Thursday, October 07, 2021

B Group to the Annual Lunch - 6th October

Being able to meet again at the Royal British Legion was a sure indication that things were beginning to get back to normal. We once again enjoyed the level of hospitality so frequently missed over recent times.

Our group was last to leave so a swift pace was set as we headed over to Bookham and up towards Polesden Lacey. Our only climb of the day was soon over as we dropped down to Westhumble and followed a familiar route back through Leatherhead, Ashtead, Woodcote and Epsom Common. Throughout the day we were blessed with fine sunny weather and great views of the Surrey countryside.

Minded of time we took a shorter route back to Tolworth in order to arrive on time for lunch at Sorrento’s.

The surprised look on other customers faces was notable as the garden filled up with a fleet of cycles and lycra clad cyclists. Nevertheless we were all soon seated and ready to enjoy our annual lunch. A belated but again welcome return to normality.

It was good to see so many members in attendance and a great opportunity for each club division to meet in a social setting.

Suitably wined and dined we were then treated to a series of trophy presentations the majority of which I'm sure were well deserved !

Many thanks to all of those involved in organizing the day’s proceedings. A welcome return to normal practice and one we can hopefully all look forward to in the future.

~ Tim G

A few photos:

Maggie, Steph, Helen, Pat, Anne and Ken's trophy

Tim requests a refill

Tony and Carolyn

Clive, Christina and Dave Fixed-wheel

Liz, Jacqui and Christina

Liz and Pam

The Pats (Pat M and Pat D)

Happy winners (photo by Janice)
 If you took any good photos at lunch please send some to me.

~ Tim

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Brian Bent said...

Yes quite a few of these are good! I'm still looking for clear photos of heads for page Three ?..