Saturday, January 06, 2018

Attendance scores please

You may remember that every year we collate your attendance scores across all groups in the club, Beginners, Wayfarers A B C, and Cheam & Morden, in order to determine the winners of two shiny trophies. One is for the highest number of points, the other is for the highest number of points in any one section of the club. One point is awarded if you make it to Elevenses on your bike, and two points are awarded if you ride to both Elevenses and Lunch, provided you've ridden the official group ride.

The good news for most of us is that Jeff records all the scores for Cheam and Morden, Colin for all Beginners Group rides, Simon for Wayfs A Group, and Tim for Wayfs Bs. These stats are gathered and recorded with considerable care but if you fear that an injustice might be done to you then please convey your scores to me by email or on paper.

Note that attendance scores are only collected for the Easy Riders on a very random and casual basis so if you are an Easy Rider and would like your attendance score to go on the record to be considered for the afore-mentioned trophies then please fill in a rainbow coloured form and pass it to me.

Every year after our AGM I have to compile an Annual Return for CUK HQ in which I need to provide ride attendance stats, so no matter how few rides you've been able to attend it is very helpful to me to be able to work out average ride attendance for different groups in order to present  a meaningful picture to HQ. All data forwarded to them is completely anonymous :-)

~ Tim

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