Thursday, November 18, 2021

Day Centres - Elevenses Update.

Day Centres have been opening-up. Since late summer we've enjoyed re-visiting Caterham, Dorking, Teddington, Hersham and Weybridge. Cobham Royal British Legion has welcomed us back for our monthly visits. Unfortunately the picture is mixed - with some Centres changing the way they operate. Addlestone remains closed. New Haw uncertain. Leatherhead Fairfield Centre, after welcoming us in August is unavailable again next week - due to more stringent Covid restrictions.  Kingston Bradbury Centre is closed, will no longer operate as a drop-in cafe Centre, and can't host us on 8th December. (Don't rely on the Rides List - look-out for ride leaders announcing alternative elevenses venues on the blog).

The good news is that Claygate Day Centre is open for business for our visit on 15th December, and Walton Day Centre - after hosting the Easy Riders in October, is expecting us all on 22nd December. After our successful large gathering at Teddington Elleray Hall last month, they are again ready to welcome us on the last ride of the year on 29th December. 

Looking further ahead to our Rides Programme 2022 (on the Rides List), it is hoped that more Day Centres will be open - very welcome in the winter months. (Weybridge will be geared-up to accept all 3 groups in February). As always, please adhere to local Covid restrictions in place at Day Centres - as well as at other elevenses venues, and to respect our hosts requirements. Happy Christmas!

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