Tuesday, November 02, 2021

In Case of Emergency (ICE).

I was alerted to a recent tragic incident involving a cyclist from Epsom. His fellow cyclists had no emergency contact number - and couldn't even tell the ambulance crew who to contact. This was distressing for all concerned. How can we avoid such an occurrence?

Please ensure your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact telephone number is provided to the membership secretary (Simon Lambourn). This is a requirement in the Group Riding Guidelines. Your ICE is also included on your membership card. (Although these cards won't be issued in future, it is suggested that you still carry your existing card on rides). Or simply hold details in your wallet or phone.

However the best way that people can be contacted swiftly is via your emergency contact on your mobile phone, Android or Apple

Lets hope we never have to use ICE, but it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Ride safely.


Steph said...

Thanks Ged. Added my son to my contacts but labelled Emergency Contact . Then thought my phone has one of those secure line patterns to stop anyone opening it...Best take it off.

Dave C said...

Yes worth having ICE on mobile. I have 3 ICE contacts. I also have Abode which comes top of list. The good lady who helped me (some years back) scrolled down to spouse.

Simon L said...

The link in the post shows how to make an SOS call from an Apple phone, but the following link might be more useful: it shows how to add emergency contact details to an Apple phone: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT207021
These are accessible from the lock screen (without unlocking the phone) under "medical details".

Emergency contacts are also accessible on Android phones without unlocking the phone: from the unlock screen click "emergency call" and you are presented with a list of any emergency contacts you have added, as well as the ability to dial 999.

Ged Lawrenson said...

Thanks Simon - you're more aufait with the IT than me!

Steph said...

Thanks. Very useful to know.