Friday, February 26, 2016


Is this CUK's inspirational new logo?

.....or this?

Perhaps something in-between.
Maybe a winged wheel?

I wonder what missionary zealot will be sent to convert the cannibal natives of SW London.
Get the cuking pot ready and the fire burning.

Great shall be the name of CUK
Now we are all cuckers.
Or should that be the past participle?


Lisa said...

CUK seems appropriate considering it's close to what many other road users already call cyclists.

Perhaps if the CTC had actually used the name and brand of 130+ years rather than calling themselves the "cyclists' charity" there might be more brand recognition among the citizens of the UK.

PaulKelly said...

An interesting point made elsewhere is that Mr Touhy has made something of a career of rebranding charities and moving on. Missing persons hotline = missing people (try google)

Jeff said...

I haven't cracked the missing persons reference.

Now we are all cuckers. I think I have got that right.

PaulKelly said...

He was the first chief exec if the charity "missing persons helpline"

'In September 2005, Paul Tuohy joined the charity as their first Chief Executive. The charity reformed its Board of Trustees and started a considerable process of strategic planning.'

'In May 2007 – 2008 the charity relaunched as "Missing People". This reflected the considerable strategic developments that had been made and the fact that the charity now provided a range of services rather than a single helpline'