Monday, September 04, 2017

Mike Morley joins the casualty list

Mike Morley in the Wars

I had a call from Mike Morley this morning from his hospital bed in St Helier Hospital. I understand that he was hit by a bus on Saturday morning, while on his way to a KPRC meet at Ripley. The incident happened at a roundabout on the A24, possibly the Leatherhead by-pass roundabout. From his description, he suffered bruising and grazing, no broken bones but some concussion, hence his admission for observation and some stitches. A scan showed some intra-cranial bleeding but specialist advice suggested fortunately that this should not be a problem. He was wearing a helmet. He hopes to be discharged tomorrow, Tuesday. A status report on his bike is awaited.

We wish him well, a speedy discharge and full recovery.


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