset your Cateye/Garmin to zero for 2016 and send me the result. Time is fast running out.

There will be a New Year's Honour for the Lady and Gentleman who, riding regularly with a Section of the DA, have pushed themselves further than the rest and for the member with the greatest increase in mileage over 2014.  These honours cannot be bought and are not for hacks or time-servers. They have to be earned. This is a true meritocracy.

Whatever the figure, please let me have your achievement to record on our Honours Board.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Last 'A' Ride of the Year

Our appreciation to Graham for a well judged curtain-closer for 2015. A well-balanced cocktail of parkland (almost entirely mud-free) and some unfamiliar suburbia from Walton-on-Thames to Putney Bridge, with lunch in the former mecca of the I.C.L. universe, now a jewel in the crown of J.R.Wetherspoons. A ride to blow away the cobwebs.


Wednesday 30 December 2015 (A ride)

The forecast for Storm Frank sounded dire with southerly gusts of 40+ mph and heavy afternoon rain. But it was never that bad.

Just 13 A riders crossed Walton bridge before heading east to Sunbury and Hampton. Here we turned north to Hampton Hill (what hill?) and through the park to NPL. Compared with recent days,  the High Street was empty as was Teddington Lock bridge. Hoping to introduce some culture, we detoured to take in the brutalist architecture that is Parkleys. and the Victorian Latchmere House (awaiting redevelopment). From Ham Gate it was NCN4 though we exited through East Sheen Gate. As usual the Mortlake level crossing was closed as is (almost) the Stag brewery. It is now owned by the developer who is remodelling Teddington Studios into flats. Once again the High Street was empty as we turned into Barnes by the Bull's Head. To save the Editor's blushes a continuation along a potentially muddy NCN4 was discarded so we continued past Putney Hospital (15+ years empty but soon a school and yet more flats). Many will remember WF Holdsworth Putney; there's scarce any trace of it now. And thus we reached The Rocket Putney, or if you prefer Wetherspoons.

After much display of smart phones, a bare majority were for home so now there were six. From the Half Moon we cut through the backstreets and Ashburton Estate to Telegraph Road followed by more architecture in the form of the vast Alton Estate. From what I could gather, few had used the Chohole Gate which just left the final ascent, Test (or more correctly Broomfield) Hill. And no tea stop.

Home by 1415, fully an hour before any rain and there was precious little of that. Call it a modest 33 miles door to door.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to you all.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tony's Christmas ride - 23 December 2015

Photos from Tony's ride (Teddington to the White Cross Pub on the river-side).

Thanks, Tony, for a very enjoyable ride, through many parks and along the canals and river.

Merry Christmas and
best wishes for a happy, healthy 2016.

F & F (Humphrey)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Double B's ride

Elleray Hall Teddington,  Datchet  The Stag

What a beautiful day it turned out to be,  6 decided to come on my ride, we had intended to go to Dorney  Palmers Arms for lunch but time ran out so we stopped at Datchet, It is a lovely old pub, the food was excellent and far too much, but didn’t go to waste it got passed around the table, the staff were really attentive and welcoming.   It was nearly 2.30 pm when Simon, Dave Jarvis, Tony, Vic, Pam and me left to cycle home.   Pam & I couldn’t understand how we had a head wind there and back again??  but It could have been worse.
A very merry Christmas to one and all.

Thanks folks     Irene

Merry Christmas Ride

(It's a Snowman)

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wednesday Ride from Teddington

For those who live West of London there will be a ride to The Palmer Arms at Dorney for lunch with no afternoon tea stop planned.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Photo competition 2016

Further to the great success of the photo competitions since we went digital for the first time we invite you to take part again this year. Please submit your photos before the end of January.

There is now a category for the Best Group Photo thus catering for the many photographers who have taken good photos of a mixed group of cyclists. The winner in this category will receive the brand new Pete Mitchell Memorial Trophy.

Please use this method for sending the photos to us:

  •     Visit this website:
  •     Enter the access code: "WingedWheel"
  •     Using your File Manager locate the photo(s) on your computer and drag them onto the big turquoise rectangle.
  •     You may find it easier to click on the "+Choose Files" button and select, then 'open', each photo using your file manager.
  •     Repeat this for each of the photos you intend to submit.
N.B. When using this website to transfer photos it is not necessary to sign up to dbinbox or Dropbox even if you are invited to do so.

Send an email to me, Tim, confirming the name and CTC membership number of the photographer, and for each photo list:

  •     the filename (e.g. P1040276.jpg)
  •     the competition category for which the photo is being entered
  •     a short, descriptive caption

The rules and categories are simple:

Competition Period: Photos taken during the 2015 calendar year.

Your photos must all illustrate a connection to cycling by depicting a bicycle for example, or other cycling association.

You may submit a photo or photos for every category.

    6.1. Person (male) or people
    6.2. Person (female) or people
    6.3. Action
    6.4. Scenery/landscape
    6.5. Building/buildings
    6.6. Humorous or funny
    6.7. Best group photo

Note that he award for a winning photograph in each category will be given to the photographer who took the picture, not to the model.

[If the method for submitting photos described above does not work for you please let me know as there may be a work-around. As a last resort I will ask you to email your photos to . Attach a single photo to each email and in your message give the information about the photographer, category and each photo, as above.]

~ Tim

A possible ride on Wednesday 23rd

Tony Hooker has proposed leading a ride for anyone who might be interested, from the Elleray Hall to the White Cross pub in Richmond, via Osterley Park.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Garmin ICE

A neat and not well know feature on Garmin GPS units is the ability to personalise the homes screen shown during start-up:

This is easily done:

Plug unit into PC in the usual way.

Open The Garmin Edge drive.

Open Garmin Folder

in the list of files you will see "startup"

Open that file and you will see:

<!-- Edit this file to display a message while your unit is powering on                -->
<!-- Allow one full power cycle after editing for your message to be updated           -->

<!-- Set the display number to the minimum number of seconds your message is displayed -->
<display = 30>

<!-- Type your message on the next line -->

Enter whatever text you like, I have my own number in case I lose the device and some kind soul  finds it and wishes to return it, but also my ICE contact


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Group "B" - 16th December 2015 - Leatherhead to Wimbledon Common

On a relatively warm day for December, 18 cyclists left Leatherhead for Wimbledon Common via a route beloved by the late Pete Mitchell. We went through the side of Ashstead Common which was not as muddy as expected for an off-road at this time of the year.

The route took us past Hornton Park, Worcester Park, Old Malden then on to Raynes Park where we picked up John Gould at his home. John appreciated riding with us for the short distance to Wimbledon Common.

At the Hand-in-Hand 15 of us enjoyed a pleasant lunch served in good time. Because of the short days, there was no tea stop and we hope everybody returned home before it got dark.

Daniella (John Gould's daughter from Colorado Springs, USA), emailed her grateful thanks to the group for involving John in our ride.

Frank H.

Midweek Wayfarers CTC: Eddington Numbers

Midweek Wayfarers CTC: Eddington Numbers

Neil - I recall telling you to get out more: now I think you're getting out too much! (I waiting for a computer programme to compile my Eddington's).

Bike Lock with a Difference


Thursday, December 17, 2015

B Group - 16th December (map and photos)

Map showing the route of Frank's mid-Winter ride from Leatherhead to the Hand in Hand in Wimbledon.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sale: Titanium bike or Campag groupset

FOR SALE: CAMPAG CENTAUR 10 SPEED TRIPLE  or  Van Nic Yukon, 58ms frame, entire bike. 

Being a dud re fixing and doubtful of my ability to source compatible components I am thinking of swapping the groupset on my Van Nic Yukon – this is my regular CTC rides bike.

More radically I am prepared to sell this Van Nicolas Ti bike, as is.  Suitable for someone of 6ft =/- 2" inches stature. Mavic Aktium Wheels, Hardshell 28 tyres.  Raceblades and hence 4 seasons suitability.  Professionally serviced every year.

If anyone has a serious interest in either proposition I will work up some blurb with Photos etc.  If not I will happily carry on until my legs give out and that is certainly before the titanium frame will be ready for the scrap yard.

Call, or even better, text me on 07768 045 698 in the first instance.
Geoffrey Shields

Cap in Hand "A" group Xmas Lunch 16.12.2015

A good turnout and the usual good value from Spoon's.
Sorry you are not all paying attention down the tables but it was quite difficult to get you all in on the angle.

David V thanked Pam for as ever organizing the event so efficiently.

Found at Cap In Hand

On leaving the Cap in Hand I found a neatly folded UniQlo thermal vest near where our bikes were parked against the car park wall. If it belongs to any of us please let me know - - and I will return it.

A Group 16th December

A short ride from Brian today.  No great pace, and no great distance, but at the Cap in Hand in good time for Christmas Lunch, which is what it was all about.

13.1 miles in one hour and ten seconds - near enough 13.1 mph.  Perfect timing.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Eddington Numbers

Arthur Eddington*, who died in 1944, was an astrophysicist and mathematician of some repute.  He defined, for example, the number of protons in the observable universe, though there was, and I gather still is, some debate as to whether he was right.

However, more importantly in this context, he was a cyclist.  Not uncommon in his line of work, Einstein was, too.  But what Arthur did was to devise a handy scheme for measuring your long-distance performance, which has the very desirable characteristic of encouraging you to ride further.  'Mildly addictive', some say.

For cycling, the Eddington Number is defined as E, which is the maximum number of E miles that the cyclist has cycled in E days.  All clear so far?

It's very simple, as an example will show.

If you have ridden 10 miles in a day, 10 times, then your Eddington Number is E10.  Easy as that.  But - and it's a big but - if you want to increase your Eddington Number to, say, E11, then you've got quite a bit of riding to do.  E11 is 11 miles in a day, for 11 days, so none of the 10 mile rides that got you to your E10 score is any good ...

For a real cyclist, things aren't so bad as the example makes out.  Your ten rides for your E10 will likely be a handful of 10-milers, a couple of elevens and, perhaps, a 13 miler.  Any ride you have ever done counts, the rule is the mileage on the day - no time limits.  So some of your rides list is re-usable, but most isn't.  Of course, the bigger the number, the bigger the problem for the cyclist.  If you have, over a period of years, got to, say, E60 but have only a handful of rides over 60 miles, then E61 is going to take quite a bit of riding to get the 61 61-mile days in.

Arthur's own E-Number was E84, which is very respectable.  Mine is E70 at the moment; I hope to slowly increase it, but without any particular effort.  I ride many Audaxes, typically 60-odd miles, some centuries and a number of randonnĂ©es that tend to be 120-odd miles in a day.  So I have loads of rides at 70 miles and below, quite a number a hundred and over, and a bit of a soft spot in between.  If I keep doing the longer rides, then the problem will solve itself, and my Eddington Number will rise slowly.

It would be nice to achieve E84, and match the great man himself.

So that's it - simple enough to understand, and a purely personal challenge.  No rulebook, no committee - and indeed no prizes.  If you spend a winter afternoon sorting your rides list into distance order, then you'll know what your E Number is.

And, of course, you'll know how many rides, of what length, that you need to do to increase it by one ...


*  Well, alright - Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, OM, FRS

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Easy Riders - 9th December

About 8 riders left Claygate for our ride to Woodies.  A new rider joined us, Miles. We turned left from the day centre, and under the A3 tunnel to Long Ditton.  Another left to Surbiton, then up to Berrylands.  We didn't stop for tea as Sandy and I wanted to get through Nonsuch Park before it got dark. Miles said he enjoyed the ride and roads he didn't  know. He hopes to join us again, weather and work permitting.


"B" Group - 16 December 2015

I plan to lead the B Group from Leatherhead to the Hand-in-Hand Pub on Wimbledon Common.
The pub is in walking distance of John Gould's home and we are hoping that he will be able to join us.
It will be a flat and easy ride and as the days are short, no tea break is planned.
See you at Leatherhead,
Frank H.

Friday, December 11, 2015

B group 9 December 2015

WEDNESDAY 9th DEC 2015 -  Xmas Lunch for the bees!!

My thanks and appreciation to all who blogged their comments and photos of the day and for everyone who thanked me for organising the lunch before making their way home.  My pleasure - thank you :) :)

The day started well, bright and beautiful!  Tony Hopkins kindly took my route on board and so we were able to split into two manageable groups arriving at the pub in plenty of time for our 1pm booking.

Wednesday's route was the same as last year - my thanks to Gill.  I know it was a somewhat 'roundabout' ride, via Esher, Hampton Court, Kingston and The Dittons, but we could not have ridden  directly to Hook or we would have got there almost before we finished our elevenses!!!!

There were already several people at the pub when we arrived and it was fantastic that John Gould was able to join us. I must add that the meals were good and the staff at The Cap in Hand did a grand job -they looked after us well.  Thirty nine sat down for lunch, sorry, minus one for sadly Ingrid was unwell - hope you are OK for next week Ingrid!  Andy was also sick, poor chap - but Bernard took his place!!

Happy Xmas and New Year to all - keeeeeep cycling...!!!! :) :)


A Group ride to Tower Bridge

Fourteen A Group riders set out from Claygate to ride to Tower Bridge on Wednesday. Despite the numerous traffic lights we made good time, two hours to lunch where we were joined by Dave Vine. Lunch over we ‘roared’ through Peckham, Denmark Hill, Clapham and Wandsworth commons and all points west to our final destination at Wimbledon, Windmill cafĂ© where we were met by a long lost A rider, Graham.

A good urban ride, well done to everyone for sticking together. My thanks to Steve and Simon for back marking and Geoff for guiding us around ‘his patch,’ Cannon Hill.
                                              A Group and Tower Bridge, obliterated by the sun.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

9th December 2015 - B Group - Christmas Lunch

Below a few photos taken at the lunch
and a link to the photos taken during the ride:
Thank you, Pam, for organising our Christmas Lunch which went very smoothly.
A Merry Christmas to all,
F & F

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

B Group - 9th December, map of our ride to Christmas Lunch

We had a very happy meander with Pam, on a beautiful day, to reach the Cap in Hand after 11.7 miles. Thanks to Pam for leading and especially for organizing our Christmas Lunch.

I couldn't help feeling as we went along that there might have been a shorter route!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Boom! Targets reached!

2015 being the year of my 60th Birthday, I set myself a number of targets:

6000 miles - tick!
6 * 100 mile rides - tick!
60 * 60 mile rides - tick

The 6 tours fell short at 5 and the prospect of a December UK tour does not appeal.

My "legginess" on some recent Wednesday rides might be down to having done 30 60 milers, 2 centuries and a 270 mile 24,000 feet tour in August - November.

I'm now looking forward to a quite few month pootling on the bike.


Sunday, December 06, 2015

A Group... 09.12 Off to London

A riders, this week we are abandoning the Surrey Hills and going into London. Lunch at Weatherspoons on Tooley Street at the junction with Tower Bridge and a ride back down Denmark Hill and tea at Wimbledon Windmill Cafe. Traffic can be heavy so it's important to stay tight but lots of opportunity for getting up some speed. Loads of opportunities to peel off home if you need to. Prompt start from elevens. 

Saturday, December 05, 2015


Shouldn't he be wearing a helmet?
Not that again!   Yes: as well as being the title of a "popular" rap song, ICE stands for In Case of Emergency - your emergency contact details.   I'm making a list, to be published with the Wayfarers Contact List very soon.    About two thirds of you have kindly provided your details already - thank you very much.

If you don't have email but mysteriously are able to read this,  I will be circulating a form on good old paper at the Christmas lunches.   If you want your ICE details to be included, and you haven't already emailed them to me, please add them to the form.  Baby.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Edge of the seat stuff. Sean Kelly at his best.

Worth a watch!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Easy Riders - 2nd December

Riding to Cobham was really pleasant.  8 left the centre at 11.30 am and proceeded along the A307 towards Notre Dame School then right into Convent Lane, Right turn along Seven Hills Road, Right at Burwood Road and left into Burwood  Park Estate, exiting on the A317  and straight over the roundabout across railway bridge and left into Oatlands Chase, Right at bottom to Walton on Thames. Straight over brought us to The Swan then on past the day centre to Wetherspoons where I had to leave everyone. Lynda kindly took over at this point.
Big thank you to  Lynda for being T.E.C. and leading the group after lunch.

A Group Ride Wed 2 December.

Well it’s December so short days are guaranteed, but the weather is a lottery. Wednesday’s forecast for the past week had been for rain and wind, so I had built that into my plan; in the event we had wind, well more of a breeze from the southwest, but no rain on the ride, and amazingly mild.
The plan was a short (31 mile) round trip from Cobham to Shamley Green. Familiar roads to Ockham, then Ripley Road and the climb up Shere Road to descend Combe Lane to Shere. Then Little London and Farley Heath Road, where we managed safely to negotiate the mud-covered road left by the Xmas tree fellers.
16 of us had left Cobham, and 2 elected to push on to the delights of Cranleigh. Lunch was at the Bricklayer’s Arms, crowded with early Xmas partyers, unlike on my recce; service was friendly but we had 45 minutes wait for our lunch, though when it arrived was excellent.
Return was via Blackheath, Chilworth and Albury, before the climb up Combe Lane, the highlight of the day; maximum gradient about 15 to 25% depending on how you took the last corner. The second highlight was the long descent to Cobham with the wind behind, arriving at Sainsbury’s for tea at a hopefully well timed 3:30.
Many thanks to Geoff for back-marking and Mark for photography, and to everyone for good company.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

B Group - 2nd December

[Report to follow]