Thursday, November 04, 2021

Report for B Group - 3rd November

Twenty jolly riders turned up for my ride to Box Hill, and after coffee and cake Christina led the first group out of Cobham and avoided Plough Lane as there was a possibility that it may be a little wet.

As seen on Monday




I however ignored that advice and consequently ended up taking my group through what looked like the Grand Union Canal. It started off quite shallow but after about 100 yards it began to get a little deeper and needless to say I wasn't very popular at this stage.

However we squelched our way on through Ockham, East Clandon, Shere, Peaslake, Abinger Common, Friday Street, Wotton and Dorking finishing at the Stepping Stones PH for a lovely lunch and a chance to dry our feet out.

Sorry I dragged you through the canal folks 🙂 

Hope you all enjoyed the ride.



Christina conducts a séance

"Honestly I was only expecting it to be this deep!"

Pete with a delegation from A Group

Tony with Francis and Paula

Bob is back from his sojourn in Devon

Colin with Stephen and Andrew

Paul, Anne and Ken

Some Tims






Christina writes:

Two Anns (Ann Bath & Anne Walker), Ken, Martin, Paul J, Stef, two Tims (Tims C & G) and Terry Lowe joined my "early" departure at 10.30am after elevenses at the Cobham RBL.

Tim C diverted us from the flooded stretch of Plough Lane at the beginning; we encountered at least two other cyclists groups (at least 12-24 people in each group) near Ockham, and even more cycling groups on the various Surrey Hills. That reminded us that cycling is getting more and more popular and probably that life is getting back to "normal".

We climbed Hungry Hill, Staple Lane, down to Shere, then the numerous undulating and sometimes very narrow Hook and Jesses Lanes to Peaslake, then down Hoe Lane for the climb up to Abinger Common and down to Friday Street to join Sheephouse Lane before crossing the main road to pick up NCN22. All the ups and downs were done before lunch and therefore we had most of the Lanes or Streets at a mostly "quiet" time of the day. Good plan Dear Leader Pete Beyer.

After the 24 miles of "hard" cycling, we had a very enjoyable "late" lunch at The Stepping Stones Pub at Westhumble.

Thanks to Pete for designing the route, Tim Court for drawing and sharing the route on RwGPS, Tim C for back marking, Terry Lowe for story telling about the little hill along the "off road" towards Dorking and leading the "scenic" route from Dorking to the Pub. Thanks to Paul J, Ken Day, Stef W and others for corner marking and joining us for the challenging and enjoyable ride on a partially sunny autumnal November day.

~ Christina

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