Monday, November 15, 2021

Start Times for the B Group ride to Roker Farm Cafe, 17th November 2021


Below we have the start times and sub leaders for the riders of the B Group for 17th November 2021:

Revision 1, 16/11/21


10.15 Start          Leader John Austin

                                                Terry Lowe

                                                Robert Tolley

                                                Ann Bath

                                                Arwyn Morgan

                                                Liz Bernard


10.25 Start          Leader  Tim Gibbon

                                                Tony Hooker

                                                Grant Pyke

                                                Bob Parnell

                                                Jackie Pitman

                                                Sue Chasty

                                                Dave Cullen


10.35 Start          Leader  Tim Court

                                                Paula Buckton

                                                Christina Berkley

                                                Anne Walker

                                                Martin Gandy

                                                Colin Garrod


10.45 Start          Leader  Ray Youlden

                                                Ken Day

                                                Pam Jones

                                                Madeleine Shearer

                                                Tony Hopkins

                                                Andrew Newton


If I have missed anyone off, please let me know so that I can rectify my mistake.

I am Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.



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