Friday, March 26, 2021

Rule of Six

Following relaxation in Government restrictions on 29 March, the committee has decided that we continue to stay clearly within the law and apply the Rule of Six to rides at least until we have considered advice from CUK regarding larger groups.

We are familiar with riding in groups of six from last year, but off the bike, at elevenses, lunch and even tea, we should avoid giving the impression of being a larger group, even unintentionally. Complaints from the public to the police are possible, as well as reputational damage to our club.

The committee believes the new regulations require continued self-discipline from members to stay on the right side of the law, and to be seen to be doing so. Therefore:

·         At elevenses, lunch and tea only congregate with your own riding group. Do not go to other groups for even brief conversations.

·         Make sure that your group is visibly separate (by several metres) from other groups.

·         Be aware of how we appear to a non-cycling observer.

·         Do not arrive too early for the start; aim for 30 minutes maximum before departure which should be sufficient for refreshments and any other preparations.

·         Similar separation should be practiced at lunch and tea; refreshment venues may already insist on this as a condition of entry. If we ignore this, we may not be permitted to return.

·         Departure times should be staggered by 20mins to reduce the chance of groups meeting later during the ride.

·         Where possible leaders should consider separate meeting places for their groups (including Wayfarers A and B rides).

Responsibility for this rests with each one of us, but ride leaders are requested to remind their riders if required.

All other instructions on group riding should continue to be observed, see here.

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