Saturday, January 01, 2022

Invitation to A ride - 5th Jan


Well I had a route, a pub, a decent weather forecast and hence a plan. That was yesterday. Since then the pub has rung to say that they will be closed on Wednesday for a Covid deep clean after some cases, today's ride flagged up that Box Hill will be closed for tree work and no-one has yet volunteered to sub-lead. So Plan B ( or is it D or E) is...

About 20 miles to lunch at the Dolphin in Betchworth via Ranmore, Denbies and Leigh. Return to Epsom ( Alexandra Park cafe) via Little Switzerland. 

Please let me know by Monday 6pm as normal.  Volunteers to sublead from gpx are essential if the ride is not to be limited to those I lead! ( Now fine for subleaders). I will update the gpx tomorrow for anyone who wants a preview. The only offroad will be Bookham Common - as on the Christmas lunch ride. 

Let's hope there are no further emergency updates!

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