Wednesday, September 06, 2017

B Group - 6th September (Map and photos)

A very good ride with Peter T today, not a lot of miles but lovely scenery and some high quality undulation (1538 feet of climbing). The back marker suffered a puncture during the afternoon so in order to catch up he stayed on the A25 after Hollow Lane, all the way into Dorking so the map below doesn't show the official route which was our customary one up Balchins Lane and through Milton Court.

Coefficient of undulation about 0.73; well done B Group!

Big crowd - 26 at lunch

Same view taken using the B Brindley panoramic technique


Jeff said...

Our breathless appreciation to Peter for an elevating ride at a spanking pace from the off. He failed to drop one of us, which just goes to show the understated power of this unassuming but not to be underestimated B Group. I counted 28 out and 28 to lunch. Bravo. Next time Peter, you must do better.
Lunch at the Hurtmore Inn was 'cordon bleu'.

Helen Tovey said...

Great ride, great grub, great company. Lovely tea later at Denbies. Thanks all for a lovely day out. Can barely believe the elevation - my sister's hiking round Mont Blanc this week, pleased to have given her some competition in our backyard here in Surrey Hills!