Tuesday, January 11, 2022

'Nicelite' LED Bulbs

 If you have an old light which works well enough, but could be brighter, or if you are refurbishing lights on a classic bike, these little things may be just what you need.

'Nicelite' make a range of LED bulbs which are a direct replacement for the old screw-in or push-in types. There are dynamo versions, battery versions, white ones for front lights and red ones for rear lights.  They seem to take a wide range of voltages, promise a long life and low battery consumption.

I got mine from E-Bay, as I was refitting a Vista-Lite 400.  It certainly gives a very bright light, pretty much as good as a modern light, I would say.  About £10, depending on the type.  Here's the web-site:

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Brian Bent said...

Could have done with these a few years ago, when I was still useing dynamos !!!