Saturday, January 01, 2022

Invitation to B Ride on 5th January

We will be meeting at the British Legion whose volunteer staff are still willing to host Elevenses for us. With the Omicron species of Covid being so rampant we need to be more mindful than ever about all our basic precautions for behaviour indoors, wear a mask when practical, do a Lateral Flow test if you can get hold of the kit, maintain a sensible distance from others, assess your health before venturing out.

Please take time to review our current guidelines for Covid on our website at:

Our guide includes a link to Cycling UK's guidelines.

I think this warm period may have come to an end by Wednesday but if you find the RBL a bit too crowded consider purchasing your cuppa and biscuit and then mingle outside (but not on the road).

We will have an 18 mile ride to The Woodman in Ashtead. This will take about two hours and include one big hill, Shere Road which will take us up into the Downs before we descend and head towards Leatherhead. There is no planned afternoon ride leaving everyone free to head for home or perhaps to the Old Moat or other favourite Tea stop if they wish.

We don't need to preorder our lunches but reply to me by email as soon as you can to say that you intend to join the ride so that I can warn the pub about numbers and compose the teams. If you want to ride your own route to the pub, for example if you don't want to ride up into the hills, let me know anyway. The Woodman's menus can be viewed here:

Our route is pretty straight forward:

Many thanks

~ Tim


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