Sunday, August 09, 2020

Riding through the Pandemic – Progress and Precautions

Daily Covid cases in London are now about four times higher than when we restarted riding - 25 cases per day in early June - 97 per day last week. 

We have been riding together now for 2 months, so far without any reported Covid related incident.

However, we have seen significant outbreaks in other parts of the country, so the possibility of a spike here cannot be ignored. This is no time to relax our guard.

It's easy to forget to do social distancing, and it's worrying to see people sometimes in groups bigger than six, and mingling between their groups of six at stops.

There are people who remain cautious about re-joining group rides, and worried about people getting too close to them. Many of our riders are at increased risk from Covid due to age or medical conditions, and we all need to look after each other

So remember and practice the following golden rules:

· Don’t come on a ride if you feel unwell

· Keep your hands clean: wash or sanitize them if you touch something that others have touched

· Maintain 2 metres distance between people: social distancing at less than 2m is allowed if you take other precautions but 2 metres is still desirable and safer.

· Please remind people if they are closer to you than the safe distance.

· It is safer to leave a longer distance than 2 metres when riding behind another cyclist, because of possible contamination through coughing or sneezing; we recommend enough space between riders to allow a car to overtake safely.

· The law continues to restrict us to groups of six. Stay in groups of six, and don’t mingle between groups – this increases the risk to everyone.

· Ride leaders should minimise contact at lunch by 20 min spacing between departures as far as practicable.

· We are obliged to wear face coverings when in shops, takeaway cafes, and when using public transport; bring a covering and be prepared to wear it.

· If you are on an all-day ride, bring a picnic lunch unless you are confident that you will be able to buy food at the lunch stop, and you are comfortable with the distancing and hygiene in the pubs and cafes we visit.

The risk from Covid is not going to go away in the foreseeable future, so it continues to be vital to look out for the safety of others as much as ourselves. The virus spreads by touch and in the air, so help us all to stay safe.


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