Thursday, January 06, 2022

The Norwesters first outing of 2022

The NorWesters met at Nauticailiar at around 10.30, Tony, Pam Liz Gill and Ed. The day was cold but sunny which did help lift the spirits and made the day more enjoyable.

Plenty of chatter at 11's which meant leaving late, but with lunch only being around 10 miles to Pashas at Chobham, it was not a problem.

Pasha's Turkish Kitchen

Gill was testing out an injury and only came to 11's. The route took us across Chertsey meads and through Adlestone, Ottershaw and down past Fareoaks and into Chobham and the warmth of Pashers.

We all had mugs of tea and their mountain soup, (which was high on the list (joke)) which is a favourite. Eventually we had to leave. Must not forget the tray of Turkish delight on the counter from which you can help yourself. 

We headed back towards Walton bridge via the Old Chertsey road and were soon back at Adlestone where Pam headed off towards Thorpe and home and  Ed headed to the station for a train home.

Liz and I headed for Walton Bridge where we parted company. A cold but bright day on the bike with good, like-minded, friends.


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