Wednesday, January 10, 2018

B Group - 10th January

As promised, B Group ride had a watery theme and whether it was in anticipation of this and a flattish ride, or the gorgeous, spring-like weather, it was a group of 24 which set out from Elleray Hall, of whom 22 sat down for lunch.

It was good to see Tim Gibbons and Don Elms out with the group, also to have Simon with us.  Our route took us to Twickenham, along the riverside path to Richmond and on to Isleworth, Syon Park and Brentford, where we joined the towpath on the Grand Union Canal.  Conditions were pretty good, with puddles only coming towards the last part of the ride on the towpath.  The only climb of the ride, apart from one high bridge, was alongside the seven locks forming the Hanwell Flight, with the long wall of the former Asylum, now Ealing Hospital on the landward side.  Shortly afterwards we passed over the railway and under the road at Windmill Bridge, more commonly known as the Three Bridges.  At the next bridge at Glade Lane, we left the canal to avoid a very rough & muddy stretch of the towpath.  Here on Havelock Road we passed the most enormous mosque, before heading south straight into the blinding sunshine back to the canal and The Old Oak Tree pub.

The pub, run by newish Indian owners, had put on an English pub menu beside their Indian menu and with everything at very reasonable prices, people were able to indulge in 'soup and sandwiches' or 'curry of the day'!  They served us well and we were on our way by 2.15 pm.  Crossing over the canal, we now headed to Osterley Park and proceeded to work our way through a variety of small streets & cycle paths back to Twickenham and Kingston Market Place for tea at the cafe behind Ultimate Outdoors which at one time used to be Millets.  Eight of us stopped for tea & for those of us who had tea, it was real leaves served in a cafetiere!  Many thanks to Tim for being back marker and to the various people who marked corners.  After the winds & cold weather of recent days, it was a lovely day to be out on the bike.

Gill Finlay

PS: Thanks to Tony, Steph and Tim for the excellent photos and map.

Thanks to Steph for taking these photos

After waving goodbye Simon rode off into the sunset

~ Tim

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Simon L said...

Thankyou to Gill for a lovely, peaceful ride beside the waterways, and to all the B group for your company.
And if I might just mention one minor quibble: the so-called Three Bridges is really only two bridges: a canal over the railway, and a road over the canal. I feel short-changed!