Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Group - 10th January

Although Geoff was unable to lead the ride he did organise some quite reasonable weather for a January ride and turn up to see us off and take some photos.

Starting with a quiet section through Bushey Park it was soon back to weaving our way through Kingston, the back streets of Surbiton and over the A3 at Tolworth.  More weaving avoided the busy roads and brought us to Epsom where we used Chalk Lane to get up to the downs.

Then past Langley Vale and Headley to descend Pebblecoombe to Betchworth. From there we headed south for a few miles before turning west on Gadbrook Road before heading through Strood Green and along Wheelers Lane to reach The Royal Oak just after one o'clock.

After lunch we headed to Root Hill to try the Freewheel Competition course in reverse. Here we found it was definitely more effort going up than down.

Then we took Red Lane and Punchbowl Lane to arrive at Denbies for the big climb of the afternoon up to Ranmore Common. From here it was (mostly) down hill. Critten Lane to Effingham, Effingham Junction, Cobham and on to Giro in Esher where a few stopped for tea while the rest pushed on for home in the light.

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